May 18th, 2009

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The Results!

The Results!

Before we announce the winners, the mods wanted to take a minute to thank each and every one of our participants for the second round of the H/D World Cup. We appreciate every one of you whether you submitted a work, you commented, you rec'd, you squeed, you voted or you cheered on your favorite team. We've worked hard to ensure an environment that rewarded watchers as much as the "athletes" and everyone certainly came through.

One of the new additions to the World Cup this year was the addition of the Seeker position. Each team chose one author and one artist. We would, now, like to reveal the Seekers for each team.

For Team AU:

The Artist Seeker: [info]reira_21

The Author Seeker: [info]dacro

For Team Epilogue:

The Artist Seeker: [info]harrysde

The Author Seeker: [info]lomonaaeren

For Team EWE:

The Artist Seeker: [info]chibitoaster

The Author Seeker: [info]aoifene

We are very pleased to announce that Team AU swept the Seeker competition. They have not one but two Golden Snitches! Congratulations to [info]reira_21 and [info]dacro for winning!

dacroseeker             reira_21seeker

How the votes were tabulated: Each and every eligible vote (ie, not a participant and/or not a moderator) was counted. Each story had the ability to score a total of 40 points (twenty points for LJ and twenty points for IJ) for a perfect score. The final point tally is an average of the votes versus the number of voters for each question. The Seeker points and the Commentor Awards were then added to the tabulations for the chosen team.

That bit of math geekery out of the way, now, on to the reveals of the winner of the 2009 H/D World Cup!

Reveals! )

As a thank you to all our participants, please find below banners celebrating your achievements!

Team AU )

Team EWE )

Team Epilogue )

The World Cup wouldn't be what it is without the outstanding efforts of our readers and viewers. We would like to recognize those who have gone above and beyond with commenting.

Our Commentors of the Weeks )

Our Top Commentors )

Thank you to everyone for a fantastic round, and don't forget to take your banners and post them as much as you like. Please save-as and host them yourselves. Do not hotlink.

If there is an error on your banner, please let us know. We will fix as soon as our graphics master returns from vacation.

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