The Scapegoat

WHO: Callie Morgan & Cole Taylor
WHERE: Pilot's Ready Room, Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Y2002 Dec 4 (Afternoon)

Frak that Achillies! Callie had heard the ship talk that Achilles ‘accident’ had caused a major incident which meant someone had to be held accountable. That thought was never more potent now as she stood in the pilot’s ready room waiting for the CAG. She knew what was coming but somehow she did not feel as worried about it as she thought she would.

Scapegoat )


Get the job done

WHO: Jon Randell & Cole Taylor
WHERE: CAG's office, Battlestar Avalon
WHEN: Y2002 Dec 4

By the grace of the Gods )


Review Briefing

WHO: Major Cole Taylor
WHERE: Battlestar Avalon - Ready Room Alpha
WHEN:0700 UCT 04 12 Y02

“… As Avalon passes the review ships maintain your squadron’s position and keep your birds tight. I hear this will be broadcast to all the colonies live, and we don’t want to embarrass our battlestar if someone gets sloppy. And trust me. None of your pilots want to be sloppy because I will make sure they fly a mop on all four of the hanger-decks.” Warned Major Cole Taylor, Avalon’s new Air Group Commander.

“Captain Morgan select six of your vipers to join the fly over on Tauron. I have the last minute details right here,” he lifted up a folder. “Your vipers will fly over the funeral service being held in Tiberine. The ground OIC will brief your pilots at the airfield at Gladius Cross. Also those vipers will not join us during the battlestar review.” He looked at the Squadron leader. “After this briefing, I want a word with you too, Captain.”

The CAG continued to brief the leadership of the air group for a few more minutes. “If there are no more questions, then this ends the briefing.” He stepped away from the podium.