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Apr. 8th, 2012


I'm so sorry but I need to request/take a hiatus for a week or so. There are some family emergencies. I will try to get back to posting as quickly as I can and I apologize to people to whom I owe tags.

Apr. 4th, 2012



I'm starting to hear crickets. Where is everyone?

Apr. 2nd, 2012


Hi guys,

As most of you have noticed, I have been super slow in my replies. I have had a lot more homework this semester than in past semesters and it sort of kills my personal time. I'm also pretty overwhelmed with work at my job, which means I don't have time for breaks or lunches when I could reply, either.

So I'm going to take a hiatus until the semester is over (the end of this month). If I get a break here and there, I will reply to threads that I have open, but it is probably best that I don't start any new ones.

I'm not planning on taking any classes during the summer, so I will have between May and August free for RPing. I really cannot wait. I promise that I will keep up better as soon as school is out.

I'm really sorry. I don't want to be a let down or a pain to play with. Thanks for being patient and understanding. I love you all.


Mar. 22nd, 2012


Say Hello to Bo!

This is Mark with my first human. Everyone in town should know Bo Jorgensen. He led the Babylon Badgers to victory 4 straight years in a row as captain and quarterback at Babylon High. You could say he was a bit of a hometown hero. Bo's future prospects were very high, as he was scouted by some of the nations top universities and he was definitely looking to go pro. A motorcycle accident after graduation and a blown out knee ended those dreams.

The demon Chalal, aka Chance Navarro, was there to take advantage of the boy's dashed dreams and recruited him as an exotic dancer/stripper. To lure a boy like Bo...a hometown can be sure that Chance is paying him exorbitant amounts of money. If you want to know more, check his user info.

Note: Most of the town, unless they use Chance's services, for a bachelorette party or birthday party, etc, probably wouldn't know what Bo does. Unless a certain gossip-mongering daemonem decides to have a loose tongue.

Mar. 20th, 2012


I made a post in SOC yesterday about this, most of you saw, buuuut... I'm basically gonna apologize for falling off the radar for a few weeks. Personal stuff. But I'm replying today and stuff. And alsoooo....

Mark- Charlie/Chance? Let's fuck some shit up!

Erin- Ken/Justice training awesomeness?

Other ideas are welcome as well, I'm just scatterbrained atm. <3

Mar. 15th, 2012



Back now.


<3 Erin
(Marion, Justice, and Claire)



Hey there, everyone! I’ve got two new boys to throw into the game. One Nephilim and one Daemonem. First, my Nephilim, which is the user name I’m posting this under…Joseph “Joey” Wallace is the son of Penelope and Jake Wallace, who will both soon be player characters as well. Penelope is an angel and a doctor at Mercy hospital. Jake is human and the county coroner. My boy, Joey, resembles them both, being tall, blond and blue-eyed. He is an extremely kind, giving young man, full of empathy and compassion. He works as the only on staff doctor at the Bon Secours Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic; he is also the office manager there. Joey is, when he’s not working, involved in charity work and fundraisers for the clinic. If he has a nano-second to himself, he might even try to date (Joey likes women, but is bi-curious). Joey possesses some of his mother’s ability to heal others with a touch.

My second boy, my Damonem is Blake Maxwell “Max” Roman, son of the Demon drug dealer, Charlie Roman. Max or “Jet”, as his father calls him, is tall slender, has long dark hair and large, disarming black eyes. Max is a lovely young man and makes acquaintances easily, which suites his purposes well. He works as a hairdresser in one of Babylon’s finest salons, which is where he gets most of his fodder for his real passion…his job as a gossip columnist. Max writes a gossip column for The Babylon Weekly under the pseudonym Hugh Goddaneau. He takes information and gossip that he hears in the salon, at clubs and elsewhere and he twists it, sometimes adds outright lies to it, and writes it up in his column, causing havoc in the town. By sending his column into the paper via encrypted email, he avoids detection. Max can breathe underwater and control the element of water. Romantically, well…Max isn’t romantic, but he can fake it; he likes the chase and the conquest. [info]lordof_lies

Looking for play for both boys…friends, enemies, significant others, etc. Check out their user infos and if you have any questions, please ask.


Mar. 5th, 2012



Hey ya'll! I am currently swamped with homeworks of the evil variety. I will need to take a mini-hiatus for about a week while I concentrate on these three dastardly projects. I will be back to posting on Monday the 12th. Sorry guys!

Mar. 2nd, 2012


BAAAAAH I should have asked for a mini hiatus... I been on vacation and went with my friends to Cincinnati for a few days earlier this week and haven't really been on my computer. X( I fail, I know.

Feb. 25th, 2012


Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop a note; I'm feeling better now, but I've been in a state of constant insomnia for the last week and a half - hence my absence. I could barely form conscious thoughts, let alone actually write anything coherent.

I'm slowly getting better, and will be catching up on tags. But don't worry about jumping into anything, I'm still running on fumes.

<33 Erin

Feb. 14th, 2012


Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day in Babylon, and love is in the air! Why don't you send your friends, family, significant others, co-workers and even that hottie you've been crushing on a secret valentine wish?

A post will be set up in the networking comm where you can comment annonymously and send your Valentine's wishes to that special someone. Just make sure you put the recipient's name in the subject so they know who it's for! Pictures, poems, declarations of undying devotion! All are welcome!

Feb. 7th, 2012


Heya guuuuys! This is Travis with character 2, a dirty demon obviously... lol. This is Charlie Roman aka the demon Chokura. He's a big drug dealer in town and may or may not be selling to someone you know and love. He's sly, charming and completely devious. He's also a Lammasu, which are kind of like the mermaids of demons, and has a great deal of control over water, empathy, and minor shapeshifting abilities.

Also... HI!!! to everyone I haven't said hello to yet. I had a long party weekend because I'm a terrible drunk. :) Replying today.



My name is Kristin, and I'm a newbie here. I was introduced to this game though the ever so lovely Erin, and am looking forward to jumping into the game by giving this boy some plot!

This boy, by the way, is Jesse Page - bartender at Brimstone, and Daemonem...only he isn't entirely sure about the latter. He's been given the title of 'abomination' by his childhood priest, so he knows there's something wrong with him, but he isn't aware of his family history since he was adopted. It's all quite complicated.

He's been in town for 4 years, and already has established plot with one Claire MacCullen. A minister's daughter and a demon's son - they are quite the odd couple, to say the very least. It's only a matter of time before the whole thing blows up in their faces.

You can learn more about him by visiting his info page. I really would love for him to have a handful of friends (he is so not a social butterfly), so if your character visits Brimstone or a lot, or you think they might share similar interests or whatever the case may be, please let me know! ^^

You can contact me at winsome wizard on AIM, or if I'm not around for some reason.



Hey Look! It' Erin!

And this is Claire MacCullen, perfectly plain little human. She's the Presbyterian minister's daughter, grew up in Babylon being lovable and saintly and popular with just about everyone. She's an American Sweetheart, who is now a nurse at Mercy Hospital's ER.

She's also religious, and half-yolked by the rigid morality she grew up with, so whenever she gets the chance to lose her inhibitions, she tends to do so in excess. She's also dating a Daemonem (though she doesn't know it).

So she needs lines! Hit me up as always!

Feb. 6th, 2012



Yes, I know. I'm an addict, you people should know this by now.

This is Ally, YES AGAIN! With a Daemonem named Sterling Cole. His info is in his journal if you want to read in depth, but here's the gist: He's a 35 (looks 25) year old Daemonem, the son of Isabel (Izual), though he wasn't brought about in the traditional sense. After a drunken/high agreement to carry her demonspawn, his birth mother became impregnated by Isabel. He grew up as a blackmailing sexual deviant who got into hard drugs and just had a good time in and out of jail. He's shaped up some since then, but he still really likes sex. Which is why he works at his mother's porn shop the Boom Boxxx. He'll sell you whatever you need to get off, even if it's roofies. Oh, and he's just come in from LA, so he's a new face, living in the Babylon Breaks Apts.

He needs/wants lines, so hit me with your best shot!

Feb. 5th, 2012


Hello, my name's Cristina, and I join this game with Emilia Blake!

She is a Daemonem by Bastian and a show girl from Vegas. Essentially she is a 25 year old woman-puppet for her daddykins. And a walking target for the angels. She helps Bastian manage the casino and lives in Southfield Heights. She's a graduate of the University of Nevada, just because it didn't force her to be too far from her dad.

Possible lines I have for her so far are a) getting more and more demonic and psychopathic or b) potentially becoming a liability if the angels try to 'convert' her. Please feel free to attack me with more.

Ahh very happy and excited to meet you all, and I hope to play with you soon!

Feb. 4th, 2012


Yo, yo, yiggity yo!

It's Ally, and I finally had a minute to breathe between work and school, puppy and hubby, so I was able to bang out the two girls I've had on hold forever. I'm introing both, so pay attention!

First is this girl, Ella Michaels. She's the step-granddaughter to Zachary Michaels ([info]apud_deum), but since Zachary is only passing for being in his 20s, she'll be posing as his sister. She's going to be a new arrival, so she'll need friends and all that. She's got an uptight first impression, but she's really just a worrier and a workaholic. She's trying to escape a messy situation from her hometown in London, so she's a bit vague about her past.

Second is [info]pi_grace Grace Darrow. She's the daughter of the angel Baqashal who was killed in one of the monthly battles about four months ago, which subsequently brought her aunt ([info]crystalfeathers) Marion to town. She has taken over her mother's private investigations agency, Darrow Investigations, and concurrently goes to school at the community college. She's a finder and can usually locate just about anything that has been lost.

So, they are both up for play along with my bastard of a demon, [info]contradeum Bastian. Let me know what lines we can figure out!


Okay, Isabel is official! Since I already posted a bit about her today, we can just do some plotty-plotness here.

At the moment, there are fliers being stuck all over town for a big show at The Experience this weekend, so if you want an interaction in regards to that, feel free! Isabel will be headlining, but she will spend some time in the VIP room and even prowl the floor. Outside The Experience she's a bit more elusive, but it's a small town, so she can't stay out of the public eye entirely. She lives in Southfield Heights in a very posh house, is never without an entourage, and is just generally an arrogant snob. A real charmer, in essence.

Feb. 3rd, 2012


Hey guys! Just a reminder for our angels and demons! The last hour of the last day of the month, and the first hour of the first day of the month (essentially from 11pm-1am January 31st/February 1st) there was a battle out in the corn fields between the angels and demons. There were probably some casualties and some injuries and your characters probably participated in the fighting, so that's just something to consider when you're writing your threads up and potentially covering or referring back to that time period. Thanks!!

Jan. 31st, 2012



Erin here with character number 2! Welcome this lovely Angel, Marion Barnes (aka, Haziel)

Haziel was the first of Heaven's creations designed specifically for the Watch and Guidance of humans. She is the angel of Prophecy, the Guardian of seers and prophets throughout human history. She guided the hand of the human who wrote the Babylon Prophecy itself, and now she's in town, guarding the impressionable youth of Babylon High as their quirky, hippie Art Teacher.

Marion is not a warrior by creation; she has been forged a sword, but keeps it in a safe place and only wields it when absolutely necessary. Personality wise, she has a tendency to speak in riddles, but loves to laugh and play innocent games with her charges, such as 'guessing' their names and giving them 'for-fun' horoscopes that she comes up with on top of her head.

They're on top of her head, because her power is Clairvoyance. She is the epitome of prophecy itself, after all, but her powers are only centered around individuals, not groups as a whole.

Human appearance: she wears Bohemian style clothes with lots of colors and home made jewelry. Her hair is blond and a bit curly, with thin, striped feathers tucked in every which way. Angel appearance, she's roughly 2 feet taller (by proportion), with mirror-silver eyes and the wings of a Hawk.

So let's plot! Hit me up!

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