April 23rd, 2009

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Fairy Tale Week

Catching up to the bandwagon, this is what will be happening to my characters during Fairy Tale week.


Alessa will be taking on the role of the priestess from the Silent Hill fairy tale, "The Monster and The Priestess" For the entirety of the plot, Alessa will often say things in Latin, and will be acting somewhat akin to a pagan priestess. Her root personality however, will not be changing.

And here's the story.

Story under the cut )


Raziel will be taking on the role of the discharged soldier from The Devil's Sooty Brother. For the entire plot, Raziel will be unable to bathe, wash, or trim himself. No matter how groddy he looks, no matter how bad he smells, he will not be able to do the aforementioned things.

If asked where he's come from, Raziel will answer "from Hell" and when asked who he is, he'll answer, "The Devil's sooty brother."

The story can be read here The Devil and his Sooty Brother


Flauros will be taking on the role of the Devil from How the Devil Married Three Sisters. For the duration of the week, Flauros will be seized with the desire to marry, and will do anything, and everything he can to persuade one of the women to marry him. Of course this won't work, but that won't stop Flauros from trying.

How the Devil Married Three Sisters