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Hey so thought I’d put his out there.

Plot: Quen is going to stumble upon something ‘too close’ to the truth and get taken and killed. The details of which are foggy, even to Jen, more because of the trauma of experiencing his death.

Needed: New char (or maybe existing char who isn’t capped on powers if the nod approves) to acquire a soul link to Jen. Basically the power is going to ‘go wild’ for a moment and latches onto someone new.


Guess who gets out of detention Thurs!!!


Good morning everyone. This is Micah. He's a computer whiz kid who used to work for the CIA. At least until they discovered he was a mutant. Than in 2015 they shipped him to the island. He's working for the government keeping all of the computer systems on the island up and running. What they don't know is that he's also a supreme hacker (hacker intuition for the win) and he's been secretly helping out the Faction.

He's a bit of a snarky bitch but he's not a bad guy.

He needs friends, both government and not. And I'm sure some people wont like him just because he IS government! I'm open to pretty much anything!


Alright guys here she is (I'm ignoring the avalanche of notifications in my emails because I'd rather do this since I can't sleep right now) - Rose Killian. Oh that last name sounds familiar to some of you? Yep. That's right. If you know about Fitz being on the island - this is one of his cousins.

Now! Rose is 25, she had a career as a dancer/dance instructor in Oregon, Washington state and most recently LA which is where she managed to get the attention of the government who decided to put an end to her petty thief ways by sending her to Destruction Island. (She doesn't think convincing old men that they'd WANTED to give her their wallet instead of her having stolen it was all that bad of a thing when she always gave it back after taking 20 or 30 bucks out of it so that she could eat or go to the movies or something)

Anyway! She's a pretty upfront person when it comes to things she wants and has a very hard time admitting when she needs help with anything and has a bad habit of trying to run away from her problems so that's going to be fun (for me at least) with her being on the island where there is no running away from them really.

Her powers you ask? Well she's super strong and also has memory manipulation which means: she can alter people's memories either by erasing them completely or changing them to make you believe what she wants is what happened. (Old men and their wallets remember?) She can also implant herself in the memories of others.

She's at 110 Liberty Street and will be arriving tomorrow or Thursday so feel free to stop by and say hi if your character wants to meet her. She promises not to bite. Or at least not too hard.

This is Aimee by the way. If anybody wants anything with her or with Ashley Winters either one hit me up on discord or through email.


Just FYI. Outside of the Faction meeting, Since the 6th, Fitz hasn't been making his usual rounds. He's come out to scrounge some food, but that's it.

So those who normally get daily or every few days get visits from any of the three kitties for pets have not seen them.


Yeah I should have done this about a week ago. Tori here with what was my second character now she's my only character since I let Clo go.

This is Jael, the baby mama to Rahim. She grew up with Rahim and Echo back in Hawaii, was pretty tight with the both of them and ended up preggo with Rahim's kid (unbeknownst to him at the time) when he came back on leave for his mom's funeral. Fast foward two years they tried the couple thing, realized they worked better as friends and raised their kid together up until the time he got taken.

Personality wise, Jael has become a bit of a hard ass over the years and can be a bit snarky. Don't take it personal, she just keeps most people at arm's length. Especially now that she's on the island.

Line wise she could use a bit of everything. Snark buddies, someone that get's on her nerves, friends?

*grabby hands*


So, here's my 4th gal, Hannah Ryers. She is a former EDM DJ who now is 'forced' into working for the government. Her current job is working in security monitoring for the island, stationed at The Facility and housed in the military barracks. She's not really proud of her role there, but it's better than getting shipped back to the Riken Experiment or to prison (she broke a few federal rules in the past...). She has technological manipulation and transportation, and sound manipulation. The government has her 'tethered' (long story) so she isn't using her special kind of teleportation to go anywhere other than from her room to work or other local places around the island. And even then, she doesn't do it often.

Personality wise, she's got that effortless cool girl vibe, is really friendly, and likes to get to know people. But she also gets that people might be suspicious of her because of her job. She needs all the things, and I am going to toss up a wanted or two for her, so if you're interested, poke me for deets. Can't wait to get her playing!

EDIT FOR RELEVANT INFO: Hannah's been on the island since January 2017. Prior to that, she was in the Riken Experiment from February 2015 to January 2017. Before THAT, she was an inmate at the lovely Pelican Bay State Prison (it's a supemax, be jealous) in Crescent City, CA (near the border of California and Oregon) for about six months. And before that, she'd been touring the West Coast DJing clubs and private parties, and was in Washington for a few months prior to and after the reports of the radiation leak.


Ok so this isn’t Roz with my fourth and final character.

This here is Quentin Murdock. He’s eighteen and brand spanking new. He has sound manipulation and sound detection, which basically means he can manipulate sound waves and hear everything but he’s also kinda shit at it so it just means he can hear a bunch of shit he’s not trying to hear.

He’s here because he accidentally destroyed a building with sound and ruptured his ear drums. So he got sent here, and he’s gonna he temporarily deaf until his ears heal fully. Quentin is a bit of a troll. And a bit of a dick. He’s dismissive, doesn’t censor himself, thinks he’s funny way more than he is, and is probably very annoying.

Oh, and he shares a soullink with the sunniest person on the island, Jen, and low key thinks she might be a government plant.

His app has way better information. But he needs all the usual shit so hit me up if you have any ideas.


Yes, Lexi here with her fourth. I bring you Char Jin Ae, or Jen as she's typically called (thanks to elementary schoolers mispronounceing Jin). Shes 18, straight, waitress at the diner.

Her powers are a bit interesting, first everyone will notice a pair of purple pixie wings. She can't actually fly-fly but she can hover a few feet of the ground. She also can perceive/manipulate energy. Energy appears to her as colors, ribbons, waves, clouds, fog of colors. Right now she has no idea what the colors mean or what she can do with them- but apparently the test the government did on her thinks she can do a lot because they labeled her dangerous. (Which she thinks is funny. She's not dangerous, have you met her?) Her powers are sort of causing her to suffer headaches which get to migraines at times (probably because her soul link mentioned below suffers headaches as well)

Her last power is a bit more complicated. Fate created a soul link between her and a boy named Quen. (Think Sense8) Right now they have very little understanding of what it is, that it's even a power or who the other is. I mean they don't even know it's a power. Though fate saw it funny to put them on the same boat and get roommated together.

Generally Jen is a happy, positive person always trying to be a ray of sunshine in a dark room. She's very outgoing and tends to make friends easily (that or will completely annoy a person). She's the kind who can always keep a conversation going and talk about anything.

Anyhow that's my girl!

New char plot? [12.28.2017]

Looking into my possible fourth char. Thinking of a char who is soul linked ala sense8 with someone else. Anyone not capped yet interested in an interesting connection?

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