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[05 Aug 2022|08:54am]

Hello, friends. I know I dropped off the face of the earth ages ago. I haven't roleplayed in six or seven years, so it's definitely been a while. But I'm sort of back? I don't even know who's still around IJ and where people are playing.

But I'm in a game now and have finally updated my cast list to reflect that.

If you like Jane Austen/Bridgerton and are looking for a place to write, come join ussss! We're over at [info]summerviewmods.

And if anybody might be looking for PSLs or know of any games that are looking for players, let me know where y'all are playing? My psl journal is woefully out of date (by like 10 years, looking at my age on the post there, ha) but I'm open to seeing what's out there!

ETA: if you wanna add me on discord, I'm carrahmay#5921!
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[04 Aug 2022|12:45pm]

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