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dogemperor [userpic]
New org providing support for multigenerational walkaways

(Also posting this on the LJ [info]woundedwarriors community)

A new organisation called RISE International has been set up specifically to provide not only pointers to therapeutic resources but--in an area that has been sorely neglected until now--also provides specific legal assistance to multigenerational walkaways seeking to leave coercive religious groups.

The group, which partners in the US with Children's Safe Passage Foundation, is presently active in the UK and the US; among other things, they are working to educate law enforcement and CPS personnel about religiously motivated child abuse and provide legal assistance to multigenerational walkaways who may need the assistance of the courts to escape (via emancipation proceedings) or who may wish to file lawsuits against the groups that abused them.

The group will also be conducting a specific seminar on specific issues of multigenerational walkaways and children in coercive religious groups. The group is also conducting a memorial to children who have died in coercive groups and a day of remembrance on 10 August.

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