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Blind Date (tag: Harmonia) [25 Aug 2017|05:20pm]

How in the name of Hades did he end up here? Why had he ever thought that having a few drinks with the Queen would be fun? Zelos knew that he should have left the minute she came in the throne room that day. But no. He needed to talk to somebody and Hera was willing to listen to him. He actually spent time re-evaluating his previous opinion about his Queen.

She had been nice to him )

I Can Explain (tag: Frigg) [12 Jan 2017|07:15pm]

Hermod had no idea what he was doing. He started to go after Bast at least twenty-seven times. He ran to Cairo seventeen of those times before he turned around and went back. Anubis was taking care of Bast. A brother would have a better shot at getting her to calm down than a boyfriend. Hermod knew the goddess he loved was still struggling with the whole relationship thing. He didn’t want to push her; he was content to wait for her to recognize her feeling for what they really were.

Which was one of the reasons he had not yet told his family about her. If he had told his mother that he was in a serious relationship, Frigg would have insisted on meeting the girl immediately. His brothers would have just teased him about dating an older woman. His father… Well, he wasn’t sure what Odin would do or say. Whatever it was, Hermod was pretty certain he would have blushed when hearing it.

The cat was out of the bag )

It Can’t Be That Bad (tag: Bast) [02 Nov 2016|10:36pm]

Anubis had taken off in pursuit of his sister after she abruptly left the scene of utter destruction. It wasn’t anything he hadn’t seen before. Granted, it was usually the aftermath that he dealt with, but still, huge body counts were not unknown to any desert deity. He wondered if it was the carnage that had freaked out Bast’s little Norse boy-toy. He didn’t think they were old enough to have much experience with all out slaughter. Maybe that was why he didn’t go after Bast himself.

No, )

...What now? (tag: Ninkasi) [26 Oct 2016|08:09pm]

Keeping his mind off of what had happened, what he'd seen, proved fairly easy shortly after they'd arrived at Ninkasi's home. After all, he needed to get her cleaned up and get her bandaged up. That was his immediate priority, expecially after he'd gotten a better look at the one on her arm. She had surprisingly few wounds, but what they lacked in number, they made up for in severity. It looked as though Dionysus had latched on, locked his jaw, then worried to tear out the biggest chunk of flesh possibly, like a badger might.

Knowing Dio, that probably wasn't too far off. )

Don’t Give a Damn about My Bad Reputation (tag: Hera) [17 Oct 2016|11:53pm]

Zelos was tired. He was off duty and Zeus was… somewhere that wasn’t the throne room. Rivalry grabbed a bottle of whiskey and a glass from the mostly hidden wet bar behind the actual thrones. He went over to the short flight of steps that lead to the seats of power and sat down. On the steps. Zee would never disrespect his boss by actually sitting on the throne. No, Zee knew his place was behind it. Behind his king. Besides, Hera would pluck his wings )

Pour Some Sugar On Me (tag: Ninkasi & Bast, later Kratos, Hermod, Zelos, and possibly others) [13 Sep 2016|08:27pm]

Dionysus tilted his head to one side, watching as the boy across the table blinked several times after taking yet another shot. He had been almost certain that this would have been the one to fell the young man, but there he was, still upright. Dio was both surprised and pleased. Lifting his own drink in a congratulatory manner, he called out a cheerful, “Woohoo!”

It was an interesting night. But then, he’d known it would be when he’d received the call from his darling Nina, his sister from another mister. Probably. She was considerably older than he, and from a completely different pantheon, but Dio never underestimated the reproductive abilities of his father’s penis. Never. )

Not the best day, but not the worst one either (OPEN) [14 Feb 2016|11:08pm]

This section of the beach was very isolated, just the way he wanted it. Today was February 14th, not his favorite day of the year. In the past he usually spent the day with in the gym, beating the crap out of the heavy bag, or at home drinking, or sometimes a combination of the two. This year, he was going to do something different. Being the victim of that cursed necklace and then hanging out with Dio for several weeks, helped him realize that he needed to change, not to let his duties to rule his life.

"Baby steps," he laughed to himself. While he was still isolating himself today, at least this time he was doing something more constructive and fun than exercising until exhaustion and drinking until oblivion. Anteros took a deep breath of the salty air as he adjusted his grip on the surfboard. Today he was going to enjoy the sun, sand, and ocean while also reminding himself that it was a special day for the requited ones.

He ran into the surf, heading towards the waves. The erote would ride the waves for a while, possibly quieting his mind before just chilling on the beach. He truly had no goals for the day other than trying to enjoy the day for once.

Five O'Clock Somewhere....(Tag: Harmonia) [08 Feb 2016|12:14am]

Again, once the harvests were in, time seemed to slow down for Sif. By the gods, she was restless again, not settling down, not enjoying her quiet season. Perhaps it was all this time she spent in Midgard now, day in and day out with mortals who never did anything by halves. Their holidays were nigh incomprehensible sometimes, but she couldn't deny they lived them with fervor. If she had ever been so fun-loving, that was long gone now.

At least she had Harmonia, and much more often now that her goddess friend had moved on from sadder times. Normally, Sif adored the stillness of a Norwegian winter. Right now, that just wasn't going to do.

Picking up the phone, she hit the speed-dial for her sunny compatriot. "Hey, how's Lana'i look these days?" she asked, without preamble.

Bad Movie Day! [Philotes!] [12 Nov 2015|08:03pm]

This was going to be so much fun.

There was absolutely no way it couldn't be. She and Lottie had got on great the first -and sadly, only time they'd met --but that was her own fault, and that had been a meeting heaping full of emotional crap that really was just wretched for a first hangout. They had stuff in common! They had peoples in common –Kratos aside, of course. Naturally, this required chill time. And Netflix. Not Netflix and Chill, that was a whole other thing that was, she assumed for Philotes as well, reserved for time spent with their boys.

So, she sent the invitation yesterday, via text that said:
Friday? Beer / munchies / bad movies? Yes? My place -Brisbane?
Arrangements made and address given. Boom.

There was only a minimal amount of straightening to do since she had become fairly good at keeping the place respectable these days and she set to baking. Yes. Baking. It was a skill that so many forgot she had or never realized she did, but it was how she figured out fermentation happened in the first place was having bread turn after getting soaked and sitting too long and the yeast feeding on it... A delightful accident that just got repeated. A lot. For... science. Really, the healing the mouth thing was fresh water and hydration at first. Beer came later and then became primary.

Because it is awesome.

So, yeah. She was awesome with bread, too, for obvious reasons. Which meant she had two loaves of a recipe she especially loved to have cut up for dipping into a warmed beer-cheese dip, and one that was cinnamon and sugary, meant to pull apart.. but was going to get an icing drizzle as soon as she pulled it out...

A Bit of Direction [tag: Philotes] [13 Jul 2015|09:49pm]

She was bracing for it. Styx was hoping the choice of a public venue would minimize the desire for it to happen, but it was likely inevitable, so, she was already bracing herself for it. There would be a hug, at least once. She would be called Styxie. It was likely to be a squeal, or a clap or something ridiculous once her request was made and... this date would be penned on a calendar.

All because she was actually going to ask a sibling for help, and not one of her fellow darker siblings either. No, the white sheep of the family. The bubbly, cuddly one who had brought the Olympian home for a few months there -or so it seemed, with her. One of her river brothers had joked that their sister had a pet Olympian and had come down to the Underworld asking their parents if she could keep it. )

The Business Part of Work... Literally [open] [27 Jun 2015|11:39am]

Note: Runs concurrent to the Thor & Loki babysitting thread. "Waters of Dilmun" is technically closed but we all know normal rules don't apply to gods, so just barge in and bug her if you want. Anyone. This post is long to give good exposition as to wtf is happening.

Inventory. It was a quarterly thing. It was also an all-hands on deck sort of affair so no one was ever really allowed to be off for it. People got mad because she would be closed for a 24 hour stretch, but hey, it needed to get done. People could chill. Which was why she generally planned it for a weeknight as close to the end of her quarter as she could without being too close.

It also was when everything got cleaned and checked for repair needs on a grand scale. Which meant the beefier bouncer fellows who had been in at ten then the night before, worked in shifts -napping on the ratty couch in the office, and took to starting in the bathrooms (which were damn near biohazard zones all on their own) and then moving outward, from the second the last patron left at 2:30 am. But those guys had cleaned, sanitized and repainted the damn bathrooms, fixed a few leaky seals and some loose bolts and had gone on to repaint parts of the main room, running fans to keep air flowing...

Jesse, her hard-working bar-back went home only long enough to sleep a few hours and say good morning to his girlfriend, before returning to work in the basement where none of the girls would want to go (out of fear of spiders, rats and things that ended in -pede) when they came in at noon. Carley had called, complaining about an issue with a sitter, but Ninkasi had a solution -a solution which was making Thor babysit -a solution that was gold for all involved even if Carley didn't know it yet, so Carley still got her hours and still got paid. Poor girl was a single mom with two kids and a dead-beat ex. There was no way Kasi was letting her skip out just because of a sitter issue. No. And now that Thor knew the situation, he was never going to let Carley pay him either and Ninkasi knew it. A win all around. )

Tea Time [tag: Hera] [26 Jun 2015|08:15am]

There were, what certainly felt like, a million choices to be made. But most of them made themselves.

Harmonia was in a far better place, emotionally, than she had been in ages and for that she thought perhaps it was time to actually work on trying to integrate herself into Olympus. It was difficult to say 'again' since she had been so young when she left initially that she never really felt she had time to belong in the first place. Since she had initially reached out to Hera for assistance in getting established, and then -rather unexpectedly, Hera had provided the bit of a shoulder she had needed all along, it was logical that this was where she would return. Besides, the woman was not only Harmonia's Queen but her grandmother. It was logical. )

Hiding In Plain Sight (tag: Hermod) [25 Jun 2015|11:32pm]

Bast carefully turned herself over in her beach lounge, luxuriating in the feel of the warm sunshine on her bare skin. Nearby, the crystal aqua waters of Jamaica shimmered in the balmy heat. The temperate weather was only one of the things that had drawn her to Negril, but it was a benefit she enjoyed enthusiastically.

Truthfully )

Kidding Around (tag: Loki; later open to anybody at Ninkasi's bar) [25 Jun 2015|04:55pm]

He was a sucker. He was such a sucker. And the thing was, even though he knew he was a sucker, he couldn't help but do what he'd done. There hadn't even been a question. He couldn't have said no even had it been just Ninkasi doing the asking; he'd do anything for the goddess he thought of as a sister. But when compounded by the other elements involved, the battle had been lost before it even began.

However )

Like Brand New [narrative] [19 Apr 2015|08:29pm]

At first, it seemed like things weren't really going to get to a place where she'd be completely done with tears. Sure, she had moments where things were great, but then something would trigger a memory and then it was right back to being awful again. Time was spent in the Underworld, where Nyx and Erebos had made her so very welcome... and some time was spent in her home on Kaua'i where her brother was so incredibly supportive. Everyone had been and for that Harmonia was so grateful.  )

Midnight Masquerade (open to all) [30 Dec 2014|09:56pm]


Midnight Masquerade )

Acquiring Information (tag: Zelos) [28 Dec 2014|05:18pm]

Texas was not a state in America that Hera was overly fond of. It was populated by loud, boorish, overly-friendly, incredibly belligerent, extremely independent people. The only attribute Hera approved of in that list was the last one, and in combination with the rest it became as much a detriment as the others. However, it was, unfortunately, the home of the best peafowl hatchery that she'd been able to find in years.

As an excuse to follow through on her suggestion to Zeus that she speak with Zelos about his brother, it was not as terrible as it might appear, besides having to spend time in Texas )

Reaching Out [tag: Kratos] [26 Dec 2014|10:15pm]

At least the weather was pleasant thus far, he decided, leaning over the rail and looked out at the crisp Caribbean waters. Deciding to speak to Kratos was the easy part, even after his conversation with Hera. The where and when was a bit more... complicated of a matter. No matter what her thoughts might be. Oh, certainly she always thought he was paranoid and looked too deeply into matters, but that paranoia is what had helped keep them successfully where they still were. Few other pantheons could say that now could they?

Why did Hera have to go out of her way to make it so difficult to love her sometimes?  )

Dish over dish (tag Hedy) [23 Dec 2014|04:31pm]

Christmas was Sif's favorite time of year, although not for the reason anyone else used. This was her quiet time, after the fall harvests had been reaped, but before the first birthing pangs of spring began. She could feel the bulbs and seeds slumbering under the earth, but they remained silent and still. This was the time of year that she could do what she pleased, travel or shop, visit friends....whatever she chose. And tonight, she chose to invite her dear Hedylogos over. Something had been up with him lately, and she was getting a bit worried.

She still gravitated towards the smooth talkers... )

Girls' Night Out (tag: Ninkasi) [17 Dec 2014|10:27pm]

It had been too long. Hadn't it? Reshi counted on her fingers and decided, yes, it had definitely been too long. She'd had a complete discussion about it with Taweret, and had been texting her regularly with no real updates and a lot of speculation. And giggling. There had been a lot of giggling. But out of Ninkasi? Nothing. )

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