March 1st, 2008

[info]laylah in [info]het_challenge

[admin] Pinch hitters for the reversathon?

Thank you to all participants for replying to your requests! It looks like we're going to have some really cool stuff coming out of this round. ^_^

This post is a sign-up for people who are willing and able to pinch hit for this round -- that is, people who are willing to pick up unclaimed requests and make sure everyone gets covered.

If you are interested, please leave a comment in this post (comments are screened) with your name, an email address where I can contact you, a list of fandoms in which you write/draw, and any characters or pairings in those fandoms that you will not work with.

Right now I am most in need of people who can draw in Final Fantasy VII or Gundam Wing, and people who can write in Harry Potter -- but I expect that to change as the round goes on, so please feel free to offer other fandoms as well.

Thank you!