Adama is a Cylon

WHO: Cylons
WHERE: Undisclosed Base Ship
WHEN: Shortly after the first wave of the attack on the Colonies.

“The President of the Colonies yields to us and offers surrender,” Tamara Adama, the Cylon Supreme Leader said to the other Cylon models around the table with a smile. “Two, what do you think?”

By your command )


Line 1123:20030512

Hybrid Utterance.

Danger, confidence begins its glide slope is no slave to time, format reconfigure, echoes are shadows of sound, gather before the eye of the storm, end of line. Relay complete, sands of the hour glass are his enemy.




WHO: A business man
WHERE: Star Coffee Café, Tawa, City Center, Sagittaron
WHEN: 0930 local 21 11 Y02

Inside the coffeehouse Derrick sat silently alone at the table sipping from his cup of Caffe Virgonee wearing a conventional business suit with a gold neck tie. He watched behind the window at the crowds of people walking by doing their normal routine on a work day.

God helps those who help themselves )

1300 UCT 03 12 Y02 )



A star shines brightly inside the golden nebula beyond the Colonies and behind the Armistice line. A group of elliptical discs fly in a tight formation toward a cluster of double-saucer and double-arrow base ships.

Near one of these deadly ships appeared a sudden flash which turned into small commercial ship. It's a container ship with Colonial markings moving forward toward a docking station.

A plan had been set in motion.