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Brazenly flaunting their power...?

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I was at Mall-Wart earlier tonight and while browsing through the books section, found this book, which made me wonder after I'd read the description of it on the back: Basically, it's about a secret group that's managed to take control of the Presidency and is quietly preparing to bring about world ruin, starting with their home state first. And it got me to thinking, could this perhaps be Dominionist-inspired, their sneaky little way of taking a jab at everyone while they revel in the stranglehold they're putting on this nation? I certainly wouldn't put it past such people to be so snarky, 'cause if it's true, then that's a pretty ballsy (i.e., arrogant in this case) move, displaying your plans disguised as fiction.

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Christian Spiritual Warfare


There have been a number of articles in the last few days about "Christian Warfare"- the desire to reclaim a 'warrior' posture, the distaste of 'weenie' men, and some very aggressive posturing from the more extreme fundementalists.

Here is an overview of some Beliefnet articles:

Ear-Ripping-Off Battles With Satan: This preacher gets down and dirty (and pretty ugly) with his idea of spiritual warfare.

And what is spiritual warfare? That is when the powers of evil out of Satan, the devil, his camp, his command, come against the believer and society around the believer.

Why do we need warrior leaders now, particularly?

We’ve always needed them, and the Bible is full of warrior leaders—the biblical leaders who are on the side that is making a difference for God and His kingdom. I believe there needs to be a fresh view of that today, because so many have been lulled into the idea that if we leave the devil alone and leave the world alone and we stay in our churches and gated communities, everything will work out right. But that is not biblical. We need today to take a new look at the fact that we are in this warfare and that we must be prepared to engage it and to rise above it victoriously.Read more... )

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More Spiritual Warfare insight


Here's another Beliefnet story about Christian Spiritual Warfare. This is an excerpt from a book by Dr. Bobby Welch. The last paragraph is particularly interesting:

Expand: Increase the force-multiplying army. The goal is for each person to become an individual force multiplier. This will significantly increase the war fighting potential in the home, class, and army. This also increases the likelihood of the mission being accomplished. Force multiplying is the vehicle upon which fresh reinforcements will arrive. If the Warrior Leader will develop and equip force multipliers, he will always be victorious in advancing the Great Mission. The mission-vision gives the focus to do just that.

Recruit, recruit, recruit. That is the only real mission of this 'army'- advancing the 'Great Mission'- converting everyone to Christianity. Battling Satan is just a cover story. If such people only stuck to battling Satan, we'd be a lot better off. Unfortunately, everything is now Satanic to the more fanatical, and if you are not 'in' their 'army', you are an enemy, and a target.

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I don't have a link to it, but I was watching NBC news this morning and apparently the Christian Coalition is going to remove their support of Bush's Social Security plan(man, do these people differ on anything?) unless he pushes for a national ammendment of gay marraige. That was very upsetting to me. They'd rather have their kids fucked over because there's no Social Security Reform(I'm not endorsing Bush's plan, just saying...) as long as gays can't marry whomever they want? That's really, really disgusting and sad. I can't imagine living with so much hate in me.

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