May. 3rd, 2009


Hiatus Thread

Alright, people! No more posting directly to the OOC board about hiatuses and returns as of now. This is the thread where you can let people know that you're going to be gone, for about how long, why (if you want to share) and post in a comment reply to it when you return.

1) Do not delete your own hiatus and return notices - leave them up so that other people can see you've come back. The mods will delete the comments every few weeks or so.

2) Please remember to do a return notice, if only so that we know when you've truly returned.

3) If you need an example hiatus post and return post, there is one below.

4)I'll be linking to this through the link index on the side tab of both CU communities. If you can't find it there, check the OOC community tags for 'hiatus thread'. If you still can't find that, Lucifer and Metatron will have a side link to it in their own journals.

Let me know if you think any more should be explained.

Also, if anyone does post a hiatus post on the board, I'll be deleting it and putting it down here, or asking the person to do it. Schro-mun, I put yours in here just to start the trend. xD