Two plus one

WHO: Callie Morgan, Collin Ives, and introducing Lisa Houdina
WHERE: Lisa's extended stay hotel room, Glenrock, Aerilon
WHEN: The night after Jing Jing
Morning (local time) Y02/12/07

Eyes slowly opened, breaking through the haze as surroundings felt foreign. Callie started to move, to sit up but paused, reaching out a hand for her head, groaning at the pain as her head was throbbing. Biting back the agony, she pushed her rough dark hair back and propped herself up towards a seated position, deciding to take it slow until the room, wherever it was stopped spinning.

Two plus one equals more )


Jing Jing

WHO: Callie Morgan & Collin Ives
WHERE: Rock Wall Tavern, Glenrock, Aerilon
WHEN: Evening (local time) Y02/12/07

Kylie was out with her boyfriend, something that Callie would not normally condone but considering the circumstances she did not want to upset her niece by taking her further out the normalcy. It would be something they would have to talk about. Truth was, Kylie needed her boyfriend, somebody that actually knew what the frak she was about. That was not Callie.

Jing Jing, the Colony's best sugar cane light rum )


Moo the cow said

While tossing a bale of hay off the bed of his pick-up truck the sound of a single engine prop plane overhead caught his attention. Colin looked up to see the small red plane fly above the field to the east. From his vantage point on the ground, it looked like the plane itself was flying toward the setting ringed sphere of Ragnar, Aerilon’s guardian in the sky, on the horizon. It took his mind back to another day long gone.

WHO: Colin Ives
WHERE: Bee Lucky Ranch, Aerilon / Caprica
WHEN: 12-5-Y02 / march Y97 (backstory)

Moo the cow said to the moon )


Another Day, Another Cubit

WHO: Collin Ives
WHERE: Bee Lucky Mill, Glenrock, Aerilon
WHEN: Y02 04 12 - Morning local time.

Collin shut the door of his beat up crew-cab pickup truck, and then zipped up his brown work jacket. It was a crisp cool morning. He had parked near the loading dock of the Bee Lucky Hops Mill, another of his employer’s businesses.

More than Cattle and Milling Hops )



WHO: Collin Ives
WHERE: Inner-Sun Liner bound for Aerilon from Caprica.
WHEN: A few days after the bar fight outside of Cap-City.

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A need for speed

Caprica beach, Caprica 2230 hrs

The moon rose high over the ocean as the rhythmic sounds of the waves crashed onto the long empty stretch of beach. The smell of the salt water mixed with the lingering sent of suntan oil and tropical drinks. Seabirds walked along the shore looking for any sea life that ventured out into the night. Then without warning, the silence of the night was shattered by the roaring of a motorcycle's engine. Birds took flight as a mixture of the night wind and music from his ear-buds howled in his ears. Achillies gunned the engine of the motorcycle and smiled. Watching the beach fly by he was gripped by a feeling of fear and excitement. This was as close as he could get to the thrill of flying when he wasn't in the cockpit of his viper.

Ahead the darkness of the night was split by the lights of the city. Slowing down, he exited the small beach road into the parking lot of a local beach bar. He shut off the engine of the bike and got off. Unzipping his leather flight jacket we walked into the bar. Loud music, smoke and the smell of alcohol mixed with perfume washed over him.

"Now that's more like it" He said as he lit a cigarette and walked in.

Achillies sat at one of the empty tables at the dark outer edge of the bar. The waitress walked towards him. She looked to be about twenty wears old, blond with an almost animalistic beauty about her. The kind of girl that was beautiful and knew it.

"What can I get you fly boy?" She asked leaning over his table provocatively.

"Whiskey. Just bring the bottle, a glass and some ice" He said tossing two hundred cubits on the table.

Without a word the waitress took the cubits and left. Reappearing a few moments with a bottle of Caprica's finest whiskey, a glass and a large container of ice.

"Anything else I can get you?" She asked ion a more seductive.

Achillies smiled at her for a moment "Not yet, but believe me I'll let you know" he said as he poured himself a large drink.

He watched her swaying hips as she walked away from his table. Then turning up the drink he emptied the glass. Pouring another he watched the mixture of Caprica's finest and lowest mix in the darkness.