Mar. 17th, 2018


team cap

I like big beards (and I cannot lie) by SquaresAreNotCircles [Steve/Bucky]
Steve has a beard, Bucky needs some time to adjust, and oh, the universe is in danger, or something.

Ghosts Love Elevators by thecommodore_squid [Steve/Bucky, Natasha, Sam] AU
An AU in which Bucky is a highly conditioned assassin and Steve is his next target.

Walk with Hurting Feet by eyres [Steve/Bucky, Avengers]
The one where Steve and Bucky always land on their feet, even if it takes awhile.

Our Lingering Frost by eyres [Steve/Bucky, Coulson]
When S.H.I.E.L.D. finally locates the plane Captain America drove into the ocean, Colonel James Barnes drops everything to go bring Steve's body home at long last. He finds more than he was expecting.

He's A Devil, He's A Demon, He's A Doll! by Miss_Aphi [Steve/Bucky, Shuri, T'Challa] Explicit
It was a rude awakening. Dragged out of cryo, blind and deaf, and then having the Princess of Wakanda hauling his sorry ass out of her lab. It was like a bad dream as Bucky Barnes was towed out into the air which was rank with death and char. Monsters... Shuri had said, but it didn't seem real.

Soldier, Captain America by piratesandsuperheros [Steve, Avengers]
Steve, Bucky & Sam | I'm Gonna Do My Thing by jonobeckyLL2 [Steve, Bucky, Sam]
Hall of Fame ~ Sam Wilson (Falcon) by TatyanaOracle [Sam]
Welcome To the Family (The Avengers) by TatyanaOracle [Jane/Thor, Avengers]

Mar. 16th, 2018


Application: Beatriz 'Bea' Herrera Reyes

Application )

Mar. 12th, 2018


I Don't Believe In Fairytales by francisabernathy [Curtis/Edgar]
Before, people would have cared. He’d have been branded a pervert and a paedophile and landed a good few years in prison. Now, though, he can see in Tanya’s eyes that she’s relieved he’s found someone to lean on, rely on, even if it’s the boy he’s spent the last decade and a half protecting.

Springtime in Winter by Anonymouse [Curtis/Edgar, Grey]
Nobody ever really gave Edgar the talk, but he manages to figure the important stuff out with a little bit of help.

Just a boy by blurhawaii [Curtis, Edgar]
Edgar takes one bite of the protein block and throws it on the floor.

in darkness together we're bringing the light by aeneapsych [Curtis/Edgar] Explicit underage
Curtis always gives in to what Edgar wants.

We Go Forward by BigBloodyShip [Curtis, Edgar] character death
Curtis decides then and there that he will never let anyone or anything ever try to take Edgar away from him.

Coming Through in Waves by flying_one [Curtis/Edgar]
When Edgar is ten, he wants to know about the world.
When Edgar is fourteen, he wants a revolution.
When Edgar is sixteen, he wants Curtis.

Birthdays and Dances by AngeNoir [pre-Curtis/Edgar, Gilliam]
The Tail Section manages the horror of their reality and the terror of their lives, the uncertainty and the continual loss, by finding what small relief they can with what they can scrape together.

When Pigs Fly by Dreaming_in_Circles [Curtis/Edgar] underage
Curtis knows he's fucked. Saying no to Edgar? When pigs fly. Kissing him just once? Even more impossible.

Plunge by acidtonguejenny [Curtis/Edgar] Explicit underage
He waits until Curtis’s breathing has gone deep and slow above him, before clambering onto the top bunk. The motion is familiar—climbing into Curtis’s bed is nothing new for him. But tonight is different.

i see fire (inside the mountain) by eviscerates [Grey, Gilliam, Curtis]
Adults told Grey he was too young to remember the fire, but he does. His first memory is of fire...

untitled by theirdarkness [Curtis/Edgar]
Prompt: How much of his time does Edgar spend glaring at Curtis' shoulders? (And staring lovingly at his tiny waist?)

Snowpiercer Best Part by ivg7000
(Snowpiercer/Curtis Everett) l Smells Like Teen Spirit by Withering Sage [Curtis]
Snowpiercer - Rule The World by demigods-and-hungry-ghosts [Curtis & co]

Mar. 8th, 2018


team cap

Jammin' Down the Pedal Like He's Never Coming Back by windscryer [Steve, Avengers]
Five times Steve followed the rules of the road and one time he broke every last one of them. With extreme prejudice.

Sepia by debwalsh [Steve/Bucky, OFCs]
Recovery is a process. Sometimes progress is small and quiet, sometimes it's revelatory. Sometimes we watch someone else, proud of the baby steps they're making, unaware that they are leading us on the road to our own recovery. Nearly a year after Bucky finally comes home, he and Steve discover a connection to their past they never thought they'd find, and with it, a possible path to redemption.

To remember a lifetime by liionne [Steve/Bucky, Shuri, T'Challa]
Bucky wakes up in Wakanda, needing a little time to figure himself, and Steve, out.

Spinning in Circles by nightrose [Steve/Bucky] Mature
The asset has goals, and he has a plan to get them...

Pieced Together From Scraps by Rosawyn [Steve/Bucky, Bucky/Pierce, Sam]Mature noncon/rape, dub con
There was a game Steve and Bucky played long ago. Steve always knew his lines, but Bucky's trying to piece his back together.

Don't by Rosawyn [Steve/Bucky, Steve/Bucky/Peggy] Mature dub con
Bucky struggles with issues of consent, with memories that confuse him, and with Steve, who keeps changing the rules.

Everything Is Safer Now by Brenda [Steve/Bucky] Mature
Five Times Bucky Argued With Steve Because That's How They Communicate (And One Time When Steve Returned The Favor)

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