11 December 2010 @ 01:00 am
hohoho fest gift | for [info]amberbluebell  
Title: Icons
Artist: [info]klutzerina
Recipient: [info]amberbluebell
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Deniz/Roman/Marc, Simone/Florian, Roman/Axel, Roman/Richard, Jenny/Roman, Jenny/Lars
Count: 30
Artist's Notes: 1 set of 20 Black & White De/Ro/Ma icons, 1 set of 10 assorted pairing icons in colour. Credit for the lighting textures used in the black and white icons to innocent_lexys.

07 September 2010 @ 09:59 pm
Birthday present for the lovely [info]giorgiakerr  
Title: What She Came For
Pairings: Richard/Simone, Richard/Roman (Yes, again. *g*)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 500
Summary: "She’d known Richard always had a certain affection for him, from the very start."
A/N: "Does Richard do sexytimes with everyone in the pool?" Oh, Giorgia. *sigh* You had to go and plant ideas in my head of a version of ep805 where Roman is in the pool with Richard, not Celine, didn't you? You just had to make me want to actually write fic about that, didn't you? THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, GIORGIA! It isn't quite what I initially planned it to be, but at least I wrote something! (Apologies for the likely rubbishness. I abandoned it halfway through, and only managed to get back to it this evening. BUT I WAS DETERMINED TO FINISH IT ESPECIALLY FOR YOU. AND THAT'S MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE QUALITY OF THE RESULT, Y/Y? <33333)

What She Came For
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16 August 2010 @ 05:47 pm
[art] alles was zaehlt { dear diary [richard/roman. g.]  

.dear diary
[richard/roman. g.]
notes; totally shelly's fault. like, seriously. 150%.

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13 August 2010 @ 09:57 pm
[masterlist] rich/ro ficathon  

Here's an alphabetical list of everything written/made during the ficathon. SO PROUD OF US.
If I missed anything or whatever then it's because I'm stupid and lazy, not because I hate you. Just comment saying "oi" and I'll add whatever I've missed <333333333

.awkward post-coital moment: icons by graspthethorn
[richard/roman. g.]

.breakfast can wait by amberbluebell
[richard/roman. pg. 480 words.]
notes; so... I take no responsibility for anything about this. I was half asleep when I wrote it, and richard and roman basically forced me into it when I was too weak to resist. but have it anyway, since me actually finishing a fic is something remarkable! *g*
summary; the sun catches in roman's hair and illuminates his skin, and richard can barely contain the urge to wake him and discover if he tastes different in the early morning.

.changes by giorgiakerr
[richard/roman. pg. 1200 words.]
notes; uh. not much to say, actually. except that two men straddling the same torpedo looks far more amusing and dirty than it should. (no, this doesn't actually have anything to do with the story - there just happens to be an old b&w war film on tv. and where the hell did the word "leftenant" come from? NOTE TO THE ARMED FORCES OF THE WORLD: THIS IS NOT A WORD). in relation to the story, I think I made roman seem like a bit of a slut. oops. *is totally unremorseful* also, I'm not entirely sure what I've done emotionally in this story, because there was never really supposed to be emotion in the first place. it just kind of ended up there of its own accord. stupid emotion.
summary; it made him feel slightly dirty, slightly perverted, like a predator stalking innocent pray. only roman wasn't innocent.

.dreams are made of this: icons by redcouchaddict
[richard/roman. g.]

.fanart by buggie1988
[richard/roman. g.]

.locker-room of lust: banners and icons by shellydkitty
[richard/roman. g.]

.my turn by shellydkitty
[richard/roman/other. nc-17. 500 words.]
notes; written for the wild/steinkamp ficathon at no7_awz and continuing my locker room of lust theme. I'd like to blame someone, but I think this is the one time where it's entirely my fault. maybe rose's too, if only for listening to my crazy talk. <3
warnings; some D/s themes, a little bit of voyeurism, a lot of wrongness
summary; "I'm only using you," Roman would sometimes say, eyes narrowed but with a sparkle that brought doubt to his words. "But you like that don't you? You like being my toy."

.no concept of afterglow by graspthethorn
[richard/roman. r. 4380 words.]
notes; for the rich/ro ficathon. Everyone else seems to be writing unexpectedly!emotional!fic so hey, HAVE SOME UNAPOLOGETIC PORN (...which is also a bit emotional okay APPARENTLY I AM A SHEEP AND MUST FOLLOW YOU ALL ~BAAAAAAAA)
warnings; richard. need I say more IDK GUIZ IDEK.
summary; richard doesn't think he's hearing it right at first. there's a heavy shade of desire pulled tight between his lust and his better judgment. he's about to tell roman to just fuck right off but the look of complete and utter intent stops him. roman's face is tight, his features tense and his hands have gone still, gripping richard's hips tightly. he's nervous, scared, richard realises.

.our lips can touch here: banner by redcouchaddict
[richard/roman. g.]

.the straightest figure skater the world has ever seen by momogermany
[richard/his family/roman. pg. 1650 words.]
notes; just wrote this for fun, to fill in some blanks in the back story of roman wild and the steinkamp family, then giorgiakerr offered to beta, and asked me, no ordered me, to post it. bad girl!
summary; let's travel back in time some fifteen years and witness an important day in the lives of richard steinkamp, roman wild and the steinkamp figure skating team.

.unseen by amberbluebell
[richard/roman. g. 365 words.]
notes; so, um, I'm not sure I'm entirely satisfied with this, but I got tired of looking at it and decided I had to either post it or kill it. lilithilien, vitacrudelis and praderwilli said I must post it, and who am I to argue with them? <333
summary; richard knows he should tear himself away from the office window. he has other things to attend to: work, his family. things that are certainly more important than roman wild.


(lol, posted this to my own journal. AGAIN. everytime I try and post here I forget to choose "no7_awz" and end up posting it in the wrong place. EVERY SINGLE TIME.)
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