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Some More Humor - NES Spiritual Warfare

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]ns_kumiho)

Looking around the net, I've found that a site called Encyclopedia-Obscura has done some funny reviews of the old Wisdom Tree Christian NES games... One of which is Dominionist:


Spiritual Warfare - where you take the role of a 'God Warrior' out to convert the world and save souls by blowing them up (although that's more Sunday Funday!)...

A Winner is You!

If you look around on the Web you can easily find Roms and Emulators for these games, they do have some amusement value... =P

Speaking of religious kitch, Belief.net has their Spiritual Gift List for this year out. Not as odd as some of the other years, although the Christian Teen Wallets are kind of good... and the Brainwashed Sign... Heck the whole shop is good... Christian Multi-Tools? =P

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'Concerned Women for America (CWA) is grateful to God that the Swedish Supreme Court has decided to protect religious freedom and freedom of speech by acquitting a Pentecostal pastor charged with a "hate crime" for criticizing homosexuality from the pulpit.'

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Welcome to newcomers and a reminder


I see that the community's membership numbers are still rising- so let me welcome the newcomers here. the subject of dominionist Christianity is starting to become more widespread and is even beginning to break into the mainstream. You will know that if you came here from another online community.

I would like to remind posters here that it is necessary to stay on topic. "On topic" means that your posts should pertain to the subject we are examining- which is extreme right-wing (dominionist) Christianity and/or its effect on the governments of the world. This board is pretty tightly moderated, and we will delete posts which do not fit the fairly broad guidelines. These are posted on the 'user info' page.

We appreciate your attention to these guidelines.

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"Moral refusal" to fill prescriptions: it's not just for birth control and Plan B anymore :P

Not only are pharmacists refusing to fill legitimate prescriptions for Plan B and even monthly birth control (based on urban legends in the dominionist community promoted by groups like Pharmacists for Life International claiming they are a form of abortion), not only is approval of a vaccine for HPV (which, incidentially, would be the first effective vaccine for cancer, as 99 percent of all cervical and penile cancer is caused by HPV) being fought by dominionist groups even as it has completed phase III trials (because HPV is a cause of genital warts)...

...but per this livejournal entry there are now reports that dominionist pharmacists are refusing to fill scripts for (and occasionally destroying the scripts for) *any* prescriptions they feel may be for an STD (in this case, this was for Valtrex, a medication that is used for herpesviruses in general).

In this case, this can be lifethreatening--antivirals of the same class are used for herpesviruses besides herpes simplex II (which is genital herpes).

Genital herpes (herpes simplex II) is one of a family of anywhere between nine and twelve human herpesviruses, which include herpes simplex I (oral herpes--cold sores), herpes zoster aka varicella (cause of chickenpox and shingles when the varicella virus reactivates in adults), Epstein-Barr virus (aka mononucleosis--which has also been linked to Wilms tumour and Burkitt's lymphoma), cytomegalovirus (a common complication in HIV patients which can cause blindness), etc.

A very common reason for prescription of drugs like Valtrex *besides* genital herpes is for kids who are leukemic or have depressed immune systems to prevent complications from exposure to chickenpox--most of those kids also *cannot* have the chickenpox shot, as it's a live vaccine, and exposure to chickenpox can be life threatening; even adults who have never had the chickenpox who are exposed are typically given a course of varicella antiglobulin *along* with a course of Valtrex--in the hope that the VAB will prevent infection, the latter will hopefully make it less severe. (Chickenpox *reactivating* in adults can cause shingles, which is quite painful (and another reason why Valtrex is prescribed); in adults full blown chickenpox commonly hospitalises people and even kills them--Hawaii state legislature representative Patsy Mink died from chickenpox pneumonia as a result of catching it as an adult.)

Another reason that Valtrex is prescribed is--interestingly--cancer. (Yes, seriously.) As it turns out, Kaposi's sarcoma is (much like cervical cancer and penile cancer) one of the few cancers definitely linked to a virus--specifically, human herpesvirus 8. Ironically, it was partly because of so many HIV patients getting Kaposi's sarcoma that doctors realised it was a virally caused cancer, and we can now treat it using drugs that attack other herpesviruses (including Valtrex).

Valtrex is also prescribed to patients with particularly severe cases of mono or who are subject to severe complications from mono (for example, people who have had to have their spleens surgically removed).

Related drugs to Valtrex, and occasionally Valtrex itself, are also used in people who are exposed to non-human herpesviruses. (Generally herpesviruses that are not fatal to other primates are fatal to humans and vice versa; herpesvirus B, which occurs in macacques, is almost invariably fatal in humans without *immediate* treatment with anti-herpetic antivirals like Valtrex and ganciclovir. In fact, in many zoos and research facilities, it is standard procedure that if more than one monkey dies in a 24 hour period or if monkeys die after seeming ill *all* workers who worked with them go on *immediate* preventive courses of Valtrex in case the monkey had herpesvirus B. It's considered that dangerous to people.)

I'll be writing up a larger article for Talk2Action on the whole medical refusal thing tonight.


a) Per discussion on the thread, apparently the case involves a pharmacy in Tennessee--a state where it *is* apparently legal for a pharmacist to refuse to fill a prescription but must post a warning in writing at the counter at the start of their shift.

b) Below is a list of states (per Fill My Pills Now) who have proposed moral refusal clauses that are so broad as to allow denial of any medication for reasons as simple as the pharmacist disagreeing with "the prescribee's lifestyle". Some have proposed moral refusal clauses so broad as to include emergency personnel and to allow refusals for almost any reason (theoretically, an EMT could refuse to provide life support to a gay person because they "disagreed with their lifestyle"). Two states, Mississippi and Georgia, *already* have loose "moral refusal" statues which would legally allow this:
States with proposed broad moral refusal clauses that would allow refusing Valtrex )

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Bill Gothard

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]lizzypaul)

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Bill Gothard and his Institute in Basic Life Principles. While he’s not as popular as he was during the 70’s and 80’s, he’s still a very big deal in some Christian circles. The church I grew up in was dominated by Gothard’s followers, which eventually lead to a church split.

Personally, I have an intense fear and loathing of the whole organization. A good friend of mine attempted suicide at 13 because of Gothard. One of his main teachings is that any feelings for a member of the opposite sex (who hasn't been approved by your parents as a someone you can marry), beyond “benevolent Christian brotherhood/sisterhood” is sinful. As my friend was a normal, healthy teen girl, she couldn’t get over her attraction to one of the boys in our church. She had already been cut off from any support (her parents felt that her friends were too “worldly”, and she was home-schooled). So, already vulnerable and feeling dirty and incurably sinful, she tried to kill herself.

Links, cut for length. )
The Point: Dominionism and Gothard )

Edit: Tried to clarify second paragraph, see comments for details.

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More Phun With God


~I do consider Lieberman to be a 'silent handmaiden' of The Dominionists.

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Wiccan denied birth control by Christian doctor


Courtesy of [info]xochiquetzl


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