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Not the best day, but not the worst one either (OPEN) [14 Feb 2016|11:08pm]
This section of the beach was very isolated, just the way he wanted it. Today was February 14th, not his favorite day of the year. In the past he usually spent the day with in the gym, beating the crap out of the heavy bag, or at home drinking, or sometimes a combination of the two. This year, he was going to do something different. Being the victim of that cursed necklace and then hanging out with Dio for several weeks, helped him realize that he needed to change, not to let his duties to rule his life.

"Baby steps," he laughed to himself. While he was still isolating himself today, at least this time he was doing something more constructive and fun than exercising until exhaustion and drinking until oblivion. Anteros took a deep breath of the salty air as he adjusted his grip on the surfboard. Today he was going to enjoy the sun, sand, and ocean while also reminding himself that it was a special day for the requited ones.

He ran into the surf, heading towards the waves. The erote would ride the waves for a while, possibly quieting his mind before just chilling on the beach. He truly had no goals for the day other than trying to enjoy the day for once.

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