Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Characters: Kurt ; Regan
Setting: Late evening, Xavier's mansion
Content: Nothing objectionable
Summary: Regan gets friendly with Kurt but for ulterior motives

Kurt's best cure for getting his frustrations out? Physical activity...  )
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Monday, April 5th, 2010

Smoke and Mirrors

Characters: Regan Wyngarde, Kurt Wagner, and eventually Charles Xavier
Setting: Xavier's Institute
Content: Plots and scheming.
Summary: Regan shows up at the X-Mansion, makes a new friend, and volunteers to sign up for the team. Hopefully no one notices that she's got ulterior motives and schemes.

I'll keep on saying these empty words. )
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Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Characters: Kurt Wagner ; Raven Darkholme; Father Donnally (NPC)
Setting: St Patrick's Cathedral, New York City
Content: PG
Summary: Kurt meets his mother for the first time, though he doesn't know it.

No I would not give you false hope on this strange and mournful day, but the mother and child reunion is only a motion away... )
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It's almost enough

Characters: Scott Summers and all staff members of the X-men
Setting: X Mansion Meeting Room
Content: Probably language.
Summary: With everything piled up against them, Scott decides he is tired of waiting and seeing how the chips fall. He has called the X-men together to figure out what their plans and feelings are.

To make a man crazy )
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Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Characters: Kurt Wagner; OPEN to X-people
Setting: Xavier's Mansion
Content: PG-13 at the most
Summary: Kurt reacts to the riots in Central Park

Vater, vergib ihnen sie wissen nicht, was sie tun... )
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Thursday, March 4th, 2010

But we're all just dancers on the Devil's dance floor

Characters: Jubilee, Wolvie, OT everyone at the Mansion
Setting: Xavier's School for Gifted Youth, PIZZA NIGHT!
Content: Could get political, and thus spark disagreement, but nothing bad to start
Summary: Jubilee pounces the hell outta reunites with Wolverine, and they head to the kitchen for pizza. Er, more pizza.

The apple now is sweet/Oh much sweeter than it ought to be/Another little bite/I don't think there is much hope for me )
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Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Wednesday Beer run! YAY!!

Characters: Logan, Kurt
Location: X-Mansion -> Bar in Canada
Content: Merryment! Mischief! Fun!
Summary: Logan and Kurt have a beer together to catch up, when a random Anti-Mutant guy has a problem with Kurt. Logan doesn't take kindly to this (ie. beats the crap out of him)

And we lift our glasses in song... )
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Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Characters: Nightcrawler; Spider Man; Scorpion (NPC)
Location: New York City
Content: Fighting in the streets
Summary: Nightcrawler and Spidey thwart Scorpion's attempt to commit a crime.

Pick on somebody your own size! )
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Friday, February 5th, 2010

If it's not one thing...

Characters: OTA pretty much
Location: New York City
Content: Clean
Summary: Colossus feeds the birds and broods.

It's another )
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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

There are experiments to run. There is research to be done.

Characters: Sinister, The X-Men still on Earth
Location: Sinister's Lab, Arizona
Content: Likely language, lots of violence
Summary: The X-Men rescue the captured students and someone is slated to die... dun, Dun, DUN~N!!!!!!

On the people who are still alive. )

ooc: played out in google docs and copypasta'd here.
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Wednesday, August 19th, 2009


Characters: Nightcrawler, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver.
Setting: Secretly...Genosha.
Content: Sexual themes. The best kind of themes.
Summary: Iron Man and Kurt infiltrate Genosha to find out what they're up to, and pay Wanda a visit.

our objective is the manor )
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Friday, August 14th, 2009

You can do very little with faith, but you can do nothing without it

Characters: Remy Lebeau, Kurt Wagner
Setting: Saint Patrick's Cathedral, New York
Content: TBD
Summary: Remy has a troubled soul, Kurt has a spiritual one

Some go to church to see and be seen, Some go there to say they have been, Some go there to sleep and nod, But few go there to worship God )
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Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Characters: Iron Man, Nightcrawler and Rogue.
Setting: X-Mansion, Westchester, New York.
Content: Tame.
Summary: A diplomatic visit is really just a cover. Every time.

he would enjoy an explosion-free afternoon )
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Thursday, July 30th, 2009

I was working in the lab late one night...

Characters: Sinister... as himself! Open to anyone who might be in the area...
Setting: S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, Main Security Room and then Database of Registered Mutants
Content: General Mayhem and destruction, some explosions.
Summary: Taking place along side This Thread and This Thread. Sinister shuts down the security system to allow him access to the Database of Registered Mutants, then trashes the main security room and makes his way out to collect his prize!

...when my eyes beheld an eerie sight. )
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Always the Lacky, Never the Bride

Characters: Gambit, Nightcrawler, Rogue
Setting: S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, lobishy area
Content: Well, there's bound to be cursing and explosions
Summary: Taking place along side this thread. Remy is causing havoc while Magneto and Wanda do likewise upstairs. Rogue and Nightcrawler are charge with the task of stopping him!

Explosions are not comfortable )
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Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

That's Entertainment

Characters: Remy Lebeau, Magnus Lehnsherr, Pietro Lehnsherr, Anna Marie, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Kurt Wagner, and a bunch of sexy NPCs.
Setting: L'isola di Ponza. Tony's party-pad.
Content: Swearing, Tony being innapropriate, a bit of violence and blood and even more explosions.
Summary: A few quick snatches of everyone getting along swimmingly, because Tony Stark throws a great party. That is, until Magneto shows up and spoils everything. As usual.

The new faces of Italian fashion )
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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Characters: Kurt Wagner, Anna Marie
Setting: Xavier's Mansion, New York
Content: PGish
Summary: Kurt returns and is greeted by Rouge

...Kurt's emotions were mingled with embarrassment over letting Quicksilver escape. )
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Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Boom Boom Boom Boom

Characters: Quicksilver, Nightcrawler, NPC mutant, possible appearance by Iron Man. OTA
Setting: London, England Courthouse
Content: At the very least swearing, probably some explosions
Summary: Pietro has a mission. So does Kurt.

Wars spring from unseen and generally insignificant causes, the first outbreak being often but an explosion of anger )
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Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Characters: Kurt Wagner, cameo by Professor Xavier
Setting: Regent's Park, London
Content: PG
Summary: A mission for Kurt

To make a soldier's end by soldier's sword... )
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