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Is this possible dominionism in action?

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The Saga of Aurora has begun... (long) )

So. Your thoughts? Am I on to something here, or is it (I would prefer) just my paranoia talking?

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Jesus plus nothing:


This article was published in Harper's Magazine back in March of 2003, the same month Bu$hCo started the war in Iraq. There are lots of disturbing facts and statements here about Dominionism, the GOP, the incestuousness of the Washington political establishment, entrenched misogyny, the intellectualization of Fascist thinking. But I confess I found myself being very distracted from all that by the strong homo-erotic undertone of Ivanwald. Interesting all around.

Undercover among America's secret theocrats )

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Possible WfI/Texas Fred involvement in Strikeout 2.0?

A post on the Innocence Jihad community has indicated that in the case of the second round of strikeouts, we may be dealing with the same perpetrators as the last time around.

Specifically, the post is from a member of the community [info]pornish_pixies which has the ignominity of being among the first groups attacked in both rounds--the entire community struck out the first time, a large number of regulars struck out the second. (PP is a friends-locked adult HP fanfiction community.)

Note: the following links in LJ-cut 1 redirect to sites with known or suspected association with Warriors for Innocence and the Texas Fred complex. We recommend, based on past reports of malware infections possibly associated with WfI/Texas Fred site visits, that you do not visit unless you are using a text-based browser (like Lynx or Sam Spade for Windows (which includes a wget-like tool) or a known secure "traditional" web browser like Firefox with NoScript and AdBlock Plus extension or Opera. We especially recommend that you do not use Internet Explorer if you decide to investigate these sites yourself.

Evidence of the latest sillybuggers from WfI and the Texas Fred complex )

Now, where this comes into play--the Innocence Jihad post has indicated WfI--and the Texas Fred complex--may still be targeting specific Livejournal communities.

Party describes how Texas Fred Complex-linked bloggers may still be targeting individuals on LJ--and may be providing instructions on illegally cracking locked Blogspot journals )

This is something we will certainly need to watch--if in fact more evidence comes out that the Texas Fred complex is behind the second round of nuked accounts, this would explain a lot of the irregularities. (And FWIW, if someone more familiar with the specific accounts that have been nuked in Strikeout 2.0 have any good info and could check the ACME Cleaning Services list in particular, this may show where we may have evidence one way or the other. At any rate, it'd explain how friends only posts were causing accounts to be nuked.)

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it's a little off topic, but has anybody noticed that brad has quit sixapart? that can't be a good sign...

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