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[25 Jun 2017|10:49am]

Just looking to write; check the journal or hit me with any line ideas that strike you!
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[24 Jun 2017|07:49pm]

I am looking for somebody who would want to play a crazed fan (male or female) that abducts my drummer boy. Anything can happen after that. The darker the better. If anyone is interested, you can it me up here.
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[24 Jun 2017|09:38pm]

any chance i could get a pb or even celeb to play against manson, johnny depp, twiggy ramirez, trent reznor, jay gordon, brian welch, zacky vengeance, jacoby shaddix, dave navarro, jonathan davis, anthony keedis, mike ness, syn gates, benji madden or johnny christ?
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[24 Jun 2017|09:15pm]

Interested in lines for Angel here. Particularly against Buffy, Faith, or for longer shots Nina Ash or Gwen Raiden. Darla or Drusilla would be interesting as well.

If enough people were interested some kind of small gpsl would be awesome too. I've just watched every season of Buffy and Angel and begun reading Angel: After the Fall so anything before that point or some sort of AU would be grand.
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ignore the journal [24 Jun 2017|10:48am]

two things does anyone know who death valley high, orgy or vampires everywhere are? the next thing is would anyone play chris brown or someone of color against justin bieber in an interracial relationship?
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[23 Jun 2017|06:19pm]

I miss playing this cinnamon roll. Is there a home for a Jensen Ackles PB? Private lines preferred but I'd be up for the right community.
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[22 Jun 2017|08:06pm]
it’s the real world with some some key differences. Vampires and werewolves exist and the vampires are sick of blending in and being treated exactly the same as humanity, and worse still werewolves. They are the superior race after all, it’s time to assert their dominance.

Werewolves are their prime target, they’re little more than dogs in the eyes of the vampires and it’s about time they’re treated as such - collared and owned either by an appropriate human or vampire. And of course since said humans already knows about werewolves, well it’s time to take advantage of that small proportion of humanity for their blood.

Looking for someone to play the male in a het line set in the above original universe. Would love a werewolf/human couple or even a vampire/human or werewolf. Open to suggestions and willing to play any species.

Ideally looking for something fairly dark but not with helpless victims. Journals only,

Also open to other lines just check the journal for info
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[20 Jun 2017|10:04pm]

I'm thinking of joining [info]shadowmen, but I'm not sure who to bring in. I have a couple of loose ideas but nothing set in stone. Was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining with me and collaborating relationships together.
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[20 Jun 2017|09:43pm]

Looking for her older sister at [info]monsterheart as THE QUEEN. Has from complex details!
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[20 Jun 2017|07:14pm]

would anyone play gigi, kylie, a drag queen, trans-person, bella, or kendall against dave? or maybe another gal against dave?
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[20 Jun 2017|02:01pm]

Posted an open thread for anyone who wants to write a slow-burn style line with a Detective in Special Victims. No OOC plotting, just jump in.
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[20 Jun 2017|07:18pm]

Looking for someone to play a male musician in a faux celeb line. Either a once famous rockstar who's now playing much smaller gigs against a support act, or a member of a headlining band against someone on an up and coming or alternative stage at a music festival. Or we can just brainstorm something with similar themes. Would adore an Adam Ant or Matty Healy but I'm flexible. Looking for a bit of plot (drug abuse etc) as well as smut.

Journals only.
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[20 Jun 2017|03:42am]

I have a het werewolf line I'd love to get filled. It involves mate bonds and pack rivalries. Up to discuss other elements as well. I'd want to play the female in this line. PBs can be discussed with anyone interested.
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[20 Jun 2017|02:20am]

Looking for someone to fill this line. More details upon request.
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[19 Jun 2017|12:39pm]

would someone play anyone against trent reznor? i'm still not giving up on a manson for him
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[18 Jun 2017|01:13pm]
would someone play another guy or gal against tom delonge, travis barker, davey havok, mike ness, chester bennington, slash, jared leto, jacoby shaddix, pete wentz, benji madden, adam lazzara, mikey or gerard way, josh todd, billie joe armstrong, or twiggy ramirez? kat von d would be great, but other faces work
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[18 Jun 2017|02:47am]

hurricane cove is a supernatural adult game set on a magnificent idyllic coast of south florida. the cove's inhabitants are a mix of long-time locals, tourists, and the growing young crowd who’ve taken up residence in the hotels and residences. the town’s reputation for tolerance and welcome has made hurricane cove a popular destination for all supernatural creatures.

an original supernatural slash-friendly gpsl
for au and pb characters

we are a small but friendly bunch and we'd welcome your character with open arms. our players are active and love to write! please don't be discouraged by the fact that we're on another server. dreamwidth is easy to join and creating a new journal doesn't require any codes.

hurricanecovemod@gmail.com or PM
if you have any questions or need help to get started!


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[15 Jun 2017|09:24pm]
I just want to play..I have ideas in my journal.
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[15 Jun 2017|03:20pm]

It's 2155. Androids (or synths for the lower class) are nearly indistinguishable from regular people and have become an intrinsic part of society and life. They're incredibly useful for doing any and all of the tasks that humans no longer want to do themselves and synth production lines are running constantly. Everything is looking good for the human race until something glitches and almost 10% of working androids go berserk. Thousands of people are massacred and it takes weeks to bring down the outliers. It doesn't stop people from using androids, but it does seed a deep-seated wave of synth-hate.

Years and multiple synth uprisings later, one of the original outliers is finally brought in. His records show that he never actually killed or even harmed anyone, but the public is crying for him to be decommissioned before he does kill someone. A spree of synth-killings in the area puts his "trial" on hold and he's put in a holding tank until a decision can be made.

I'm looking for someone to play him against a female character, either someone who works in the place he's being held, a random passerby he drags along with him when he escapes, or someone else that we come up with. This isn't based on anything specifically and I don't have a rigid idea for who or what I want him to be, so his character is pretty much up to you! Threading only, doesn't have to be written linearly, would love to include smut but the plot definitely takes precedence.
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[15 Jun 2017|03:35pm]

A Harry Styles for a dark line? I'm thinking she was a patient of his and he became obsessed with her and kdnaps her. Stockhome Syndrome sort of thing?
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