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[13 Dec 2017|10:45pm]

Would anyone be interested in something slash where its on again off again. Two people that really shouldn't be together but they keep coming back. Its a toxic relationship and they just cant stay away from each other. Would love to have this be darker and involve drug abuse/addiction. I would love to pb Norman reedus against jdm for this. But open to other as well.
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[13 Dec 2017|07:04pm]


Fill out your application to Hale University today!
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[12 Dec 2017|11:25pm]

[info]reconsider sam winchester, lucifer, all fandoms
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[12 Dec 2017|08:38pm]

Okay so like many people, I am super into Stranger Things! I know, kids are underage, but what I'm looking for is a Hopper! I have an OC I'd like to throw at him! My idea is pretty simple, she's the first one they experimented on, actually patient zero, she escaped long ago, if they find her there's hell to pay, but she keeps changing her identity, she shows up in town as a teacher to help Eleven now that she can just be 'Jane' at the school. She lets 'Jane' know who she is and doesn't ask her to lie but be careful who she trusts. Hopper has to figure it out on his own because let's face it, he's going to be super protective of 'Jane' and suspicious of her spending time with this new woman! PB open to discussion! Yes I'm okay with fluff, smut, and darker ideas as well for these two! If there's a group already or asylum or game that she would fit into, I'm open!
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[12 Dec 2017|07:46pm]

So it's been awhile but I'm looking to get back into writing! I'm open to journals, googledocs, discord. I'm for original ideas as well as fandom. I play all genders and sexualities. These are the ideas I'm most itching for!

Fandom - Angel-verse
various ideas involving Cordy(me), Angel, Lindsey, Spike, Faith, Wes some rather dark

*W&H use dreams to torture Cordy, Lindsey and/or Angel involved TW: rape, violence, etc.
*Cordy and Angel at ballet, she gets knocked up he doesn't know W&H figure it out
*Faith brings Spike along to torture Wes and Cordy, end up possibly joining the team

Fandom - The Librarians
various ideas am open to ideas, I really just want to play Cassie! With a Jake would be fun! or an Eve!

Fandom - Charmed
anything really, love my Piper and my third gen OCs! 3rd gen is usually pretty dark and post apocalyptic!

Non Fandom

I have a character that can be supernatural based or simply human. He's dark, and prefers to have a pet to play with so Master/Sub, Master/Master, Master/Pet, I'm open for it!


younger female characters that do nothing but want to be seduced, abused, and then have my character somehow fall in love with them and play house.
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[12 Dec 2017|04:30pm]

more guys to [info]abrotherhood, they’re currently outnumbered. patches, prospects, townies, rivals, guys from the cartels, friends this guy grew up with, anything and everything. lots of other members have wanted lines, too.
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[12 Dec 2017|03:48am]

Got an idea for this little witch character for a game and would love to find some lines to bring along. Namely a Taylor Lautner PB would be fun to add to the future mess. I have her bio started here but not finished. This French girl who's got almost 500 years under her belt has got to have some interesting friends, ex's and enemies.
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[12 Dec 2017|02:29am]

I have a some psl ideas and I'd really like to fill at least one more. All of my lines involve unusual angst causing surrogacy in different settings. Gaslighting and brainwashing or body horror of various forms would be involved in some of the options, but it's a question of what both parties agree to. There's more in journal and there's a couple of my ideas I'd really be interested in playing, or something from scratch with thematic core in mind. One such idea is below.

idea )
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[11 Dec 2017|07:08pm]

Still hoping to find a new and steady PSL for a Peter Capaldi pb. I would love to plot and am open to lines and ideas.
Fluff, drama, various kinks, etc, etc all welcome. PB only. Currently looking for het lines.

Comments screened.
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[11 Dec 2017|08:51am]

I think I may have lost the person who was taking the line, so can I get her husband at [info]wraiths? He disappeared without a trace about four years ago, which crushed her. She never found out why, or what happened to him. As it turns out, he was a super who was drafted into the Wraith Regiment, and has been at a separate facility from the one she works at currently. But now, he's transferring in...
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[10 Dec 2017|05:53pm]

[info]abona people his age, fellow Brits, Cillian Murphy, Chris Pine, Michael Fassbender for his best friend or just because.
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[09 Dec 2017|04:08pm]

looking for creative and enthusiastic writers to join a horror-themed victorian era style gpsl on jcink. comment here for more info.
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[09 Dec 2017|12:21am]

Looking for a line somewhat along these veins---

Two brother-types (can be blood brothers, stepbrothers, best friends as close as brothers, etc but I want a strong family dynamic vibe). Mine is the younger one, smartass, always in trouble. Oh and he's half-demon. He and his older brother (who is fully human) grew up on the run fending for themselves and my character has slowly begun to realize he's losing the fight against his genes as he gets older. It'd be cool if they were demon hunters or something similar, etc.

I'm open to talk about faces, specifics, background tweaking, etc. I'd really like some hurt/angst/comfort/tension dynamics, with slash and whatnot thrown in. No fade to black, please.

Looking for OC, no fandom please unless you know who Cal and Niko Leandros are and want to do that. ;)

I'm super experienced and not a flake at all. Usually tag 3-4 times a day.

Hit me up here if you're interested in discussing. :)
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[08 Dec 2017|05:34pm]

Owned is potentially back! Here are the pertinent links:

And the dropbox if you have any more questions!
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[08 Dec 2017|12:26pm]

gotham is breaking my heart this season. can i get an alfred suffering from the effects of the lazarus pit for bruce to work through his ptsd with? hurt/comfort, ust, and an unhealthy co-dependence upon each other are all bonuses.
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[08 Dec 2017|08:19am]

Wraith Regiment
An OC superpowers game
The possession of superpowers has been outlawed in the US since 1984. The chosen among these have been selected for the Wraith Regiment since 1986, an opportunity for them to give something back to their country in secret while also securing a little more freedom for themselves. A change is on the horizon, with talk of a Superhuman Equality Act approaching. Times are changing, but for now, the Wraiths still serve in the shadows, taking on threats of all sorts around the world.

[info]wraiths follows the lives and missions of the Wraiths living in the Limbo facility in northwestern Washington State. It is an OC-only game set in an AU modern day USA.
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[08 Dec 2017|02:08am]

I would love a Sebaciel line from Black Butler or Kuroshitsuji! If we play with living PBs, they must be over 18! All of them! If we play with cartoon icons, that's fine as well.

I would love a butler for this little lord to torment, rely on and love with every fiber of his being. Warning, I would want to do smut. Violence. Abuse. All the nasties.

I could play over threading here or over email! Either is fine with me! I can write a brainstorming post on my journal.

Please tell me ideas you might have for this line too. Thank you. All comments are screened.
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[08 Dec 2017|01:27am]

something het or slash for lonnie machin? i am open to any verse, or timeline, but prefer to stick to dc world.
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[08 Dec 2017|12:15am]

looking for a pb line, a small country town feel. really the options are endless. they meet at a bar and it is organic where we see where it goes or they have been friends for years and never thinking of being together, until one night when things went too far. we could have playlists, watch movies, comments, a messaging app, their own little community. I want something active and never dull. Doesn't have to be all fluffy all the time, drama is welcome. I would like to play the female.
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[07 Dec 2017|09:56am]

some creepy things are coming in the fog at [info]shadows_rpg...

we have plenty of wanted characters and a plotting community [info]shadsowsplots if you're looking for lines before you apply!

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