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[08 Apr 2020|06:50pm]

I don't' fucking see what people find so interesting about a fucking ball.

So gorgeous, what are you up to tonight?

[08 Apr 2020|06:35pm]


Long time no talk? How's things? Want to grab a drink and catch up?

[08 Apr 2020|04:53pm]

I enjoyed the ball, though I have to say it is a shame that I was not asked. I was very much looking for an opportunity to have a date and get laid.

I do hope I find a suitable man by the Easter ball as it seems I'm yet to be asked which is highly disappointing. It is a shame that Alexander is gay. He would have been an acceptable match otherwise.

[08 Apr 2020|04:04pm]

I hope everyone enjoyed the Moon Calf Ball as much as I did.

Draco + Lucius + Pansy
With the ball fast approaching, just a reminder I require you to be in the entrance hall by 6:30pm sharp to start greeting guests.

Bella darling, do you ever so mind if I borrow one of your House Elves for the day of the ball? I have complete faith in Misty but I'm afraid I'm losing faith in Dobby do to do his job properly.

[08 Apr 2020|02:18pm]

Want to talk? I have alcohol.

How are you coping Lils?

[08 Apr 2020|02:16pm]

What are you hoping to get out of this? Why are you going through with this?

[07 Apr 2020|09:52pm]

Skele-Gro still tastes like shite. Not to worry, though, I'll be all fixed in plenty of time to win our next game next week.

Hey baby brother, when are we going flat hunting?


Hey, so, I thought I'd reach out and say hello. Greg was telling me you were his girl, so I thought we should be friendly, at least?


Hey crazy girl. Up to anything fun?

[07 Apr 2020|04:26pm]

I should have a housewarming party now that I have my new flat furnished. The view is spectacular.

[if you want your character to be a gross dudebro friend with Terence they are welcome to see this]

While you lot were out making a ruckus at the Three Broomsticks or whatever you were doing, I found myself a hot piece of ass to kill time with. She was practically begging for it before I even touched her.

[07 Apr 2020|05:18pm]

This is what happens when you spend more of your time in a hospital setting rather than in the real world. You forget that people that aren't injured exist. I am on a three-day break from work and that means I can pretend I have a social life again before putting on my slime green robes and praying my week on is over again.

Cho, we have to catch up. Come have a girl's night with me. I promise we'll have fun.

[07 Apr 2020|11:30am]

I have never taken a day off voluntarily from work before and I hated doing it, but I really had no choice today and had to take a vacation day in order to get things straightened up. Namely me, I needed to get myself straightened up.


Next time I have a big idea, tell me no. Don't ask questions, just tell me no. I regret nothing.

[07 Apr 2020|04:18am]


I really hate to do this, especially after the mess with Zach, and at the last minute to boot, but it turns out I won't be able to go to the Moon-Calf Dance with you. My parents have contracted my engagement with someone else, and even though we're just mates and you have a boyfriend, the (non-Quidditch) harpies at these things are vicious, and I don't want any imagined slight to effect you or the charities I work with. I'd say it would be fine because neither of us have announced it, but I don't know who my parents or the bloke might have told. Again, I am so sorry, and I hope you can get in and see Oberon anyway.

None of this has been either of our choice. What do you say we take control a little and meet up somewhere on our own, before our parents coordinate some ridiculously stuffy dinner or party, where we both have to play our parts? As bullshite as they are.

[Friends and Ced, Ky, and Alec]
There are days when I wish i was a fecking beater.

[07 Apr 2020|01:00am]

[Private: Morag]
    Whatever you hear from the family, remember they can't actually force you to do anything you don't want to do, and you do have a choice here.
[Private: Alec]
    There are days when I wish I wasn't a MacDougal.
[Private: Trent Mulciber]
    We need to have a chat, mate.

warded to Dax [07 Apr 2020|03:06am]

I just got a warning of sorts and I'm a bit...I'm quite a bit worried actually. You have to promise me something and I mean it. I want your promise on your honor.

Swear if they try and use me against you, you won't take the bait. You'll stay hidden.

[06 Apr 2020|11:32pm]

I have new paintings up at Borgin & Burkes. Only a few galleons.

Does anyone have a favored spot to run on the full?

Private )

[06 Apr 2020|11:06pm]

Huh. Broke a nail. Oh well, I guess I can get back to my regular activities with no worries.

[zach, helena, nyx]
Last one to Dax Ulrich is a rotten egg.
I have been told that I need to ask you something.

[07 Apr 2020|12:41am]

Working late again, but during times such as these, it's definitely not an issue.

[Warded to friends]

If our King was a Queen, we'd not be dealing with any of this rebellion nonsense. And if our King was a Queen, the fugitives who are currently on the run would have been found by now, because let's face it, witches can find anybody when they're motivated enough. I can find an ex-boyfriend from ten years ago in a matter of minutes.

[06 Apr 2020|04:22pm]

[James, Sirius, Dax, Remus]
Stay hidden. Do not come out without glamours and travel in pairs. They're looking for you and they're taking drastic measures.
[Lily, Harry, Maria]
If any Aurors come to question you do your best not to go anywhere alone with them.
Thanks again. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't come when you did.

[06 Apr 2020|07:08pm]

What in the world did I come home to? A bunch of insanity?

[06 Apr 2020|06:07pm]

| warded to the resistance members - does not include his wife or children |
I make no apologies for what's been done, nor can I offer answers for things done as I do not have them. We all worked hard to try and bring about social change but standing around doing it peacefully will never work. We are at a turning point. What was done to the Parkinson family and Rosier Family was not about the resistance. Those were idiotic decisions made by a few that ruined things for the rest. Those actions and choices were personal rather than to serve the greater good. I do not know who attacked the Rosier family's home but I will say this, we are not here to destroy innocent people's lives and you could have.

For that reason, I will be helping a different faction make social change. For those that support Dumbledore, I hope that you are successful. I hope that things change for the better. I want nothing more than for people to be not only free to express their discontent with the way things are but equal under the law and within the social order.

For those that are taking the darker road, I truly hope that you do not hurt anyone else. The innocent always suffer when politics and justice collide.

| private to his family |
My decisions were my own. Don't blame Sirius or Dax for them. I know you're angry with me and you have every right to be. Unfortunately, I can't turn back time and make a different decision, perhaps if I could I might. Ultimately we are where we are and I can't undo that fact now. The only thing I can do now is keeping you safe by staying away.

I love you all.

[06 Apr 2020|05:50pm]

A weekend home was definitely what I needed to clear my head. Although what I came back to was certainly a lot more paperwork than I can imagine. Remind me not to trust a replacement in the future. This is such a mess. I'll be here for hours.

| Rabastan |
I just wanted to let you know that I have taken your advice to heart and seriously. I...ended things with Dax. I do not want my loyalty to you questioned.

| Dax |
I told Rabastan we're broken up, prince charming. Can you keep up the lie?

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