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[25 Nov 2020|11:50am]

slightly unusual request, but watching and rewatching the trailers for the solo black widow movie has me practically vibrating with eagerness to play in the marvel world and not necessarily be confined by the mcu's established details.

an original black widow, since we know there's more than just natasha and yelena.

open to playing against cap, bucky, natasha, yelena, other winter soldiers, other marvel/mcu characters

comment below or in the screened post in the journal
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[24 Nov 2020|05:54am]

check the journal, please
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[24 Nov 2020|03:56am]

Anyone who writes Sam interested in a Sam/Dean line? If so, please contact me here!
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[23 Nov 2020|08:10am]

Itching for some femme, and I'd love one or two lines before I hit my max on how many I think I could comfortably handle. Any takers? I'd specifically like to get these filled.
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[23 Nov 2020|07:27am]

check the journal, still looking
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[22 Nov 2020|08:27pm]

Are there any horror/supernatural games out there that I can take my hunter to?
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[21 Nov 2020|03:05am]

Looking to write really anything against this Timothy Olyphant pb. Open to pbs and discussion of plots/themes/etc.

My only pref is that I don't write switches/dominant tops

Also, just to forewarn, I'm new to this platform, so please bear with me while I adjust to the format of it all
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[20 Nov 2020|09:03pm]

I have a new line idea I want filled with supernatural creatures being relegated to a lower role in society. Vampire and shapeshifter are my current thoughts, but the vampire part can change if someone else wants to take on that role and change it. Playing preferences and the idea are in my journal here. I'd either like to set the line like maybe a period piece or play steampunk for the setting.
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[20 Nov 2020|12:14pm]

long shot, but any chance I can get a nikki? It doesn't even have to be celeb, it can be pb or au!
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[20 Nov 2020|05:50am]

could i get something fun to celebrate his birthday? het or slash!
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[20 Nov 2020|12:47am]

i'm looking for romance lines for this trans woman. no fetishistic stuff, please! there's a screened post, some nsfw inspo, and a kinks list in this journal. :) ♥
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[19 Nov 2020|08:57am]

looking for someone who slash's taylor hanson or would be willing to play against him or zac
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[17 Nov 2020|05:34pm]

would anyone give me otp either pb or celeb of jared/jake g or jared/colin
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[17 Nov 2020|03:10pm]

looking for someone to either celeb or pb charlie hunnam against theo rossi for me, i would give both my kidneys!
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[16 Nov 2020|12:46pm]

can I get something for davey havok?
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[15 Nov 2020|10:01am]

Slash, het, femme kink. Details on the journal.
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[14 Nov 2020|06:16am]
looking for a long term slash line either pb or celeb where we can actually write scenes
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[12 Nov 2020|11:04pm]

PSLs for Harley? Or Harleen.

I can play her from comics, dceu, dcu’s Harley Quinn, or a mishmash of sources.

Some line ideas can be found here (though I’m also happy to write these types of lines with characters other than the ones mentioned! I’m most familiar with DC, Marvel, and other superhero/supervillain type genres). Or we can come up with something specific to our characters.

I love to brainstorm and love incorporating things like texts, emails, etc., however, I also use GDocs. I do prefer long-term PSLs with lots of character development over one-shots. Flashback scenes are <3. Shipping is <3. Angst is <3. I'm also always up for pulling in other characters as NPCs to supplement the story we're creating.

Some of my favorite stuff includes: darker lines (usually the more twisted something is the better), apocalyptic settings, the occasional badass fight scene, angst, fluff, star-crossed love, D/s dynamics, power dynamics, soulmate-y things, AUs. Most stuff is my favorite stuff.
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[11 Nov 2020|11:22am]

does anyone play syn gates or m shadows or would be willing?
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[10 Nov 2020|08:43am]

would anyone be willing to play someone against a manson, trent, twiggy, john 5, tim skold, or sharon needles pb?
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