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[info]cirquenocturne [16 Oct 2017|09:04pm]

Wanted: Security, fire-based performers, ticket sellers, an illusionist, mermaids/sirens, performers & bar staff for the burlesque show, game operators for the Midway, performers in the freak show, living statues, cooks/chefs/waitstaff for food vendors, stage combatants, marionettes, roustabouts.

Not sure what to bring?

Maybe a new witch for our dark-slanted Coven. Shifters to run wild during the full moon. Vampires to hold carnival-goers in thrall. Spirits to populate a haunted house or the mirror maze. A siren to lure in delicious meals. Check out our Wanted Lines, and feel free to hit us up for ideas!
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Negan is back... [16 Oct 2017|03:49pm]

Seeing as how the premiere is just around the corner, I thought I'd take this guy out of retirement. I'm all about fandom cross-overs, and OC's in TWD universe. Het/slash/gen is all fine by me. Some character's I'd love to play him against are Alicia Clark (fear the walking dead), Rosita, Daryl, Rick, Carol, and Carl (gen line only, sorry) to name a few.
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long shot [15 Oct 2017|03:53pm]

some popular actor/musician for sharon needles? maybe something 'secretive' even?
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x-posted [15 Oct 2017|04:55pm]
Gauging interest in a historical supernatural PSL. Specifically, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. Not exactly a topical game reference, but I'm in the market for something new and I can definitely say that I've never combined zombies and cowboys in the same line before. Any takers?
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NEW GAME [14 Oct 2017|06:06pm]

It only took a few weeks for our world to fall. All major cities were destroyed, businesses, hospitals, police stations all lie in ruins. Doctors and scientists were working around the clock in their bunker lab, but the disease had never been seen before. While the death toll is on the rise, so are the pregnancy numbers. While society has fallen, several groups of SURVIVORS have risen amongst the ashes of the old world. Our game revolves around the story of one such group. The Mall of America is the last bastion of humanity in the Minneapolis area with The Wolves' Den nightclub at its heart. Run and protected by the ancient magic, unnaturally powerful allies and an arsenal of modern weapons, this place almost seems like a paradise. Just remember - all that glitters is not gold and everything has a price to pay.


Plot | Species | Rules | Location | Roles | Holds | Apply
an original supernatural game with a twist · inspired by the walking dead · very slash-friendly
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☢ Fallout [13 Oct 2017|04:02pm]

Fallout gpsl, anyone?

This one will be set in the west, but don't worry if all you're familiar with is FO4: the Wastes are the same all over. If you're interested, comment here or on the journal, and I'll add you to the plotting custom.

(X-posted. Sorry!)
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cross-posted. [12 Oct 2017|11:07pm]

kink-heavy brother/sister or father/daughter? journals only, long term, looking for the male.
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[12 Oct 2017|02:18pm]

seeking some psls, especially for the spooky season. open to collaborating on ideas too!
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[12 Oct 2017|03:42pm]

A male sueprnatural - vampire, werewolf, ghost, demon, etc to use my girl for breeding? I'd love a Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran!
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[12 Oct 2017|02:49pm]


The circus arrives without warning...

Welcome to Le Cirque Nocturne. The mortals that find their way to us see nothing but a fantastical circus, a carnival full of games and shows, brilliant illusions and amazing feats. They think that Le Cirque is exceptional, of course, but nothing more than smoke and mirrors. But we know better, don't we? You have nothing to fear. We provide a safe haven for those that find us who are not mortal. Come, meet everyone. You have a place here; you have a home.

Welcome to Le Cirque Nocturne.
Game Premise // Taken & Held // Threads
Wanted Characters // World Info // Application

• current location: •
Detroit, Michigan

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[11 Oct 2017|10:02am]

An Alfred Pennyworth for Bruce to take his billionaire brat personality a step too far with at one of Penguin's parties? Or Alfred to come to the rescue when things get too intense on the streets. A splash of humiliation, hurt/comfort, ust, and whatever other goodies we wanna mix in. Barring that, a Ra's al Ghul or Jerome would be just as lovely.
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Over 30/35 PSL and GPSL writers gather up. Meet other writers over 30! [11 Oct 2017|08:09am]


his Asylum is dedicated to all writers over the age of 30/ 35 years old who can't find someone to write with in the usual communities which seem to have been taken over by twenty something's or even younger people.

Please. Don't take offence in this. It's just that sometimes, some of us prefer to write with people closer to our ages and more experience in life.

There is also the matter of:

* Communication. Which I found sometimes it's not the same between younger people and older than 30.

* Fandoms. Some of which younger people have barely even heard of and we still would love to write.

* Actors & Actresses. Sure we watch TV. Movies and we read. We keep adding PBs and characters to our lists all the time!

But truth is. Sometimes we go to the usual communities and we have NO idea who the person in the icon is! (This doesn't makes us old. We just don't move in the places that perhaps you do. Like perhaps you guys want to play people from reality shows. You tubers. Fighters from the Mixed Martial Arts. Wrestlers. etc. And some of us are just not interested in that)

This is a place in where people who wants to PSL or find partners for GPSLs around their age. They can.

Needless to say. If you are under 30 years old you won't be accepted in the community. I'm sorry. I'm doing this with the hope to make a place in where my decade can find partners who will hopefully communicate and commit like we used to years ago.

* To join the community please fill in the short application and wait to be accepted.


[10 Oct 2017|11:59pm]

better watch out has me itching to play as or against a little psycho trying to impress the object of his affection (ie babysitter, neighbor, teacher, relative, popular kid at school) by murdering those in his way. lots of dark to explore here (potential non/dub-con, kidnapping, murder, torture, drugs, mind games, fear play, etc) with some comedic and smutty moments thrown in too. primary looking for another boy to play with but open to exploring other options. threading and private lines only, please.
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[10 Oct 2017|11:43pm]

[info]antiquis jensen ackles, rami malek, matt ryan, jeffrey dean morgan, idris elba, aldis hodge, john cho, sonequa martin-green, christian serratos, tom holland, zendaya coleman, ruth negga, slayers, hunters, more angels, more demons, more men of letters
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[10 Oct 2017|02:59am]

looking for stephen king's it lines.
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[09 Oct 2017|06:03pm]

Space... the Final Frontier.

I'm looking for space and futuristic lines. I would love Star Trek Discovery (but I'm open to any of the Star Trek universes besides TOS and the reboot movies. Just not my cup of tea.) Blade Runner 2049 or the original would be a fantastic setting as well. Of course I'm open to Star Wars, Mass Effect, Firefly, and possible crossovers.

M/F & F/F.
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[08 Oct 2017|11:49pm]

looking for a few kinky and off the wall slash lines. Happy to share my ideas with people privately!
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[08 Oct 2017|10:43am]

Still looking to play the male in a longterm, Handmaids Tail esque storyline. Dystopian world, arranged marriage, certain women used for procreation. <3 Only SL I'm currently looking to fill at this moment.
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[07 Oct 2017|09:12pm]

After binge watching all the Resident Evil movies, starting Justified, the new Star Trek: Discovery and watching the new Blade Runner I'm ready for sci-fi, old west, and space! Check out my journal for more details or if you have a general idea of something I may like. :)
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[07 Oct 2017|04:03pm]

[info]purging based on the film franchise "the purge," a little horror genre just in time for Halloween. We're looking for more survivors to get things started!
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