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Haley Bennet. 63 icons. [24 Mar 2010|03:10pm]


there's a heart on the line and it rests with your eyes... )
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Taylor Swift. 55 icons. [24 Mar 2010|02:05pm]


i just want to show you, she don't even know you. )
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[11 Jun 2009|06:12am]

community rules
Join Community To see my icons and graphics you will have to join the community. I don't moderate the membership and hope that I will not have to moderate it at anytime, though if rules get broken I will do just that. Join here.

Comment + Credit I don't require anyone to comment me, though I would love to know what you are taking so I continue to see what people like. Credit however is something that is a must. If you see someone using my icons without crediting please give me a heads up about it so that I may deal with the issue, simply comment this journal.

Not Bases The icons I make are as is. Please do not add text or textures, I provide links to all the places I get my original photographs from so please make your own bases and don't maim my icons.

[info]itssodelicious, [info]minxed, [info]nectar, [info]scoobyesque, [info]shitcreek, [info]soconvinced, [info]starkstreet, [info]teampetrelli, [info]cosmicons, [info]fading_icons, [info]find_icons, [info]flavoroflife, [info]frakkingcylon, [info]icondust, [info]haggardassicons, [info]lolocon,
I'm archived at [info]wikicon!

If you would like to be an affiliate, point me to your affiliate post where I've been added and I would love to have you on my list. Please friend me as well.
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[11 Jun 2009|06:12am]

icon directory )
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[11 Jun 2009|06:11am]

coming soon list

indicates icons are in the making.
R indicates person has been requested.

Please keep in mind if you want specific pictures, sets, type (candid, photoshoots, appearances, projects) to include those in your requests. Links to galleries speed up the entire process. I prefer to post at least 50 to 60 (or more) icons per post simply out of preference for larger posts.
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