Aug. 11th, 2007


[admin] Rules for the October cliche-fest

Rules for claiming:

- Claiming will open at 12:00 noon PDT on August 12 (check the time in your time zone here), and will remain open until October 8, one week before the deadline.

- You may make up to three claims at any one time. each claim should include:
1) the pairing of your choice
2) the cliché you've chosen from the list
3) your medium -- fic or art
4) (optional) an element from the prompt list to go with your cliché.

- You may combine claims into a single story/picture; simply make multiple claims for the same pairing.

- You may make additional claims beyond your first three if you either relinquish or complete your earlier ones.

- You may not repeat all three elements of someone else's claim. This means:
If someone else has claimed "Cloud/Aeris, crossdressing, fic," you may not claim all three of these elements as well. However -- you may claim "Cloud/Tifa, crossdressing, fic," OR "Cloud/Aeris, amnesia, fic," OR "Cloud/Aeris, crossdressing, art." Optional elements are not counted in the no-repeats clause.
(...please note that I will be keeping separate lists for the LJ and IJ versions of the challenge, to keep everyone from having to check both places before they claim anything at all, so if you had your heart set on "Cloud/Aeris, crossdressing, fic," and it's taken on one comm, it's worth checking the other to see if it's still free.)

Rules for posting:

- The deadline for this round is October 15.

- Stories should be a minimum of 1000 words, and should be spell-checked and beta-read before posting.
- Art...well, your mods are writers, so we have a harder time figuring out how the standards for art should go, but please try for a finished piece, something more complex than just a sketch.
- ALL entries should be placed behind cut tags; if you don’t know how to make a cut tag, see the FAQ entry that explains it here.
- All entries should have header information; please use the following headers:
Warnings: [if necessary; please warn for character death, rape/non-con, and shota/chan/loli-con at a minimum -- otherwise use your discretion]
Any additional headers you want to include, such as summaries, author's notes, etc.

- For ease of archiving, please put the Fandom, Pairing, and Title of your work in the subject line of your post.

- You may post at any time, once your piece is finished -- please don’t feel you have to wait for your deadline!

Got all that? Then sign up here. ^_^

Thank you for playing -- spread the word, and have fun!


[admin] List of cliches for the round~

Check the rules here before you claim -- and then let's get started!

Cliché List
by no means exhaustive, but hopefully enough to get some imaginations firing!

cliches )

Optional prompt elements:
Not necessary as part of your claims, but there if you want an extra idea or two to toss in the mix.

extra inspirations )