Apr. 24th, 2008


Baccano!, Claire/Chane

Title: Caught
Author/Artist: [info]shiegra
Fandom: Baccano!
Pairing: Claire/Chane
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Placement of arm, implications. Very mild. sorry.
Request: Baccano!, Claire/Chane. Meetings in unexpected places. Any level of explicitness is fine, though a bit of good-natured debauchery wouldn't be amiss.
A/N: This thing was--stressful. I hope it's better than nothing. Again, scanner wiped out some stuff.

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Feb. 25th, 2008


[fic] DDS2, Serph/Heat/Sera, "In the Darkness Under Scorpio".

Title: In the Darkness Under Scorpio
Author: Mithrigil
Fandom: Digital Devil Saga 2
Pairing: Serph/Heat/Sera in at least six different permutations.
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: Spoilers. Violence. Vore. Xenokink. Hermaphroditism. Dubcon. Galatea. Ephebophilia.

Request: See title.

I never find what I am looking for
And each time I return older
With my ugliness intact
But with the knowledge that if it isn’t there

In the Darkness Under Scorpio
it isn’t anywhere
digital devil saga (2)
Mithrigil Galtirglin
after Richard Sheldon

Serph's intestines sputter. )