June 7th, 2009

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Old Arguments

The front door opened and shut with some force as footsteps stormed out onto the porch overlooking the great city. Delphi City was best seen during the day when the light shone over it but even at night, it was pleasant on the eye. Of course, those born in the city could be classed as biased. Blake was one such person. She wrapped her hands around the white coated railing of the porch and watched as the last glimmer of sun started to fade over the city, it was beautiful. It reminded her of those times when she would sit outside and watch the sun rise in the morning and set again in the night with her parents.

It was easy to get lost in the romantic sight of the sunset and she had, so much so that she hadn’t noted someone following behind her out of the house. She lowered her eyes and stared down at the ground, the dirt around the front of the porch, staring at it as she tried hard not to look over her shoulders. Her lips parted, “Do we have to do this?”

A silence remained )

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Final Checks

The clutter and buzzing was the usual sound that could be associated with the deck, the vipers and raptors tied down while the Chief’s crew worked hard to keep the ships in as close to pristine condition as possible. It was always the center point of activity, the crucial area of defense that had many a person floating around the deck in their tangerine colored overalls. Callie marched along the walkway that overlooked the hanger deck, her eyes catching the pilot’s getting their birds worked on before the big training operation down below on Aerilon. The squadrons were to provide air-to-ground support in training and the reward for excellence was a leave of liberty.

The Grapevine )

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The Games Begin

The mission parameters had been given to the squadron’s commanding officers and it was up to them to provide the necessary details to their squadron prior to the start of the training mission down on Aerilon. Callie had been briefed on the instructions from the XO about the scenario down below and now it was time to brief the remainder of her squadron on the details before they even got seated in their cockpits.

Callie stood in the pilot’s ready room, the stench of adrenaline as always strong throughout the room. The seats were already occupied by the Death Angels squadron, fully dressed in flight suit and accompanied by a clipboard to take notes about the coming war games. She had still not gotten used to standing in front of the seats rather than sitting in them with everyone else. Times changed and she was still catching up.

Mission Parameters )