WHO: Elihu Ramai & Jilleen Simmons
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Morning hours of 5 Dec Y02

In quarters A-12 for visitors where up to six people could be accommodated, Jilleen sat alone at the center table between the bunks. She talked to a small camera attached to the screen on her laptop. “I’m at a lost Jenny,” she said to her sister addressed in the video letter. “It’s my entire fault. I should have left him years ago. If it wasn’t for what had happened to him on Sagittaron, I would have done it. Except now the timing could not have come at the worst time with Robby in office. Why does Aerilon have to be so backwards sometimes?” She paused to rub her forehead. “If I was from Caprica no one would think twice that I was a divorcee.”

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WHO: James Chase & Elihu Ramai
WHERE: Mess Galley, Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Evening  04 Dec Y02
Dinner plans with his wife was cancelled at the last minute. Pierce and Burk went over to the Battlestar Pacifica for a dinner meeting and Jilleen had to go with them. It left James alone to go grab a bite to eat at the mess. His crew already had dinner earlier.

Two Raptor pilot are in the Galley ... )


Funeral service flyover

WHO: Lt Tra "Achillies" Mitchel and open
WHERE: The funeral service flyover being held in Tiberine
WHEN: Y2002 Dec 4

Achillies listened to the high pitched whine of his engines as he sat in the cockpit of his Viper. Over the past few days he had checked and double checked every Vipers in the squadron as per Call Girl's orders. All had been brought up to spec, thanks to some inventive bribery. He knew that they had been at odds from the moment he had transferred in from the Vampires and he was trying to work on that. Sliding in close to the next Viper, he could see the pilot doing the same things he was. Checking the flight path, keeping the formation spacing perfect and just enjoying the flight.


Paying Respects

WHO: Jilleen Simmons and Elihu Ramai
WHERE: The Airfield
WHEN: 04 12 Y02

“Frak, what an unbelievable day and its only started,” Jilleen said as she walked up to a tall officer with dark hair. “So when did you guys fly in?” Jilleen straighten the leather sash on her dress grey uniform tunic. She also wore a pair of black gloves out of respect for the fallen leader and Tauron tradition.

Her day started early aboard the Avalon where she stayed in hopes of spending some quality time with her husband but they both had separate schedules. She wasted nearly a full day on a battlestar waiting to see James who did not return to the ship until late. It was safe to say she was disappointed with the two hours they shared. Half the time they argued. She was tired from her journey and he was tired from the endless hours of meetings.

At the airfield at Gladius Cross, she met with members of delegations from Sagittaron and other colonies that all were on their way to pay their final respects. The prime minister was going to be buried in his home town of Tiberius which was twelve miles from the airfield.

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