Jan. 2nd, 2008


[qemfic] The Go Board

TITLE: The Go Board
AUTHOR: [info]qem_chibati
RECIPIENT: [info]macey_muse
PAIRING: Goban/Sai forever! + Shusaku (Kuwabara Torajiro)
TL;DR. (This is almost at nine thousand words and the min was 1000)
Um. Death, but I think that one was obvious.

Request 2: Shusaku-era gen – how did the possession occur? Or, did Shusaku –really- let Sai play –all- the time, or did Sai 'forget' to mention his rebellious side? If neither options appeal, anything would do – there's so little from this time.

It's all a matter of push and pull.

Go has traditionally been a game of politics. Go players traditionally hate politics. These two statements are not incompatible. This may explain why Go players are traditionally crazy.


I strongly suspect for this I was inspired from a Lord of the Rings quote, LoTR in your hikago? It's more likely than you think. about how a long life pulls at people in ways that fundamentally break them. But I've always thought that pressure can break a person just as well.

A large nod towards Sensis library (http://senseis.xmp.net/) which was used as research for this fic - and may have provided inspiration for some of the ideas long ago when researching other fics with discussions on there. :)


The Go Board

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