Dark Christianity
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Christianity vs. the old gods of Nigeria


Associated Press Writer
Tue Sep 4, 1:19 PM ET

ACHINA, Nigeria [AP] - Born to a family of traditional priests, Ibe Nwigwe converted to Christianity as a boy. Under the sway of born-again fervor as a man, he gathered the paraphernalia of ancestral worship — a centuries-old stool, a metal staff with a wooden handle and the carved figure of a god — and burned them as his pastor watched.

"I had experienced a series of misfortunes and my pastor told me it was because I had not completely broken the covenant with my ancestral idols," the 52-year-old Nwigwe said of the bonfire three years ago. "Now that I have done that, I hope I will be truly liberated."

Generations ago, European colonists and Christian missionaries looted Africa's ancient treasures. Now, Pentecostal Christian evangelists — most of them Africans — are helping wipe out remaining traces of how Africans once worked, played and prayed. )

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Australia, The Bretheren and the Greens

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The Exclusive Bretheren have been throwing money at the Liberal Party (Australia's rightwing Bush supporters) for some years.

Now, it seems, they have started attacking the Australian Greens (Likely to hol the balance of power in the Australian Senate after the next election). The Family First Party (olitcial Wing of the Assemblies of God in Australia) also targetted the Greens last election.

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D. James Kennedy

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Have seen a few articles today that D. James Kennedy has died. He was the pastor at Coral Ridge Ministries in Florida. He was an associate of Jerry and Pat, and was behind the notorious documentary 'Darwin's Deadly Legacy', which claimed to expose links between the Nazis and evolutionary theory (and failing rather miserably).

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Babywise update

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Being the keen eye that I am, I was browsing the books at the Wal-Mart store I work at for something of interest when I ran across a couple of copies of the book On Becoming Babywise. Promptly I informed one of the managers of some of the information I've gleaned, and some of the horrible side effects that infants have endured under its bad advice, including malnutrition and failure to thrive. She agreed to have the department manager do research on it himself and hopefully get the book recalled and pulled from the shelves.

So keep your fingers crossed, folks. Maybe having the book no longer available from Wal-Mart will at least somewhat ease the instances of this particular form of infant abuse.

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This is the rough draft of a letter I'm planning to send to my local newspaper re: the Planned Parenthood clinic scheduled to open in Aurora this month that's being attacked by dommies. Comments and edits are welcome! )

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A rather curious chain letter...

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]theogrin) A friend recently forwarded a chain letter to me which seems to have rather obvious dominionist overtones, not to mention a very large degree of rather disturbing references and speech patterns.  I figured I'd place it here, because it seems to be the sort of 'demonstration of Dominionism' that you guys might want to take a look at.

I realize that the entire article isn't necessarily an impression of such thought patterns, but it does carry with it a lot of the imagery that the 'Church and State are inextricably joined' mode of thought has...so, without further ado.  I've not added any bold or italics to the sections that I think are notable, but if there's any call for them, I'll edit the post.

So, yeah...I'm disturbed, frankly speaking.  I'm sure it may be an innocent letter, but it rings a lot of warning bells...any thoughts there?

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