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QUESTIONS [09 Mar 2017|10:09pm]

It has occurred to me that the other thread might be some heavy lifting to just jump back into, so here's a warmup thread that might be a little familiar.

1. Post your guys. All of your guys.
2. Under the cut, you will find a list of questions. Reply to others with these questions.
3. As usual, feel free to make up your own questions.
4. It can be as easy as that, or you could be texting each other, or you could be having a whole elaborate interrogation scene where the fate of the universe depends on knowing someone's ice cream tastes.
5. It could happen.

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guess we live here now [07 Mar 2017|04:38pm]


the homesteading meme

reworked from here, so feel free to use it as inspiration

No part of this was planned. But here you are, washed up on this distant planet, and you have no choice but to survive. There’s no way to send a message, and no one’s coming to save you. You’re just going to have to use whatever you can salvage from the wreck to make this barren place into a livable home.

Some groundwork to set the scene:
Though its clear that this is not a familiar planet in the least, this planet is fairly Earth-like, so if you're not sure, yeah, that's grass, those are trees, and bugs are still gross. Feel free to establish any fun alien quirks you're into, though.

There is evidence of some kind of alien society, but it doesn't seem like anyone has been in this particular area in a while; so, ruins that can perhaps be taken advantage of as the basis of shelters, or primitive tools. Are these people still around? Do we have to be worried about what might have killed them off?

There wasn't so much a crash as some wacky time-space shenanigans happened and you and perhaps everything around you was scooped out of one area of space and deposited here. So you might have brought your bathtub with you, or the pizza you were eating, or something more useful if you like.

We might all be here by accident (??) and end up relying on each other to get by, but that doesn't mean we have to get along. Maybe you're a shithead and want to start your own colony over there somewhere. Good luck, asshole.

Time is meaningless, threads can take place at the moment of the transplant or well into established homelife, go where your whims take you.

EGYPT [29 Sep 2016|08:02pm]


bc Devon wanted this too

Some options this time that I just made up:

1. Blockbuster: You're an archeologist/treasure hunter/grave robber with a roguish charm, misfit team at your back and ancient map in hand.

2. Jump back: You pissed off the wrong mutant and woke up here, where it all began, the dawn of mutant-kind. First things first, though, how do you deal without plumbing?

3. Jump sideways: S.H.I.E.L.D.'s been sitting on a sprawling city of the dead, and the infrastructure has started to crumble. Does that dude have a dog face?

4. Classic Flavour: You're just living your best life in a Marvelous Ancient Egypt. Horus looks a lot like Stan Lee. Everything bad always seems to happen in Memphis. Hawkeye still gets hit by a car.

The Purge [24 Sep 2016|01:54pm]


The Purge

One night a year all crime is legal.

The Purge will being from 7 p.m. – 7 a.m., during which all crime is legal and all police, fire, and medical emergency services remain unavailable.

Restrictions prohibit government officials "ranking 10" from being disturbed, as well as the use of all weapons above Class 4 (explosive devices such as grenades, rocket launchers, and bazookas). The Purge has resulted in unemployment rates plummeting to 1%, low crime, and a strong economy.

Will you take to the streets and purge your sins? Are you being hunted down? Or will you spend your purge safe and sound behind locked doors?

Create your own options, or choose from some below.

1. You're ready and eager to purge the filth from this world. You've been waiting all year and you know just what you'll do.
2. You don't want to kill anyone, nothing like that, but looting, theft, a little fun during the one night it's legal, who could say no to that?
3. You object to the purge, and will spend your night trying to help those in need. Will you succeed or will you become the new target?
4. You're supposed to be exempt. Whether you're an official with ranking 10 or you simple thought yourself beyond reproach and safe behind locked doors, this year things have changed. You're the target and you're unprepared, what will you do?
5. You missed the opportunity to get indoors, or maybe you never had a place to start with. You're trapped with these animals and they're hunting you down. How will you survive the night?
6. Uneasy alliance- circumstances have forced you together to try and survive. Can you trust this person or do you need to be wary of the threat within your group?
7. Wounded- You've escaped, but not unscathed. You're wounded and the hounds are still out there. What will you do?
8. All alone. The rest of your group has been purged. You're the only one left. How will you survive?
9. The morning after. The purge is over, you've made it through. Your boss survived and now you have to carpool together, how awkward. How will things continue now that the world is back to normal?
10. Fuck the rules. You made it through the night, but your hunters aren't playing by the rules. The purge is over but you aren't free. What will you do?



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Ya'll at Camp Mother Fuckas! )

Hi. [22 Aug 2016|08:52pm]


 photo giphy_zpsusdwzy9s.gif

Here be a slightly tweaked theatre meme.
Tag a character setting up a scene with a quote of your choice. It doesn't necessarily have to take place in a theatre. Be creative.
Play the scene out.
Easy peasy.


Picture Prompt Meme [18 Jul 2016|03:37pm]


Picture Prompt Meme

Post your character(s)
Reply with a picture(s) to inspire

Fake Marrieds [13 Jun 2016|12:18am]

Taken from Here.

You're pretending to be married to someone for some reason. To get a job? An inheritance? As super secret spies? Maybe you're secretly in love or maybe you hate their guts, either way you've got to make it work to get what you want.

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