Mar. 20th, 2009


Malfunction Day Notice

Since the last MD was missed, this is just a reminder that March 20-23 is Guardian Angels Weekend.

"Anybody you want sits on the shoulders of your characters and bothers them all day. Basically everyone gets a 'conscience' - whether that conscience actually is one or not."

This "guardian angel" does not need to be someone from a character's past per se, but anyone such as an actor, or a character from a book or movie (as long as that doesn't interfere with any of the characters in the game). For example, Kain might have a moogle on his shoulder (a creature from his world). Or Chuck Norris. Need not be "cracky" either, but need not be completely "serious" as well.

Basically, have fun with it, yo! 

Jun. 11th, 2008


Bodyswitch Day

EDIT: LAKDLASLADHALSD Your mod forgot Glitch and Walter, so the list is going to change. I'm SO SORRY, everyone! But. If any other names are missing, please let me know. I'm so embarrassed. Dx

EDIT #2: Powers are affected by whether or not they come from the physical genetics of a character. If, say, someone gets Balam's body, because Balam is a demon currently in a human body that was created for him, they would get none of his powers, because his powers were transferred into it because of his soul. If someone gets, say, Mitch's body then because Mitch's powers come from his genetics whoever is in his body will have that power for a day. Another example would be that there is no particular implication in the game that Alice Elliot's powers come from her genetics. Things that come from the soul or the mind or whatever will go with the original owner, rather than remain in the body. Does that make sense?

Bodyswitch Day was originally going to be yesterday, but it's going to be pushed to Saturday, June 14th.

For those curious, the current list is here. Any particular, last minute requests WILL be considered, but be aware that you might not get exactly what you want. I'll try to make things pleasant for everyone, though.

Also, I feel it necessary to clarify certain things about Bodyswitch Day.

Bodyswitch Explanation and List )

Again, feel free to request or suggest something. I'll try to make things fun for everyone, but with so many characters, I might not be able to fulfill every request. Just don't be shy about asking~!