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http://www.marryourdaughter.com/ <--- please tell me this is another satire site- I am usually pretty good about these sorts of things, but this one is just unsophisticated enough that it sets off my crazy-dar.

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Just found this ..

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Just came across this article in the Feb 2007 issue of Time magazine:

It's easy to support the goal: helping women facing an unplanned pregnancy. What critics challenge are the means, the information these centers give, the methods they use and the costs they ignore. Even among pro-life activists, there's an argument about emphasis: Do you focus on fear and guilt, to make choosing an abortion harder, or on hope and support, to make "choosing life" easier? Either way, the pregnancy-center movement takes the fight over abortion deep inside some of the most intimate conversations a woman ever has.

Gave me *some* hope, at least, although the tone of the article was a little less critical than I'd have liked and it glossed over some connections to Focus on the Family and a few other known dominionist orgs. I thought the emphasis on the fact that "crisis pregnancy center" anti-abortion activity is largely out of sight and out of mind was kind of encouraging, in that Time, at least, seems to understand why that's more than a little disturbing. I'd like to see more articles like that, and it's worth encouraging the media to publish and broadcast more of them.

And after hearing about a story that essentially proves segregationist racism is alive and well in this country, a little hope was very much needed ..

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God's Harvard

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I don't believe I've seen this mentioned here, but wanted to throw out a quick PSA about this book that's just come out. It's going on my wish list, or my library reading list.

God's Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission to Save America

Book Description

Since 2000, America’s most ambitious young evangelicals have been making their way to Patrick Henry College, a small Christian school just outside the nation’s capital. Most of them are homeschoolers whose idealism and discipline put the average American teenager to shame. And God’s Harvard grooms these students to be the elite of tomorrow, dispatching them to the front lines of politics, entertainment, and science, to wage the battle to take back a godless nation. Hanna Rosin spent a year and a half embedded at the college, following the students from the campus to the White House, Congress, conservative think tanks, Hollywood, and other centers of influence. Her account captures this nerve center of the evangelical movement at a moment of maximum influence and also of crisis, as it struggles to avoid the temptations of modern life and still remake the world in its own image.

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Mark your calendars for the September 17 Value Voters debate


A cornucopia of well-known wingers and bible beaters will be gathered in Fort Lauderdale (whose mayor is the homo-obsessed $250K robopotty mayor Jim Naugle) to hold a "Values Voter Presidential Debate," moderated by WingNutDaily's Joseph Farah.

The is the forum that the Base has been looking forward to because it will be the one debate where candidates will surely get pinned down by the luminaries of the fringe-right movement on the party's hypocrisy and waffling on social issues.

Read all about it at America Blog

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MarryOurDaugter Part II.

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Hi all.

As some of you know, I'm developing a website that can record surfing sessions around the Internet and allow the creator of  a session to add their own comments on what they are trying to show. As an educational tool I think it's perfect for sites like dark Christian.

Well the site is now in Beta mode. Functionality over design - I'll make it look pretty when I get the time.

But for now, I want to show what you can use it for as it in  Dark Christian. So here's a link about a recent post.


Note the translucent description in the bottom center of the page. If  you put your mouse over that, you now get what the session designer wants to tell you about the page you're looking at.

Let me know what you think.



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A ray of hope amongst the Dominionists


Two Unitarian Universalist ministers just graduated from Chaplains' School.

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Microsoft patent content filter for religious 'undesireable' info

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Tangential, but relavent, news http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/09/04/1638239&from=rss:

"Last week, the USPTO published a rather odd Microsoft patent application for Content Ratings and Recommendations, which describes how religious-based communities and other 'subcultures' can use the patent-pending process to prevent their members from viewing undesirable television programs and movies."

In other words, filter kits designed almost exactly for the Xtian/Dominion parallel economy. Thanks Bill.

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