Jun. 18th, 2010


Trial 3 Results

With assorted people popping on and off of hiatus, the Trial 3 logs remain far from complete, but after some deliberation, we've decided it's time to declare results. Both teams showed their own variation of teamwork in the logs thus far. Since no logs were finished, we'll give both teams the benefit of the doubt and assume everyone succeeded in completing the course. With that in mind, we have decided:

Trial 3 ended in a draw.

Disappointing for team members, perhaps, but really, they did both do a good job.

For those who involved in the trial, you are perfectly welcome to keep posting to the logs, and I'll link them here for whoever might be interested in taking a look.

Asgard: Day 1 Day 2
Niflheim: Day 1 Day 2

We'll announce the next trial as soon as we have it planned. In the future, we plan to have smaller but more frequent trials. We hope that they will go more smoothly that way.