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[20 Sep 2020|03:47pm]

Desperately seeking a literate, adult long-term writing partner for a slash, crime-oriented PSL for the mercenary character available on this blog. I've been wanting to do this epic on-again-off-again romance thing with him, where he and the other character meet pretty early in life (teens/early 20s) and possibly have a brief, but intense romance, only to drift apart at some point. They try to forget about one another and move on, but they can't, and keep popping in and out of each other's lives at different points. Could be cool AF to watch the whole thing progress and expand, and see the way the characters change both together and separately. If you're into long-term, slow-burn lines and in-depth character development/exploration, please consider contacting me!
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[20 Sep 2020|06:32pm]

Would there be any interest in a slash MC game?
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[19 Sep 2020|09:51am]

does anyone play ezra miller?
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[18 Sep 2020|09:49am]

Still looking for something dark and twisted for this minor character from The Boys with rapid limb regeneration. He's a sex worker who'll let you do anything. No knowledge of The Boys is required.
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[17 Sep 2020|11:09pm]

Erik for Christine?
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[15 Sep 2020|07:45am]

looking for a colin, jake or another guy for jared
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[15 Sep 2020|05:37am]
Would anyone be willing to slash anyone from buffy, vampire diaries or true blood?
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[15 Sep 2020|04:34am]

Hoping for a Jason Momoa PB for a specific line - more information can be found in this journal.
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comments screened [13 Sep 2020|03:48pm]
looking for a few darker lines to get filled; open to other suggestions if you have a similar idea in mind or something that goes along with the kinks or image inspiration warning: image heavy.

open to het/femme/futa, comments screened or hit up my dropbox. some favorite faces and open to suggestions.

not into celeb (minus youtube/camgirl/streamer status).
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[12 Sep 2020|08:30pm]

Looking for darker, dub-con/non-con her lines for my girls. Supernatural elements are amazing -- werewolves and other monsters definitely welcome. Historical and fantasy elements, too. Breeding lines best of all.

Kinks in the journal. Give me weird, dark, and hot.
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[11 Sep 2020|05:47pm]
i’d love a modern day slash line where my guy is a fairy; wings, fairy dust, magic and all. with a preference of a mix of apps and journals
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[10 Sep 2020|07:22pm]

Armie Hammer for reasons? [info]nybynight
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[08 Sep 2020|01:51am]

Jumping on the bandwagon that's going to be rolling through with new episodes of The Boys coming out and what's available.

Ive been listening to a song called "Forever Alone" on repeat with this chorus:

These nights are all for nothing
Dancing like no one's watching
Don't wanna go home
Forever alone
No one to care for me, no
I'm like a superhero
Riding on my own
Forever alone

And it spurned this idea.

Cut for length )
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[07 Sep 2020|09:20am]

Looking for some dirty slash or femme. .got an idea in my head. Just need an interested party.

Comments screened.
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[06 Sep 2020|08:33am]

[info]kingdomofatlas is a darker plotted panfandom game looking for more players. First adds will be tomorrow night at 5pm eastern.
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[05 Sep 2020|06:37pm]

Anyone want to indulge me in some very dark weirdness? This is a minor character from Season 2 of The Boys so if you care about minor spoilers, don't go to my journal.

Other The Boys characters would be nice, but also... crossovers, OCs, anyone with murderous, violent, or cannibalistic needs? Or someone to save him from his life. Slash please.
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[05 Sep 2020|05:45pm]

Will/Hannibal, anyone? Darkness is welcome (and encouraged), willing to pick up at any point in show canon, multiple paragraph replies, plot over/with smut and not the other way around. Comment here or in the journal if interested.
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[31 Aug 2020|11:00pm]

An immense long shot but would anyone be interested in a slash line set in a fictional feudal realm? Open to some fantasy elements, quests, curses, epic battles, supernatural takes, darker themes, and anything else that might appeal. Fairly open on ideas, I'm really just looking for some world building and character exploration.
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[31 Aug 2020|09:38pm]

Primarily looking for a place to play Clarent aka Sir Lancelot. Any suggestions? Wouldn't mind lines from anyone, especially Arthur, Gwen and Merlin! Cross posted.
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[31 Aug 2020|05:31pm]

Looking for an kinda arranged marriage storyline.

Her father gets involved with some drug lords and she is basically sold off to the son as his wife. She is his to do what he wants with and he is not nice to her because he did not want to marry her. And she has to go with it because she is his wife.

I am looking for a really dark storyline. Fighting, forcing her to have sex with him. We can get into more details if someone is interested.
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