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[18 Sep 2019|08:49pm]

[info]mythicize; lilith, hera, athena, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, angels and demons and other underworld ne'er do wells. poseidon, zeus, artemis, the muses and hephaestus, please. also someone should use jon bernthal's face somewhere because reasons. thor, frigg, baldur and odin i suppose? bastet, ra, khonshu, hathor and everyone in between, please!
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[17 Sep 2019|11:41pm]
Looking for people interested in a post apocalyptic GPSL - see screened post in the journal.
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[16 Sep 2019|08:50am]

This is for [info]themontgomery
Line wanted: An ex. Ren here has been known to fall for emotionally unavailable guys. Top on the list, I am keen to explore the film director/producer ex who took a video of their sexytimes and still has a copy long after they broke up. They don't have to get together again. And he doesn't necessarily have to have bad intentions for the clip he took: just that he has it, and it's a hold he has over Ren. And something that could potentially be misused because Ren would do a lot of things to have that video back.

Another that I am keen to explore is the professor he was with. Maybe he had a wife then. Or maybe Ren left him because he wanted to save the guy from wrecking his own career. Or maybe Ren just felt like he wasn't good enough for some reason and ran away. All kinds of possibilities, really.

I envision mostly m/m for these lines.

Suggested PBs: JDM, Jonathan Rhys Meyer, Christian Bale, George Clooney, Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch, Ian Somerhalder, Bradley Cooper, just to name a few. This is a non-exhaustive list.
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[13 Sep 2019|10:55pm]

[info]mythicize Artemis and Leto for my Apollo! And the Muses!
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Mr. Robot PSL [12 Sep 2019|07:31pm]

Hey, I know this is a long shot but I'd love to find someone to write with for my Elliot Alderson (Mr. Robot). I'd prefer Tyrell, Leon, Vera but I'm willing to write against pretty much any character in the series.

In terms of romance/sexuality in lines, I vastly prefer M/M relationships but will consider any offers made.

I have very few limits in terms of what I won't write so it never hurts to ask, even if it seems strange. The only thing I know I'm incapable of writing is fluff, as a genre.

If you're interested, please comment below, all comments are screened.
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[12 Sep 2019|04:19pm]

[info]mythicize the crowley to her aziraphale, more angels, demons and gods/goddesses
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[08 Sep 2019|07:03pm]

[info]prophets looking for writers who are dedicated to character driven plots (as well as plot-plots) in a heavy writing group in a supernatural base. looking for employees of this demon's bookstore/bar in soho, the rest of the archdemons and archangels. more humans for specific plot lines. werewolves to join the maine pack. a succubus/incubus for something specific. more deities. ghosts and ghouls of all shapes and sizes.
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[08 Sep 2019|07:56pm]

Come join us over at [info]prophets! We're a plot-heavy, prose-oriented supernatural game with a true diamond-in-the-rough community of players. We love world-building and exploring characters and give everyone a chances to lead their own plot and contribute to others! This sweetie here needs more angel brothers, but we're also looking for all types like demons, vampires, werewolves, slayers, templar knights, fae, and more!
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[08 Sep 2019|04:58pm]
Would anybody be interested in a slash domestic violence line, where our characters are friends/acquainted in some way, and your guy sees what’s going on, but my guy is in complete denial. Maybe they become closer and your guy helps mine escape. I’d love for this to be a longer term psl.
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[07 Sep 2019|09:55pm]

(For [info]princeofvalor at [info]blackdawn) - Looking for past rebel partners, current rebels willing to stir up trouble, a supernatural being to grab ownership of him, humans who want saving from their supernatural owners, supernatural allies, mentor figure to help him get gainful employment and learn how to be a RealBoy(TM), a magical inventor character he can test their inventions for, a therapist?, a long lost sibling? Really want lines for my guy. <3
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[07 Sep 2019|07:02pm]

[info]mythicize piggy backing on gotohell's post, but ross lynch or gavin leatherwood for something cliche, also tati gabrielle, chance perdomo, michelle gomez, jaz sinclair, lili reinhart, kj apa, cole sprouse, lachlan watson, abigail cowen, adeline rudolph, madelaine petsch, other demons, angels, gods and goddesses
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[06 Sep 2019|01:48pm]

True born Werewolf Female Alpha and pack leader stumbles across either 1. Common Human stumbling into her world 2. Rogue Wolf al la Mutt striding into her territory or 3. outside Pack member in a arranged situation where they start out with a rough I hate your face that turns into a Ok, maybe I love you situation. Keeping plot light at the moment as it's always fun to discuss and create together, but she does come with some back story. I just miss writing this chick. If you're into a ballsy, headstrong chick vs your guy for drama, multi-character playing, comedy, smut and world building, I'm your girl.
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[05 Sep 2019|09:54pm]

I have recently found myself binge watching several different super hero/natural/powers type shows and movies (IE The Boys, The Umbrella Academy, & X-Men) and think some kind of line in any of those verses would be a lot of fun. I'm down for something canon or OC's in any of the worlds.

Maybe in The Boys with Madelyn dead, Homelander finally goes off his rocker? Or more subtle as The Deep adjusts to life in Ohio and meets someone? (I have a weakness for the damaged ones >.> ).

I shamefully am on the Cherik train for Xmen because they practically slash themselves. Or open to OC's.

PLEASE NOTE: I ONLY KNOW THE SHOWS/MOVIES. I am unfamiliar with the comic/verses of any of the shows/movies.

Would love to discuss something :)

Slash only
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[05 Sep 2019|03:48am]

[info]prophets i'd love to see more werewolves for a specific plot line. lily james, taron egerton, timothee chalamet (as a vampire), adria arjona, eva green, chris pratt, tessa thompson, zazie beetz, ryan reynolds, bskars, more "other" creatures, a satyr, faun, gorgon, trolls, and some more vampires as well!
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[04 Sep 2019|11:20pm]

Following a hiatus, I'm looking to fill one psl line. I'm easing myself back into things. The line involves aliens and mind influencing and unusual surrogacy. Potential for brainwashing, gaslighting, manipulation, and more. I'd like heavy angst between world building and character development, but a potential for sarcasm and banter and fun would be ideal. No one likes things awful all the time. About me over here.

I would also be up for coming up with a similar idea in a different setting, if that would appeal to someone more. I just want an unusual pregnancy involved.

the basic idea )
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[04 Sep 2019|03:40pm]

[info]uamod looking for tons of characters. Brand new, active community with talented writers and no drama. Looking for Luther, Allison, Ben, and Vanya, Hazel and Cha-Cha, etc from The Umbrella Academy. Sam and Dean from Supernatural. Buffy, Angel, Spike, etc. Members of the MCU, Natasha is here and would love some company! X-Men, we have some of your team and would be stoked for more! "The Boys", characters from The Watchmen, Doctor Who, The 100, Carnival Row, etc would all be welcomed and embraced.

Panfandom game set in the Umbrella Academy universe. Lots of threads, plots, and activity for all. Easy requirements and super fun environment. No OOC cliques or drama. Put in your holds and come play with us!
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[04 Sep 2019|02:38pm]

Having lost my previous SLP due to my own IRL insanity that has finally settled to a calm, I am looking to pick up writing again. I'm absolutely obsessed with Greek mythology anyway but I have fallen in love with Lore Olympus's take on their tale and how she has depicted their world. If anyone is familiar with this and interested hit me up-- if not, read the comic, it's great. I could play Hades or Persephone but aiming more towards Hades, and have no problem switching it about to a slash setting.
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Things based on other things. [03 Sep 2019|06:28pm]

1. I've been hardcore binging Fushigi Yuugi on YouTube and I'd pretty much adore a line that involves a schoolgirl from our world crashlanding into a book/parallel world/Ancient Fucksburg who -- despite a potentially enormous clash of culture and personalities -- winds up falling for one of her chosen warriors. I'd love to play the girl from our world in this one.

2. Something set in the 1950s that draws heavily from Dead Poets Society where a young male English instructor at an all-female prep school bonds with a student... a little too much??? I could play either in this line but have a preference for teacher. I'd consider slash for this one too.
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[02 Sep 2019|12:05am]

[info]mythicize Angels versus Demons versus Gods! We want all your mythological characters!
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[01 Sep 2019|08:30pm]

[info]sunset the girl he met at the beach thats helping to make his drug addiction even worse, someone that encourages his bad decisions and is just as much of a mess as he is.
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