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Oct. 31st, 2010


Terribly-timed Hiatus, Go

I'm shipping off Wednesday to visit relatives and it's unlikely that I'll have any reliable access to internet. Currently, plans are to return December 9.

Yeah... this kinda shoots down my plans for Asgard's Halloween party. >_< I can get a post up if anyone's interested, and possibly a few days of Rose-interaction with it.

Mar. 25th, 2010




Crappy internet + RL clusterfuck + misc = Laura Fails

...also? Hiatus. -_- I'm going away and will not have internet access for a little over two weeks. I'm sorry for the short notice.

I am SO sorry Belle-mun I am so sorry for my fail, I have actually typed up my response to you twice, and each time 1) failed to copypasta and save what I'd written in a separate document and/or take a screenshot, and 2) met with insanejournal!fail, which deleted what I wrote both times. And I just haven't had another chance to sit and get it done. DX This log WILL happen, but just... not right now. TT_TT sorry...

I'll miss you guys. Take care! I'll talk to you all/get back to posting as soon as I get back. Sorry again...!

Jan. 27th, 2010


Goin' on vacation~

Starting tomorrow (ie, 24 hours from now), I am taking Tseng here to a beach town for a week! :D It is canon knowledge that Mr. Turk wore a full suit at the beach in Crisis Core, but I'll see if I can tempt him into something more appropriate and revealing so I can take some pictures to show to the honeys back here, eh? ;D

If anyone needs me, my email is Dunno if there will be internet access, but if there is I shall answer to emails. If not, see you all in about seven days, and stay awesome!

Jan. 17th, 2010


Kinda hiatus??!

Alright, folks!

On the 19th I'm heading back to France for the second semester of school. That means I'm out of EST again and into CET (that's 6 hours ahead of EST, which is a pain in the butt but what can you do?) and also that for about two days, the 19th and 20th, I'll probably be totally AWOL. I'll be around after that, but school work will be picking up again, so RP will be slowing down again :/

I haven't forgotten about any of our plots, though, so don't worry! I also have some ideas for things everybody might be interested in! Like Malfunction Day suggestions and new Places of Interest and... other stuff that I totally can't think of right now. Yeah. That said I can't start working on the big RP stuff for a little while, 'cause along with school I'm doing college apps. Lots of them. And I am extremely behind schedule. D8

Still, if you want to plot with me— either something totally new, or something already in the works —you can leave a message here and we'll work something out! :D Just know that it probably won't happen in the immediate future. I'll be putting up a plot post in my journal soon as I get a chance, too, and we can do more there.

See you around!

Oct. 2nd, 2009


Life Scrwed me Over Again...

Hi guys, Clara (Morana/Medusa) here!

Okay, so I'm not dead, though I wouldn't blame people for thinking that.

Uni has been busy guys, and the final year, well, a lot of work to do, but I am settling down. In fact I was just planning to let everyone know I would be posting again and catching up...

Only for disaster to strike: No internet or email access.

Virgin Media has a fault in their systems so all broadband in my area is not working. This has been going on for a while now, and I was trying to be patient and wait for it to come back, but no, it hasn't, and they don't seem to have a clue as to how long it will take to fix, it's a mass problem apparently. So, I am currently on a local library computer at the moment. I can come here to get online on occassion I suppose and I can hopefully get some time in the reading room on uni campus, but because I commute, my time will be spodratic at the least, and I don't want to leave anyone hanging more than I already have. Apparently my timing really sucks. 

So, indefinite hiatus until the issue is resolved, I will let you all know as soon as I have working internet at home again! Forgive me guys, I miss you all and hope to catch up soon. <3

Oct. 1st, 2009


Short Hiatus

Alright, going to be without internet access starting tomorrow and going until Monday. Then I'll be back at CU poking anthills with sticks. Lord, this muse gets into trouble...... *innocent whistle*

See y'all around!

Sep. 7th, 2009



Soooooo I definitely should have posted this earlier, especially considering how much Rufus is up to right now (/headdesk) but I have a tendency to keep RL and RP in two separate parts of my brain and not think about how one relates to the other... except when they collide. Which is what they are right now ^^;;

So, I'm going back to France. Like, tomorrow. The 8th. I'll still have internet access while I'm over there, but I'll be in a completely different time zone (6 hours ahead of where I'm at now) and I'll be starting school— meaning I won't be on at the same times, and I won't be on as much. (Considering I've totally been spamming this place while I waited to get my visa, this may be a nice breath of fresh air!)

The next few days are probably going to be very busy, so I may not have a chance to really be here at all. If that's the case, y'all can assume that Rufus is in his room using the Peng Eye to scope the world out... and just generally hiding from his life, since the last day he spent outside sucked royally.

See you around!


Apr. 26th, 2009


Not much posting

Hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't been posting much this past week, especially with it being fairytale week and whatnot.
I've been quite busy though with work for school. Being a college junior isn't that all.

Aside from that, this weekend was Quadfest! If you don't know what that is, here is a linky-poo for you to understand more fully.

SOooo. That is what I've been doing this weekend. Today is now dedicated to work for this upcoming week and again, I'm stressed out and busy as shit. =D



Apr. 25th, 2009



My Oma and Onkel Urs are arriving this Friday and will be visiting my family for a week, so my posting will be slow!

Also, the day after Fairytale Week ends, Sal will be back. ^^


Oh, and an update! For those who've noticed Sal's new icons (Brandi, I'm looking at you), I have something to say:


And that is all.

Does this make you happy, Dis? xD

Apr. 24th, 2009


For reasons I don't fully understand, I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around the game right now, so I'm going to be gone for a few days. I will keep answering tags in the threads I have going though.

Sorry for this; maybe I just need a little break.

( And I'm sorry for missing the malfunction days too. :( )

Apr. 22nd, 2009


Hiatus / Fairy Tale

I've got finals and such starting next week, so I will be hiatus for the next week or two. To that end, Zefiris will be play Sleeping Beauty. Friday, a spinning wheel appear in the room she shares with Maria. She will prick herself with it and sleep for the next week, waking up naturally when the malfunction-ness is over.

Try not to trip over her if she's sleeping on the floor. ^_^ Wikipedia article here.

Apr. 14th, 2009



Hiatus for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Cons are outweighing the pros.



penning hiatus

Still watching the game, still making some comments but they'll be few and far between for the next two weeks. Poke me by email if you need me, but otherwise I'll be forking out my brains and working like heck until the end of this college semester. None of my characters are MIA, just quieter than usual (aka running around with scissors and pixie sticks in the back of my head where my brains used to be).

Until next time~

Mar. 29th, 2009


Bad News

Due to a broken computer and no money to fix/replace it, I'm going to have to go on an undetermined in length hiatus. :/

My computer has fucking horrible timing.

Mar. 28th, 2009


About my silence the last couple of days...

My dsl router is glitching since the last thunderstorm and I haven't been able to stay online for more than ca. 5 minutes. Until I managed to beat the slagging thing into submission, I'll have to call for a hiatus for me.

My apologies to all the people I still haven't replied to. It'll probably take a little bit more time.



Busy, life, stress, school, etc., etc. Taking this weekend for a break, but shall still be reachable by email as always.

Don't forget to check out this post by the Mod if you play an Asgardian especially.

The next Malfunction Day is: March 30. Exaggerated Accents Day. Everyone wakes up speaking with very exaggerated accents. Sure to annoy the hell out of everyone!

'Kay, love ya, bye-bye. ♥

Mar. 18th, 2009


Misery Loves Company, Failure Needs a Whole Party

I really hate myself for being so failtastic guys, deep apologies for not tagging around with my girls. I mean really, I've already had so much fail the last couple of weeks, and now I'm failing after fail...that has to be fail squared or something.

Anyway, it's about time I stopped kidding myself and call a small hiatus until Wednesday next week at the latest while I get my deadlines sorted out. Between essays and work I've been really busy, and I'm afraid that currently I am terribly frustrated at my current job, and this bad mood is making me neglect CU and you guys, something you don't deserve, cause you're all awesome. And I certainly don't want to end up letting my attitude to transfer into the game.

I'll try and keep an eye on what's going on, maybe keep up with threads and such, but it's unlikely I will be able to tag around journals, for that, I am really sorry. Morana will be trying to help out with the riddles to aid Metatron and the others, while Medusa will be quietly working and researching, probably brooding a bit to herself. If anyone needs anything from them, feel free to email me.

On a happier note, to try and perk up this post a bit, I have it in mind to app a third character (I know, after all this fail with the current two, I know no shame. ^^;;) though work still needsto be done on it. ^^~ Thanks everyone, again, sorry for all the hassle I've been giving everyone.


Mar. 17th, 2009



I am so sorry guys, but while I'll still be looking stuff over, I have to extend my hiatus until friday. I will attempt to post in the threads that I am in, but it will be very slow. My college professors decided to slam me with a lot of assignments all on the same week with short notice.

Mar. 13th, 2009



I'm going to be moving on Monday. Until then I'll be balancing my time between work and packing. We won't be able to get internet at the new place until the 24th, unless by some miracle the cable company is able to fit us in sooner.

So yes. I'm going to be gone for a while. I'm sorry everyone. Stay awesome. <3

Mar. 9th, 2009



Ahh, I know I'm really late with a few things, but I need to call a semi-hiatus for this week. (My teachers are soooo nice for giving me homework during my spring break! D: Bleh.) I'm especially late with the talisman plot, which I hope to update/continue this week. 

Hope y'all have a lovely week, and will be back in (full) action again soon. Be sure to peek at this important discussion begun by Brandi. Thank you~! =)

(Is it just my internet, or is IJ acting a bit slowly? Huh.)

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