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11th April 2009

lolo10:45pm: Marissa Coughlan (Teaching Mrs. Tingle)

Movie: Teaching Mrs Tingle, Character: Jo Lynn )

9th June 2008

lolo4:49pm: Resources
Resources! )

19th May 2008

lolo7:57pm: Kate Voegele - 66 Icons

66 Kate Voegele Icons )

22nd December 2007

lolo10:05pm: Melissa Joan Hart - 386 Icons

386 Melissa Joan Hart Icons )

30th May 2007

lolo2:39pm: Affiliates
Affiliates )
Would you like to affiliate to [info]lolocon Comment here and I'll add you to the list. I am looking for only PB/Icon related journals.
lolo2:51pm: Welcome! (Rules)
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lolo2:39pm: Icon Directory
Icon Directory )
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