Oct. 19th, 2018


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Tethered by paperstorm [Steve/Bucky] Explicit
Steve wants to heal Bucky’s wounded soul with lips on his skin, to tie his shattered pieces back together and then spend the rest of his life making sure no one ever hurts his best friend ever again. He wants a lot of things that are too intense to just spring on someone he hasn’t seen in weeks, and before that, decades.

I Heard Enough, This Ends Now by debwalsh [Peter, Ned, Steve/Bucky]
In which Ned Leeds and Peter Parker argue over who should ask HIM about a photo in their Headmaster’s office ...

it won't be a stylish marriage by mambo [Steve/Bucky, Avengers]
Steve wants to propose. But he's a little shy.

Rock-a-bye by romanticalgirl [Steve/Bucky, OFC, Avengers] Mature
Steve finds a baby on his doorstep. And someone expects him to take care of her. This is possibly the most horrifying and frightening mission Steve Rogers has ever had to undertake.

in a cabin in the woods series by belovedmuerto [Steve/Bucky] Mature
Steve finds Bucky in a cabin in the woods, two years later.

Home of the Brave by MonocerosRex [Steve/Bucky, OFCs, Avengers]
It was Bucky, standing in a pool of his own blood, one shoulder propped against the doorframe as if he could barely stand, face deathly pale. A little girl covered in dirt and blood clutched his right arm, leaves caught in her mane of springy black curls. A tiny baby was carefully cradled in his left, black streaks of grime standing out against its china-pale skin.
“I need your help.”

Oct. 13th, 2018


before they were enemies...

The Strange and the Wonderful by ximeria [Charles/Erik, Alex, team] AU
Erik is still trying to find his way around his crazy, new job as a Warehouse agent. Every time he thinks he's got it all figured out, the universe throws him a curve ball - and he has to deal with artifacts, cranky partners, his growing attractions to the Warehouse's caretaker, and not to mention, the Warehouse itself - and its moods.

What's Money When You Got Love? by Fullmetalcarer [Charles/Erik, Charles/Shaw] Explicit noncon, AU
It's the 1930s. Prohibition is in full swing and Sebastian Shaw is coining it. Erik Lehnsherr is at the heart of Shaw's criminal empire but he wants out. Then he meets Charles Xavier, a piano player in a speakeasy, and now he's desperate to get out. But what if he's drawing Charles into his dangerous world and into the orbit of Shaw? Can their love survive? Can they survive?

5 Things You Need To Know About Charles And 1 About Erik by Fullmetalcarer [Charles/Erik] Explicit AU
The first thing you need to know about Charles Xavier is that Erik Lehnsherr hates him...

The Snow-Scorched Earth by taesan [Charles/Erik] Explicit AU
After a failed experiment freezes the Earth's core, the survivors live on a train whose unceasing engine protects them from the cold. While the human elite enjoy limited luxury at the Front, the mutants, collared and deprived of their powers, endure dire conditions in the Tail. Whoever controls the Engine controls the train, so Charles hatches an ingenious plan that will bring Erik, the leader of the rebellion, to the Front. Snowpiercer AU.

After This, Therefore Because of This (The Post Hoc Fallacy) by misbegotten [Charles/Erik] Explicit AU
When seasoned reporter Erik Lehnsherr meets White House Press Secretary Charles Xavier, sparks fly. But can two people on opposite sides of the Press Room meet in the middle? Erik's libido says yes. Enthusiastically.

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