New Dawn

WHO: Darcy Selwyn & Classified Operative
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon, Temp CO Office
WHEN: Final Day of Port Leave

Darcy was in her office – her makeshift office during port stay but now that the commander was returning to the nest, the Lieutenant had to pack things up and wrap up her stint in charge during the dead shift. The repairs and upgrades were more or less in the final stages but the personnel files were sky-high thanks to new arrivals and fresh departures to other assignments. Darcy had met such a new recruit just the other day, a very nice young person that she knew would end up fitting in just fine.

The last thing Darcy needed to do was give the Commander a head start on the reviews of personnel files and assignment transfers. She knew paperwork was boring work but someone had to do it and it might as well be her. After packing a few things away in boxes, Darcy began reviewing documents of transfers, looking for any problems in them and so far they were all good. Darcy decided to have a drink to celebrate her time in charge before everything returned to what it was.

Time lapsed through the hourglass quickly as papers were read and then scattered around the desk, it was quite an amount. Darcy had relaxed a little, taken a more casual appearance as she sat almost dozy in the chair. Her eyes were heavy perhaps from the drink combined with the work but she was conscious. A metal clank was heard over the shoulder, the hatch to the room and Darcy managed to open her mouth to talk. “Who is it?” Silence was the reply from the other occupant; Darcy just dismissed it as if she was hearing things and continued with her eyes on the paperwork.

She sat huddled in her chair when she felt a sharp pain and then the glass in her hand fell to the hard floor and smashed into a million pieces, her body lounging over to one side as if lazy. Blood dripped down the delicate features from a head wound, a round wound mirroring a gunshot. The light in the room was blocked as a figure stood in the path over the body as if death itself was there.



WHO: Darcy Selwyn
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon, Hanger Deck
WHEN: Evening after "Leaving Caprica"

The hanger deck was normally the busiest place on a Battlestar but thanks to port leave, it was scarcely populated. All the birds, raptor and viper alike were tied down to the deck in a metaphorical sense. The Avalon wasn’t moving but to cut down expenditure in replacement parts and maintenance crew, it was standard requirement for all birds to be safely secured on deck before deckhands could sleep. A hard job but had to be done.

Darcy stood on the above walkway watching the comings and goings on her deck, well what was temporary her deck. With Burk and Randall due back any day, she had to make sure this ship was ready for strict inspection. The skeleton crew she had knew this and was working around the clock to achieve it. It was something she would note in her report to Burk. DRADIS upgrades were apparently running along smoothly so she could afford a few moments like this to observe the deck. She missed it.

It had been several months since she had piloted any form of craft since being giving the duty of tactical officer of Avalon. Darcy was led to believe that Burk specifically requested her for the position but she didn’t put much stock in that assumption. He was a hard man but fair.

She was brought back to the present with some clanging coming from the deck. The one thing the deck was all the time and that was an echo chamber. Darcy stood back up straight and straightened her tunic, starting to move off to resume her duties as caretaker commander during port leave. It was slowly but surely coming to an end. All she had to do was see out the remaining time and ensure the upgrades and repairs were done right.


Watchful Eye

WHO: Darcy Selwyn
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon, CIC
WHEN: Mid-Day

Lieutenant Darcy Selwyn stood in the hub of the ship, CIC which was normally the command post for either Admiral Burk or his XO Colonel Randall. Neither were in attendance today. Both had taken it upon themselves to enjoy a little leave during this port visit, in fact most of the ship personnel had done the same. Darcy was handed a slim white piece of paper and after thanking the junior officer with a courteous nod, she proceeded to read. It was a memo which she took a moment to read through and through before she forced a little chuckle. The Admiral took the time to write up a memo just to thank her attention to duty.

The DRADIS was scheduled for upgrades during this port visit and so despite the opportunity to take leave, she decided to stay behind and oversea the upgrades. So CIC was littered with devices, men and women working on the DRADIS console and all she could do was watch on. There were no real command decisions to be made – not unless ordering several friends from her watch to take the chance and go on leave counted. She didn’t need the guilt for making them stay just because she was.

Darcy crossed her arms and slowly patrolled around the engineers which were conducting these upgrades. She was curious about these upgrades which promised to enhance the performance of the DRADIS. The DRADIS was a vital piece of machinery, a device which was essential to the successful working of a military ship not that Avalon was expecting action or anything. Darcy supported Burk’s decision to allow the upgrade if just to keep the Avalon a head of the competition. That was why she was here. All she could do now was monitor the upgrades, the repairs and general ship life during this port leave. She had nothing more to do than that which meant she still had some spare time. For what?


upgrade memo

MEMORANDUM for Lt. Darcy Selwyn

From: Commanding Officer Battlestar Avalon

Subject: DRADIS Upgrade Delta 7

I commend your personal initiative to supervise the latest software upgrade to our DRADIS systems during our liberty call to Caprica. I will note in the ship's log that you have given up your personal leave to assure this urgent and last-minute upgrade to the ship's DRADIS system. Your devotion of duty is a credit to the officers and crew of Avalon, and is well appreciated.

Well done.

Thomas Burk

Commander, CF
BSG-93 Avalon