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Mar. 4th, 2014


001 | text

For those of you still unaware, the culprits behind the kidnapping of the princess and her hand maiden were the cultists. I doubt anyone is shocked by that revelation considering their history and motives of the cult but you can never be entirely sure of the overall intelligences of people.

What you may not of realised is that they're planning on sacrificing them to Mes'Klou or 'the serpent'. I can't say when or where yet but I'm working on that part as swiftly as possible. If we don't hurry, we maybe too late to stop it from happening. So any useful input would be appreciated.

If anyone else is interested in assisting, please contact me. SH.

Feb. 20th, 2014


♕ 04 // video - backdated

[ Look who's awake! Pretend this is massively backdated okay /wiggles arms It's everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood keyblade master! ]

H-hey guys. I'm awake now. What'd I miss? I uh ... I remember a lot but it's all jumbled together. [ The thing about Sora is how strong memories really are. Oh does he ever remember a lot from his future self's life. Of course that doesn't tell him what exactly went down after that self died and burnt to ash. ]

And from the future. [ He adds, a sheepish smile on his face. ]

At least that wasn't the longest I've ever been in a coma before! [ Eh heh ^^; ]


005 🔥 accidental video;

[ The feed clicks on to show a sideways video. There are a few bodies on the floor, as well as a woman being thrown across the room and hitting the wall hard. Then steps The Black Prince into the video feed. His white clothes are stained with blood, but it looks as if he has also been through the ringer himself. His face is bloodied around his nose and mouth, as well as his face being scruffed up.

He reaches down and pulls a dagger from a corpse. ]

You dare attack me? You FOOLISH mortal! [ He advances on the woman. ] Just because you can make me bleed hardly means you've defeated me. Tell your god that he has no idea who he is trifling with. I'm certain you will be seeing him personally in the afterlife. Do make sure to give him my message. You will have done something with your PATHETIC life once you have.

[cut for yucky] )

Now. [ The red-in-red eyes turn to find the phone on the floor. ] I believe that it is time to start seeking out the strongest chains of this Cult. Champions that I have contacted before? I have quite the task in mind for you.

As for the others... well. I'm certain at least some of you who are curious to this Cult or what they plan to do can find something on these corpses. They are of no use to me. [ He lifts a foot and topples the corpse of the dead woman over on the ground. ] Do hurry. I may loose my temper before you arrive. Then what use would a charred corpse be to you?

Feb. 19th, 2014


03 | TEXT | Backdated to 16/2

[So Bruce has sort of... been told on what had happened, and why he had been apparently unconscious for so long. It's all a little bit hard to take in, to be perfectly honest, and if it wasn't for the note that was left for him Bruce might have not believed it at all. But it had been real, despite it all, and its quite a bit to take in if Bruce was ever questioned about it. Not that he would actually say that, though.

But anyway. This isn't about him. This post is here for a reason.]

This is Bruce Banner. The... present one, not the one from the future. He's--well. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what happened.

[Thankfully this is text or else everyone would have noticed the pause that comes after that. Bruce doesn't really quite know what to make of it, the memories and experiences that are his and yet not his. It's different from the Hulk, much more different - because it's actually him and there's no alter ego he can place the blame on, this time.]

Anyway, before he left he gave me a message to tell everyone. He wrote it down already, so I'm just going to copy and paste the words over to you all.

[A pause, and then there's a text file transmitted to everyone, and upon opening it this message is shown:]
Thank you for helping us in our mission. Now that the bomb has been dealt with I'm confident that the multiverse is safe from this danger. Any words I can think of will probably not be enough to express my gratitude for what you've done. Now the future the six of us saw and lived in will not happen, and I think all of us are glad for that.

To the other five who were unconscious during our time here: I apologize for our intrusion. If it were possible, I had hoped things would be easier, and I am sorry for having to bear the consequences of some of our actions. But I hope you understand our situation, and forgive us. I've asked Tony to make up a little for what we've done - it's not much, but I hope it helps, somehow.

To the others: thank you, again, for helping us. I'm certain this won't be the last time the multiverse will be in danger, so please - be careful. And I wish you all the best.

- Bruce Banner

That's all I have. Sorry I couldn't give any more answers or help. [...] But for what it's worth, I'm glad they managed to accomplish what they came here to do. At least it meant their deaths weren't in vain.

[Bruce can't quite find any words to say after this, so he simply just ends the post here. There are many other things he has on his mind now, after all.]

Feb. 17th, 2014


Hello, Mandalus. I am Gerald Corben and this is a breaking news report from the Mandalus News Network.

[ Gerald fixes his glasses. ] We have received reports of Cultist activity through out various parts of the city. The police have confirmed outbreaks of fights as well as bombings in the outer parts of the Venetian, Business and Old Town Districts. Police advise that you stay away from the attacked areas and report immediate suspicious activity to the police.

The government has also placed itself on alert and asks that any Honored Guests that are willing to help fight against the attackers. They say that this is simply a request and that there are no expectations.

[ Suddenly an alarm sound plays through the studio. Corban looks around and begins to talk to the people behind the cameras. The picture goes static for a moment before returning to normal. Except for the fact the image shows another place. The are simple rooms that are decorated simply. Those who may know the C'Meni will find it familiar.

The doors creek open. Footsteps are heard coming up to source of the feed. Then, a semi-familiar face smiles.]

Mandalus. After everything you are still trying to pretend that life goes on. Cities outside of our lovely capital have fallen. Communication with the stars were lost long ago. Yet, here you are clinging to this rock. Our prince has returned and yet you still cling to the idea that your society can still live. You went even so far to bring people from the other realities to help save you.

But we have decided that your time has come to an end. It came a long time ago, but now is time to stop the pulse entirely. We'll start by taking those annoying C'Meni from your hands. Boys! Escort the lovely ladies will you? There's no room for more than one royal leader.

[ Ardon reaches his hand up and tilts the camera back. It falls back and the feed cuts as it presumably shatters. ]

Feb. 8th, 2014


video ; backdated to a little while after khan escapes from the bunker

[Garak is sitting in a chair on the Vengeance, obviously very drunk, holding a modified phaser and a bottle. Khan is visible in the background, heavily restrained and unconscious in what looks like an uncomfortable position.]

I hope you've all dismantled the bomb by now. As you can see, Khan won't be setting it off any time soon.

Doctor Bashir, those Engineering extension courses you took were fantastic. I wish you were around to see this. Doctor, you know what I mean.

[Garak takes a long drink out of the almost empty bottle, finishing it off, and then just sets it down.]

I'd like to tell you all about something I did in the past. My proudest moment and deepest regret. It was a few years before I would leave Cardassia. We'd just made contact with a group of strange aliens. They were very few in number, but their technology was very advanced and they grew soldiers that didn't need to eat or sleep.

They went to war with us. They were going to war with the entire Alpha Quadrant, really, it just happened that Cardassia and Romulus decided to strike first. Such a disastrous strike. A trap we should have seen coming. My best friend, Elim... he lost his father in that attack.

[Garak picks up the bottle as if to take a drink, then frowns at it and sets it down again.]

Family is one of the most important things in a Cardassian's life. He volunteered to join my scouting mission to find their homeworld. They didn't like to leave their homeworld, you see. These aliens. Well, we were lucky... or unlucky... enough to find it. This ship we were on... it might have been small but it easily packed enough firepower to destroy a planet.

Elim... he. He tried to stop me, of course. But I did it. I saved Cardassia, saved the Alpha quadrant, and doomed my friend to be a traitor for trying to stop me.

I was a decorated hero and he was tried for treason. I testified at his trial, and he was executed for all Cardassia to see.

[Garak puts his face in his hands.]

I always thought you'd outlive me.

[Then he reaches out and turns off the video.]


♕ 03 // voice - backdated to 2/6

[ He doesn't want people seeing him look all droopy, and well also like death warmed over. Voice mode it is. He's about to speak but ends up just coughing for a minute. ]

... shit. [ Stupid cough. Stupid dying. All of it getting in the way of speaking. ]

Hey, if it wasn't obvious already, I don't think I'll be going on that special field trip after all. Unless coughing all over someone really can take them out. [ He needed more time. It took just that little bit too long to find the bomb. And he had been so ready for the fight too. Sigh. ]

But I- I know you guys can do it. [ At least he hopes so, and it's been a long time since he truly hoped for something. ] I believe in you.

Tell me about it later, would you?

Feb. 7th, 2014



[Action to Stark Tower] )

[ The message pops up on the Network in the morning after sunrise. It's simple and, to those who may know what is going on? It's easy to understand what is going on. ]

I've found some information that everyone who wants to help Tony Stark might be interested in. Just let me know and I'll send it over.

When I wake up? There better be tons of balloons waiting for me. Enough to make me properly embarrassed. I'm sure everyone will know where I am at this point. Dean made it not so much of a secret about what's going on.

I just wanted to say thank you. For helping us and really understanding what this means. Sorry in advance too. I'm not sure what's going to happen after this all stops. You'll figure it out though. I know you will.

[Action to the Doctor] )

Feb. 4th, 2014


020; video

[Hello, Mandalus. Here's Tony looking uncharacteristically serious today. He hasn't even bothered to encrypt the video feed in any way.]

We need to find that bomb and find it fast. Like Dr. Bashir said, we're running out of time. I'm narrowing down possible locations as we speak, and I need to know who's willing to go and dismantle it, destroy it, whatever it takes.

Not that I can't handle it by myself. [He cracks a bit of a smirk there, still his usual cocky self.] But power in numbers and all that. We don't know what kind of security this thing'll have. If any of our pals from the future have information they've withheld, now would be the time to share it. [Before they all start dropping dead.]

No matter what happens, you're not going to win this. [No need to address them specifically. You know who you are.] I'll make sure of it.

Feb. 2nd, 2014


002 [voice]

Cut for descriptions of dying )

[Julian addresses the network with his voice. He can't text--between his fading vision and shaking hands it would be impossible. But he doesn't want anyone to see him, either.

His voice is as steady as he can make it.]

It's starting. We're running out of time.

[He manages to cough, it's thick and wet and hurts terribly to do so. He estimates no more than an hour before he's dead. Perhaps half that will be spent unconscious, but he'll hang on as long as possible.]

I'm sorry.

[For what, he's not sure--his mind can't focus easily, but he thinks he needs to apologize for something. Everything.]

Jan. 30th, 2014


003 ☆ RE: text | voice;

[ Private Text to Tony Stark ] )

[ Private Text to Bruce Banner ] )

[ Private Voice to the Doctor ] )

Mandalus. This is Clara Oswald. I'm here with Dean and the others.

We need help with what we're doing. If you have any questions or want to volunteer? Let me know. Okay? We'll talk it over and hopefully we can get this done. We don't have a lot of time anymore.

Jan. 26th, 2014


Page 002 // Accidental Video/Action

[Jane's left the library, on her way back to her lab in the Smith Motors building that arrived, but she doesn't quite make it, somehow drawing the interest of various Cult members, though perhaps they thought she looked like an excellent target, since she looked exhausted, but Science needs to be done. She's trying to rebuild the wormhole machine she built back on Earth, and well, things need to be done.

She's got her nose in a book, and not aware of who is following her, with her phone in her pocket, until they caught up with her, one Cultist reaching to grab Jane by her shoulder, spinning her around, her phone falling out of her pocket, and turning on, the video coming up:]

...hey! Let me go!

[Jane cries out, before someone else slaps a hand over her mouth, and she starts struggling, trying to break free, then suddenly there is a small soundless explosion, bodies flying out, leaving Jane on her hands and knees in the middle of a ring of stunned Cultists, before the picture flickers and dies, the phone damaged from the blast of energy.]

[ooc: Edited it a touch, to give some more options for what happened. This is dated a bit after Wrathion's post]

Jan. 24th, 2014


video | filtered from Khan and Garak

[When the video starts, Dean looks very different. Ten years older, at least, and much sterner than anyone would ever have seen him, with the exception of those closest to him. He has a mission, and that's all he's interested in.]

For those of you who don't know, my name is Dean Winchester. You'll probably know a different Dean, if you know any at all, from your time period. Much younger, way dumber, too. [He sighs and rests his shotgun over his shoulder.]

By now, if you haven't already heard, there's a weapon that's ready to be used to attack Mes'Klou. Me, and a few others like me, have come from another timeline to stop it. This weapon will kill the Serpent, only it's gonna take out most of the multiverse and plenty of Mandalus at the same time. [He knows this could incite panic, but it's better people know.]

If you get in our way, I'm not gonna hesitate to take you out of the game, either by knockin' your ass out or straight up shootin' you in the knee so you can't fuck this up for us. We're trying to save you, so stay out of the way if you won't help.

[Filtered to Future Group]

Guessin' by now the rest of you got your hands on the phones your old selves have, so we're making a move soon. That means you too, Bashir. We need to find this weapon and keep Khan and Garak the Hell out of the way. [He glances at his watch and then realises it won't be at the same time and tuts irritably.]

Any information you've gathered, we need to share amongst the group, so talk to each other and we'll decide where to strike.


004 🔥 audio | action;

[ When all of the beloved Honored Guests check their devices this morning, they find a mysterious audio file awaiting them. Those few who know of Wrathion will obviously recognize the Black Prince's voice. ]

My dear and fellow Honored Guests. Quite some time has passed since we have seen the mysterious forces of Mes'Klou wandering the streets of this doomed city. Not a word from the fanatic cult or the mysterious Ardon. Don't you find this strange at all? Those who wish the destruction of all do not simply fall quiet when their leader is killed.

Thus I have conducted my own research and studies on the matter. From the thick forest home of the once member of the System to the dusty old archives of the Library. I believe my findings have proved valuable to those who wish to know more of Mandalus's own Headless Horseman. It is a tragic story indeed, should these millennium old stories be true. Yes, Honored Guests, I did say millennium.

Should you be interested in these findings? You can find one of my contacts through out the city. They are not too hard to find if you simply look. From there they will give you my location. We do not want to be too obvious to any roaming worshipers of Mes'Klou.

I look forward to our discussions.

[tl;dr action stuff inside] )

Jan. 20th, 2014


005 ❥ video | action at the hospital;

[ Tifa is standing in the hallway outside the ICU. The bags under her eyes says she hasn't slept much in the last few days. ]

Hey. [ Her voice is soft and tinged with worry. ] I know a few others have been unconscious the last few days. Sora has been too. I found him on the stairs. [ With a few bumps and scratches--from falling down the stairs. ] They still haven't found a cause to it. The doctor's said that maybe it was the fact that we're not from here, like when we were all sick. But, no one else has fallen unconscious.

[ Tifa lets out a heavy sigh. ] I don't suppose anyone has any ideas as to why this is happening? Maybe a doctor from another world or one of the C'Meni?

We just need some answers. [ There's a firm nod attached to it. Yeah. That's what they need. ]

Jan. 19th, 2014


Backdated video; obsidian order encryption

[encrypted to khan and backdated to the point when future Julian arrived.]

Khan. I need you to transport Julian and I to the medbay. I can't wake him.

[Garak is uncharacteristically grim.]

Jan. 18th, 2014


005 ☣ Video to All

[The video switches on to a panicked fifteen year old. She's panting softly and she's standing in the middle of a kitchen-- her kitchen. Her eyes brim with unshed tears and the camera shakes a little, due to her shaking hands.] Um, I was just coming downstairs for breakfast and she was just like this.

[She turns the camera and it's Clara Oswald on the floor, eyes closed, looking asleep as far as anyone can tell.] I tried shaking her awake. I tried yelling at her. She's not waking up. I think...I think-- [Ellie shakes her head, breathing erratic.] I don't know what to think but she's got her pulse and she's breathing but she's not waking up. I need help.

Dean? Sora? Guys, I am so fucking out of my element here, it's not funny. Please.

Jan. 15th, 2014


002 ☆ RE: accidental video

[ Well hello, Mandalus! The sun is shining. Or it would be if it wasn’t somewhere around 3 in the morning. And inside. Whatever--have a nice view of Clara’s room. And, more importantly, a fully dressed, cowboy-hat wearing Doctor practically looming over her bed in excitement.

On the count of one, two, three--aaaand there goes Clara’s sheets since the Doctor has just yanked them away.

Good morning, Clara! Time to wake up. You will never guess what I’ve got. [ How is this even recording? Simple: something knocked Clara’s communicator off the shelf before all of this. ]

[ Honestly, it was the sheer blast of cold air then the Doctor’s shouting that makes Clara bolt up into bed. A small cry of surprise escapes from her. Hair an absolute mess, her instinct she has is to grab the blankets back from the cowboy hat wearing alien in her bedroom. ]

Haven’t you heard of knocking?! Or at least asking someone politely to wake up?! [ Yes, she’s shouting. She holds the blankets over her chest and glares up at the Doctor before squinting. ] Where did you find the cowboy hat?

[ No answer--mainly because the Doctor has the biggest grin this side of the Cheshire Cat and is as enthusiastic as a five year old dizzy on lemonade. Arms stretched wide, gesturing to the video feed’s direction and even a little bit of spirit fingers. It’s a miracle he doesn’t just go ‘ta-daaaaa~’ ]

[ Clara’s mouth opens just a bit in surprise before she shoves herself out of the bed. Her hands go straight on the Doctor’s shoulders, trying to turn him round and push him towards where he’s gesturing. ]

You parked it in my room! [ Then she stops, drops her hands, which go right under her bust. ] Hang on. Why didn’t it make the sound? The one it makes when it lands. Why didn’t it wake me up? [ She has that demanding tone in her voice as the volume raises, eying him suspiciously. ]

[ Because he may have been tinkering with the cloaking device… But instead of answering that the Doctor just grabs her by the hands and pulls her up, up, up! ]

This sexy old girl is back and ready for action. A few test runs and she’ll be good as new and I can get everyone out of here, eh? [ He’s excited. So very excited, he looks like he’s about to start hovering as he squeezes both her hands as hard as he can. ]

[ Sometimes it’s hard to be angry at the Doctor when he acts like a giddy school boy. She can’t help the fond smile on her face at his excitement. Clara would reach out and touch the TARDIS if he didn’t have a hold of her hands so tightly. Still, being the bubbling personality masking a bossy control freak that she is-- ] You could of showed me without parking it in my bedroom! How long has it been here? I’m in my nightie still! We can’t go test driving when I’m not even dressed!

You look fine, we have a multiverse to explore and I, for one, would like some answers. Come along, Clara, come along! [ Aaaaand dragging her on to his space ship. Is he ever going to be disappointed when it doesn’t work. ]

Jan. 9th, 2014


[ open broadcast ]

Honored Guests. I apologize for calling attention from your daily duties.

[ Princess Iafara of the C'Meni is standing in a large underground area with the police-military of Mandalus. Her hands are on her hips as people move in the background in suits, almost as if they are at a crime scene. ]

For those who have found their way here into the city, I am Princess Iafara. I lead the group of survivors from beyond the city's barrier. By your efforts, the remainder of my people have been brought from the Crater as well as C'Vorti. For that, I would like to personally thank every one of you. And welcome those of our new Guests who have come to the city.

[ She turns her head towards what looks like a broken down door behind her. ] The Mandalian Scientists were able to locate this as the source of the tremor and earthquakes that hit the city last week. The epicenter of the larger earthquake was here as well, but there is no damage to the area. I thought that everyone would like to know what we have been doing here in the Spaceport.

[ Iafara raises her hand and gestures to the room she is in. ] This temple was once known as A'Vylin. It was stated to be a place of high worship for our gods in the time before Mes'Klou came. It, along with the rest of our culture, has fallen to ruin and mystery. Much has been lost of our culture, especially to the Mandalians. My people are deeply spiritual and religious... which perhaps is why we were able to recognize M'Veni Kreyus for what he was. He has been quiet since his arrival, and I am no priestess. Communicating with gods was never a strong suit of mine. Even more so because our gods have been silent for so long.

[ With a glance to the man behind the camera, Iafara nods and points to the room behind the broken wall. ] Those who are interested in exploring A'Vylin are more than welcome to join my scientists and I. However, we do ask that you be reverent and respectful to our culture.

As for other matters? I will be more than willing to answer any questions that you may have. Thank you, Honored Guests. Not only for your time but your continued support in this war.

Jan. 8th, 2014


video; locked (backdated to the weekend)

[So this would be the first time he's done this properly, the first time he'd addressed the network. It was funny, really, considering he was no stranger to addressing people. But this was different, of course, because these people, the so-called Honoured Guests, were supposed to be his comrades, his fellow soldiers. He didn't feel particularly inspired by their work so far.

But he also knew they weren't all just a bunch of humans, there were some interesting, different people out there. Gods, too. Or people considered gods, anyway. Useful people.

So the feed clicks on, and Khan is standing in his quarters aboard the Vengeance, with a window behind him that shows the apparently never ending snow storm.]
Many of you have been here for a long time, do any of you know about Ardon and the weapons he created for the System's war effort? Or his Horseman? [He knows there's some people out there who must've been interested in that last part, if nothing else.

And he's not going to bother with pleasantries, either, he'll thank whoever gives him information.

[Filtered away from the C'Meni, locked to the Honoured Guests.]

The C'Meni have taken the Ardon Enterprises building, but I want to explore it, to see what Ardon was doing. [And to see if there's anything there Khan could use for the little project he's been working on.] I'm looking for a few people to come with me, I have a way to get in undetected.

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