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[21 Mar 2018|06:06pm]

So I have been debating on posting for this request. Simply because it might be a little much for people to handle. Its not exactly the nicest request, but I figured what the heck, there has to be someone out there that might be willing to explore this with me. I have posted under the cut, please read and enjoy.

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So that is the idea. I am up for brainstorming for the idea. So please let me know if you are interested. I look forward to your responses!
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[21 Mar 2018|08:20am]

Most people would say that they know the story of Peter Pan as a free-spirited and mischievous young boy who can never grow up, leader of the Lost Boys, and able to fly with just the right amount of pixie dust. While all of this is true, Pan’s residence on the island has been in place since the early 1900s, and Neverland has changed.

Physically, the inhabitants of the island are youthful in appearance, though unquestionably, no one would mistake them for children. The dark shadows of their eyes speak of the bloodshed they've seen, the loved ones they've lost. Blissfully unaware, Pan continues to stir the pot with his games, anxiously awaiting new opportunities to draw new alliances or fracture the ones he's grown bored of maintaining. Through constant use of the wormhole, tears have been open into new worlds, efficiently cultivating new species and walks of life throughout the island.

A game of Savages can't have a clear winner, but everyone is playing all the same. And when the island can change on the whim of a boy, it's important to know where you stand when the sun sets over Neverland.
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[19 Mar 2018|10:18pm]

[info]tarnishedmod Would anyone be willing to play Tomo Miličević? We are looking for best friend line for this guy here, probably either a vampire or a warlock.
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[19 Mar 2018|11:57pm]
Anyone up for threading an Assassin's Creed Syndicate slash line, post game? I'd love to find someone who'd write Jacob Frye against Nigel Bumble (or another Rook). Hoping for any plot that involves rebuilding the London brotherhood, Templars/other trouble, and giving our characters plenty of adventures and personal/relationship development along the way. Happy to use in-game faces or PB.
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[19 Mar 2018|05:59am]

NAVIGATE application
drop box
wanted characters
The difference between History and Legend can sometimes be a thin one. The best example of this would be Candle Cove, California. History tells us that many years ago, the town, whose original name has been lost to memory, was being ravaged by an epidemic of Cholera. Treatment was spread too far along the west coast, and the city was deemed expendable. The state government decided that it would be better to contain and destroy the disease rather than treat the population. In the dead of night, the state’s militia locked the citizens in their homes then set the town on fire. Anyone who tried to escape was shot, and their body thrown to the fire. The incident was kept as secret as possible, but they could not hide their guilt from everything.

That is where Legend takes over. It is said that so much death in one location, so many innocents sacrificed, cursed the land and punched a pinhole in the fabric of reality. The evil of the government’s actions permeated the area. It drew the attention of the things in the dark, creatures of the Netherworld. Demons. Slowly, over time these beings rose, lured by the sweet taste of innocent blood spilled. By the time the first monster emerged through the hole the town had been rebuilt, repopulated and renamed Candle Cove from how sailors on ships off shore said the town looked as it burned. The new residents had no idea what was about to happen.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at first. Then pets and livestock began to go missing. The people blamed this on local wildlife, bears or cougars, but when hunting parties came home empty handed suspicion began to grow, followed quickly by an instinctual fear. They were right to be afraid because soon it was children then adults that disappeared. People began to see things in the shadows of the forest around the town, in the alley ways. In their homes. Things hunted anyone who dared to venture out at night. Finally, people decided things were too weird, too dangerous in their quaint, seaside town, and they tried to move away. Only the things of the Netherworld took a page out of the militia’s playbook. The town limits were guarded. Anyone who tried to leave was viciously killed, their corpses left as a warning. You can enter, but you can’t leave.

Time passed with the creatures and monsters taking up residence alongside the citizens. Word got out and others were drawn to town. Hunters. Investigators. And other creatures who could feel at home there, such as vampires, ghosts and werecreatures. Yet, even though they are drawn there for reasons only the things beyond the pinhole understand, they are unaware that they will be unable to leave Candle Cove.

Until it is too late.
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[18 Mar 2018|01:45pm]
Does anyone write or would pb Roman Reigns slash?
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[18 Mar 2018|02:06pm]

Kidnapping, experiments, connections - oh my! [info]six_degrees is looking for a few guys to balance out our holds-so-far (but hey, everyone's welcome and if we could get a full house it'd make my year).
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[18 Mar 2018|11:56am]

i am looking for her brothers at [info]phantoms they would be from a family of witches! feel free to comment my journal for details
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[18 Mar 2018|07:41am]
would anyone play another cockyboy or andrew christian model against someone like brandon wilde, mickey taylor, jake bass or max ryder? or another man in general?
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Sorry for the x-posting. [18 Mar 2018|12:13am]

Looking for smutty het lines. Long-term, short-term, or PWP- I don't care.

Check the journal and let's have some fun.
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[17 Mar 2018|11:08pm]

Looking for someone who plays a female demon. It can be an OC, doesn't matter. The line is a non-romantic line that will be taken to an upcoming gpsl.
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[17 Mar 2018|09:02pm]

Would anyone be interested in some Assassin's Creed lines, specifically Black Flag between the pirates? I'm open to het/slash/gen/writing against ocs or crossing over with POTC/Black Sails.
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[16 Mar 2018|08:49pm]

I don't suppose anyone is running an awesome Marvel-based game that would benefit from a redhead with unsettlingly familiar fire-infused telekinetics?
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[16 Mar 2018|07:47pm]

Ignore the journal. Thinking of joining [info]savagegarden as a mermaid. Thinking of using Holland Roden or Cara Delevigne. Would love some lines for her while I work on her app right now.
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[15 Mar 2018|10:45pm]

[info]tarnishedmod So. I need this guy's sire but the catch is he'll eventually end up murdered down the line. I know, not really a plot people like, having their character killed, but there is more before that, as well as a large back story and a large plot mechanic in game.

Face is completely open, as is the name, but it is a man.
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[14 Mar 2018|11:52pm]

[info]wraiths Richard Harmon wanted for a line~ To join the fellow 100 cast members as well! ♥
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[13 Mar 2018|10:45am]

[info]tarnishedmod We've got four royal Tuatha fae but this guy here is the only member of the servant class and is getting a bit twitchy. Dealing with royalty is hard and he wouldn't mind a compatriot lower-ranking Tuatha. Dropbox is open if you want more details!
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[11 Mar 2018|07:35am]

does anyone play ashley costello, kat von d, kylie, kim, khloe, kendall, kourtney, halsey, demi lovato, miley cyrus, frances cobain or any past/present suicide girls, burning angels or any alt looking girls? please leave a place to comment you!
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[10 Mar 2018|12:32pm]
Phantoms takes place in Los Angeles, California. The glitz, the glamour, and the dark things that go "bump" in the night. These creatures have always lived beside us, in secret, in the shadows, until recently when vampires began to push for more publicity. They came "out of the coffin," so to speak, and since then the struggle for survival has been on the rise as other supernatural beings have begun coming out to the world. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is left to grapple with their existence.

The year began with a worldwide march against vampires and werewolves. There was another march, later in the day and night, which was in favor of vampires and werewolves. The two groups met and a brawl followed. The death toll rose to 10, humans, 3 vampires, and 2 werewolves. A state of emergency was declared and vampires and werewolves had all of their would-be rights revoked. They are named unofficial public enemies and the supernatural war begins.

Supernatural species, who were once in silent war with one another, must now work together in order to stop whoever is framing the vampires and werewolves of Los Angeles.
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[10 Mar 2018|04:12am]

A female hunter gets entangled with a wolf pack and ends up forming a bond with the alpha (possibly love, possibly lust, or both).

A hit-woman finds that her target doesn't deserve to die and takes him under her protection (no men under 21 for this).

I like playing a strong woman who knows her weapons, that doesn't mean I won't play opposite a strong, "alpha male" type character. It all depends on the line. Comment in the journal if you're interested or have ideas.
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