Feb. 25th, 2014



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Jun. 22nd, 2013



Haha first meme on the comm! I WIN POINTS.

♥ Comment as your character(s).
♥ Respond to others using the heart(s) from the heart meter to show how your character honestly feels about them.
♥ You can most certainly use more than one heart if you need to.
♥ Edit the "title" text to elaborate or personalize your hearts!

Jun. 4th, 2013


opulence is the end; open

[ To say the least of it, this is not what Giulia had planned to do today. Getting out of bed the days Rodrigo visited her was usually a luxurious thing. Curled up with the Pope of Rome, talking of politics and his family.

It might of been immoral, but it was better than starving in poverty.

This morning had been one such morning, where half dressed in her underthings, she had made her way out of room to pick out her dress for the day to find herself standing on the side of the street.

A street she had never seen before. No street of Rome looked anything like this, not in Umbria, Forli, she doubted even France looked like this. Her stockinged feet were bare and cold on the concrete ground, and the robe that so barely covered her otherwise naked body was clutched tighter to her. The people passing her by stared, of course they were stare, or so she reasoned to herself, she was a beautiful woman, and she was mostly naked.

Heavenly Father, had she died? Had she died so quickly that she barely even felt it to be dropped here with such lacking dignity? Well nothing for it, she cleared her throat and lifted her head like this was the most normal thing that had ever happened to her. The waist length hair pulled over her shoulders to give herself that little bit more modesty. Godiva had worn less after all, and panicking would get her no where.

Someone in this place ought to be able to tell a lady at the very least where to find decent clothes.


open to all

[ Explore the immediate surroundings and see what information can be gathered to determine whatever he can about his current situation. This was the immediate course of action Spock took when the familiar layout of the Enterprise had been replaced with that of a city unknown to him. It was peculiar turn of events, one in which that intrigued him. Whoever -- or whatever -- had brought about his change of location had done so with great efficiency.

From he could tell by observing alone, this was a city not unlike those on Earth. While he made the assumption that coming into contact with the locals would not be a danger, he did show precaution none the less. The communicator in his hand was open as he first made an attempt to contact the ship, all the while walking along the street side to find a more suitable place to make contact.

Spock to Enterprise. Come in, Enterprise.

[ But in the background as he spoke, when he found a building that was not crowded in front, there were still some children that were curious about the Vulcan when they spotted him. They tried following after him and voiced their curiosity. ]

Your ears are weird, mister!

Why are they pointed? Were they always like that?

[ ... Well then. ]

Jun. 3rd, 2013


We've fallen and I can't get out

After that terrible incident with the Cyberplanner-- Mr. Clever, as he'd called himself-- the Doctor decided the next adventure he'd take Clara on would be something a tad bit calmer. Not that he'd take her to a museum. He'd learned with Amy that his going about, correcting incorrect history, made for a boring day. He hadn't wanted it to be dull, but he wanted to avoid anything unsavory. At least for one afternoon. So he'd intended to take Clara to the Intergalactic Gardens. It was an entire planet that held every known plant in the universe. Temperate all the time, nothing out of season. He'd pack them a nice picnic, and they could simply enjoy their surroundings and each other's company...and no one would be overtaken by Cyberman technology or get proposed to.

As they flew through the vortex, the Doctor circled round the center console, flipping switches and switching dials. With a sudden jerk, the TARDIS was pulled off-course. At Clara's completely reasonable, understandably concerned question of 'what the hell is that?' the Doctor assured her it was just a little speed bump as he quickly went the other way round to un-switch and un-flip dials and switches on the console, bringing them to a landing. The TARDIS landed with a-- well, it wasn't one of her best landings, let's be fair.

With a quick twitch of his neck, the Doctor sent his bangs back, out of his line of sight. Foregoing his overcoat, the Doctor checked his pocket, making sure he had his screwdriver before he started towards the door. With a quick tug, he'd pulled it open, peeking his head out. His shoulders slumped with disappointment. They'd been on such a good streak, not going places he hadn't intended on going. But here they were, on....

Hold on. Where were they?

The Doctor removed his screwdriver from the inner pocket of his waistcoat, scanning the area around them. Gravity was earth normal, air breathable. Some of the architecture was reminiscent of Earth, Venice, specifically. Save the.... Ah. The giant rip in the very fabric of the sky behind them...which the TARDIS had fallen through.


Open To All

[Uhura wasn't sure what exactly had happened - one moment she was turning to question Sulu about something on the bridge and the next moment - she was sitting on the steps of a building. She hadn't even felt the pull of the transporter, and she immediately got to her feet, looking around with surprise.]

[She was looking at a skyline that she was not familiar with - and a planet she had never seen before. Her first reaction was not to reach for a phaser she knew she didn't have - but the earbud in her ear, as she moved to find a safe place to communicate.]

Uhura to Enterprise. Uhura to Enterprise. Red alert - I repeat - red alert. I have been abducted off of the bridge against my will. Please respond.

[Anyone who might see the young woman in the red uniform might find that she is doing her best to keep out of sight -- but it's not entirely easy as she's muttering into the small microphone on her ear, then switching to a communicator that is on her side.]

Jun. 2nd, 2013


open to all!!

[What. The. Fuck?

Being tugged from comfy, sunny, carefree LA to some weird as Hell place that she knew wasn't anywhere on Earth was probably the strangest thing to ever happen to her in her almost thirty years. She was a little dizzy from the ride, though she thought that had something to do with the fact she was freaking the fuck out right now.

She'd pulled out a cigarette and smoked it down to calm her nerves, but it really didn't do much. People were crowding everywhere and she was close to panicking, but the most she wanted were some god damn answers.]

Hello? Hey-- hey, dude, what the Hell's going on? [People would just gesture at her to wait and she was getting more and more frustrated.] The fuck does it take to get answers around here?


open to all!

[When suddenly she was pulled off an airplane and was instead walking through into a city she'd never seen before, Colette didn't know what to do. There were accidents and buildings collapsing because of the... whatever it was that had pulled them here and she was beyond unsettled. She was trying not to be tearful, but God it was hard.

They were being urged to find a safer place and Colette was doing her best to help people, but she didn't know what to do or where they were, and no one really had the time to answer questions. It wasn't as if there wasn't a crisis happening.

She neatened her uniform jacket a little as she tried to help people get into a kind of order, and she was honestly surprised at her own composure.]

Jun. 1st, 2013


☄ open to all

[ For Jane Foster, it's been a long time since she was in Mandalus. She was working with S.H.I.E.L.D. now to try and understand the wormholes the Bifrost used to travel between realms. Then, Loki appeared and with him brought an army of aliens. She was whisked away to Norway so Loki couldn't get his hands on her as he had Eric. Everyone in S.H.I.E.L.D. knew what was happening in New York City. Then the wormhole over the city closed and Jane knew she would have a ton of more work on her plate to deal with.

Which was why when she stumbled in the hallway in the secure location and looked up to find herself in Mandalus? She was pretty surprised. It took a moment for her to realize where she was, given how long it had been for her. Jane walked down the steps of the Central building--not recognizing it--with her eyes at the sky. It looked like it was torn to pieces.

Grabbing the nearest person, she asked what had happened and who she could talk to about it. They didn't have much information, so Jane continued to pull people aside and drill them with five thousand questions. Who was still in Mandalus? What happened? What month was it? Had they defeated the Serpent?

Eventually, she found her way to Stark Tower. Jane was surprised to see it still there. That meant that Tony Stark would be there. Maybe Thor and Darcy were in the city as well--which meant that she had some choice words for the Thunder God. Namely why he didn't even let her know he was back on Earth and why she had to find out through S.H.I.E.L.D. files. Jane walked straight up to the reception desk and put her hands on the counter. Time to get some answers. ]

(( ooc: you can run into Jane on her way to Stark Tower, or at the Tower itself! All past CR is welcome to come by, or if you want to meet her for the first time? Come on by! ))