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Team EWE: 19. A snitch up his sleeve.

Title: A Hope in Hell
Team: EWE
Author: [info]aoifene
Prompt: 19. A snitch up his sleeve.
Wordcount: 20,192
Rating: R for sex and violence
Warnings: Draco-centric.
Summary: In the aftermath of war, where extreme justice has led the way to injustice and victory has turned into complacency, Draco Malfoy finds the strength to save himself and a few others along the way.
Author's Note: Thank you to my wonderful beta team: [info]jamie2109, [info]blamebrampton, [info]oldenuf2nb, and [info]kit84. Without you all, this fic wouldn't be intelligible. I chose to interpret the prompt to mean something like a plot twist or a 'being taken by surprise'. This story was also inspired a lil bit by James Cameron's Dark Angel. I do hope you enjoy. ♥

A Hope in Hell )


Team Epilogue: 19. A snitch up his sleeve.

Title: Hemlock
Team: Epilogue
Author: [info]i_claudia
Prompt: 19. A snitch up his sleeve.
Wordcount: 7450
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mentioned character death, discussion of physician-assisted suicide, past slash and het pairings.
Summary: When Harry find out that the manager of James's Quidditch team is none other than Draco Malfoy, old memories begin to surface, threatening to take his attention away from the things that are supposed to matter.
Author's Note: The title Hemlock comes from the plant of the same name; a rather poisonous plant which was often used in executions, most notably that of Socrates.

Thanks goes out to my wonderful betas M. and N., who did an enormous amount of help on very short notice; thanks also to all the fabulous members of Team Epilogue, the best and most understanding team a gal could ask for.

Hemlock )


Team AU: 19. A snitch up his sleeve.

Title: Faith in Miracles
Team: AU
Author: [info]leo_draconis
Prompt: 19. A snitch up his sleeve.
Wordcount: ~16,000
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: M/M explicit sex, angst, character death (NOT Harry or Draco)
Summary: Draco fled after the war to escape his past and build a new life, and became an accomplished Potions Master. Upon receiving a letter asking for his help from St. Mungo's, Draco decides to return home for the first time since the war to help find a cure for victims of a poisoning. When one of the victims turns out to be Harry Potter, he must face his old feelings for the Boy-Who-Lived and race against time to save the only man he's ever loved.
Author's Note: Thanks to Team AU for all the support!

Faith in Miracles )

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