Dark Christianity
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Insight into a coercive mind.

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An e-group I recently joined for survivors of a local megachurch/cult was infiltrated by one of it's members. I decided to debate this member as a way of exposing the double-talk and coercive tactics they use as a matter of course.

you can find the exchange here.

Warning: May be triggering to some with a past in such groups. I also do not give Christianity in general a very fair shake, so it could be offensive to some.

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There are times when I weep for my country


Not only is this Dennis Prager fellow a bigot, the sheer viciousness of his followers makes me physically sick. What is wrong with these people? Since when is there a REQUIREMENT that anyone swear an oath on the Bible? Not to mention that Quakers don't swear oaths at all????? Does this mean that a Quaker can't give trial testimony or serve as an elected representative because they affirm that they're telling the truth?


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Great Googly Moogly

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Found this following another news story, I'm not sure how to get a direct link, but its three stories down:

Wal-Mart, GOP forsake God, groups say

Some Christian conservative groups say both Wal-Mart and the Republican Party have “forsaken God.” And just as the GOP took a hit in the elections earlier this month, the groups say the retail giant’s lower-than-expected November sales figures are the wages of that sin.

Why are sales below estimates? “It is for the same reason things went south for the Republican Party this past election cycle,” read a statement by the Rev. Flip Benham and Pat McEwan, with Operation Save America and Operation Save Wal-Mart. “Wal-Mart has forsaken God and it has forsaken the people who love Him.”

The groups led protesters on Nov. 24 to picket the “gates of hell” — that is, Wal-Mart stores around the country. They say Wal-Mart, like the GOP, has strayed from its founding principles, set by founder Sam Walton, citing Wal-Mart’s dispensing of “Plan B” contraception and the fact that the retailer is a corporate member of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

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