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NC Pastor resigns after controversy


CNN reports that the pastor who threw out the Democratic members of his congregation has resigned:

WAYNESVILLE, North Carolina (AP) -- A Baptist preacher accused of running out nine congregants who disagreed with his Republican politics resigned Tuesday, two days after calling the issue "a great misunderstanding."

Speaking from the pulpit during a meeting at East Waynesville Baptist Church, the Rev. Chan Chandler told church members that it would "cause more hurt for me and my family" if he stayed.Read more... )

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Net News and blog bits


From Fredrick Clarkson: Religious Equality in America. Clarkson delves into the history of the second amendment.

Washington Post talks about smearing Christian Judges:

What these self-avowed Christians do not acknowledge -- and what the American public seems little aware of -- is that the war they are waging is actually against other people calling themselves Christians. To simplify: Right-wing and fundamentalist Christians are really at war with left-wing and mainstream Christians. It is a battle over both the meaning and practice of Christianity as well as over the definition and destiny of the republic. Secular humanism is a bogeyman, a smoke screen obscuring the right-wing Christians' struggle for supremacy.

Is this blasphemy or just very poor taste? Decide for yourself.

Chip Berlet talks about the use of the word 'extremism'.

Beliefnet examines "Intelligent Design". And Slate wonders about what matters in Kansas, where a debate about ID is going on.

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Excuse me, I think it does.

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]gothic_oreo)

Seshen, a Lycian Wicca priestess (seshen) replied to your LiveJournal post
in which you said:

Mr. Mirman: What about
the others? What does Verizon do?
United American Technologies: Okay. Verizon, what they do is they train
their employees to accept the gay and lesbian lifestyle.

Apparently they say MCI runs kiddie porn sites as well. UAT is a phone provider
gaining almost 2,000 subscribers a week based on sales tactics that
promote hate and fear.

Their reply was:

This does not fit the community theme.

Seshen Community Moderator

I respectfully disagree and ask that you do not delete posts outright. Had you read the blog I was linking to, you would have seen that it is about a phone company that is spreading outright lies about other phone companies to get fundementalist customers to sign on all in the name of Homophobia. They are also funneling money into ppolitical campaigns.

From the article:

With 2000 customers reportedly switching to United American Technologies each month, Christian-based lying and phone homophobia is a lucrative business. But they're not just in it for the money. A cut of the proceeds helps fund conservative political campaigns, via a 527 called "Faith Family and Freedom" created by the Republican floor leader of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. — GREG BEATO

If this does not fit the theme here, I am kind of confused as to what does.

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Impart Faith


I was a practicing fundamentalist Christian for many years until I found I could not reconcile fundamentalism with what Jesus actually taught. I hope that will suffice as an introduction.

Recently my wife alerted me to this:


In light of a recent article on the Daily Kos that talks about the recent marriage between militarism and fundamentalism, and in light of the Yurica Report, I thought that link might be interesting to some. Particularly the flash graphic, which sends quite a different message than they might intend.

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