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Is it wrong that I feel more sorry for the snake?

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Woman fatally bitten in church while handling poisonous snake

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While I'm no fan of poisonous snakes, I can't say as I feel much sympathy for this kind of willful stupidity.

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South Dakota rejects abortion ban


"Voters in South Dakota reject a near-total ban on abortion, while voters in seven states reject gay marriage."

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And another dominionist loses an election bid...

...only this time, it's Dick DeVos (of the dominionist DeVos clan and also of the notorious quasi-pyramid-scheme AmWay/Quixtar/Alticor) who lost against a Democrat for his attempt to run for Michigan's governor.

Per CNN, Granholm successfully defended office; this is one that anti-dominionists have been especially watching due to the DeVos' clan being historically major supporters of dominionist causes and Dick DeVos himself running on a dominionist platform.

DeVos' campaign was sufficiently concerning that a campaign was launched specifically to keep Michigan's governorship from falling into dominionist hands...and through hard work, it appears we've won this one :3

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The Code of the Callboy


From The NYT Op-Ed Page


I ONCE had a friend who did sex work, which is a nice way of saying that he was a prostitute. )

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"Men and women professing to be Christians who struggle with full-blown sexual addiction and compulsivity outnumber those in the secular population by more than 2:1."

And "nearly two-thirds of all pastors and ministers admitted that internet porn was their own greatest temptation."

I wonder if it has occurred to them that the reason for this could be simply the lure of forbidden fruit. Porn is something to feel guilty about, and if you can feel guilty about it, you can develop an addiction to it. It's the unhealthy attitudes toward sex that create this problem.

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In a break from election coverage ...

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Mark Morford weighs in on Ted Haggard.

Can't wait to see what he does with today's news!

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Just what the hell are these 'activist judges' that the dominionists are so fond of railing against?

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