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Jul. 18th, 2009


Preminition Of Blood Pt.2

Present Day, Avalon: Starboard Bulkhead 03 1844 hours

"What the FRAK is going on here," the Lieutenant said just before entering the room. Blood stained the floor and soaked the walls, "my gods," he thought to himself. The lights began to flicker. Tyler un-holstered his side arm, a standard issue pistol with an underbarelled 10mm grenade launcher for hardened targets, and began looking around the room. Tyler felt a breeze pass over his shoulder, and he quickly turned to check, but nothing was there. he began back towards the door when suddenly a man stood in his way. "why hello there Mr. Reigns, my name is Leo Bensy." "What the frak are you doing here Bensy?" the L.T. said as he aimed his weapon at the mans chest. "why you dont need to point that at me, i am no threat to you, in fact I heard you were in trouble and needed help, although i can see now that clearly you are not the one who needs to be helped, but whoever's blood that is." Tyler holstered his sidearm. "I didnt do this, i just got off training when i heard some men fighting and came to check it out." Tyler turned to face the blood on the wall. "what..." bam, Bensy's fist struck Reigns square in the jaw, and the L.T. fell with a spit of blood. "Mother Frakker," Tyler said as he dove for the assailants legs, tackling the man to the ground, Reigns drew his combat knife, and stabbed Leo in the side. Leo roared in pain. The man then threw Reigns off and grabbed Tyler's pistol in the process. "shit" thought the now desperate soldier as Leo put two bullets in his left leg. "your time will come Lieutenant, as will the rest of your friends." Tyler had a look of confusion on his face,"what the hell are you talking about you sick frak." "You will see." and with that the man put a bullet in Reign's right leg, and followed it up by putting the sidearm in his mouth and shooting himself in the head. Moments later three marine guards entered the room with full combat gear. "are you okay L.T." said one of the men."What the frak happened here. Tyler grunted back in serious pain, "I don't know, but whatever it is we have to tell Randall, and Admiral Burke, I think something dark is coming."

Jun. 9th, 2009


Close air support part two

2246 Aerilon war games

Lightning flashed around it as the lone Viper screamed through the clouds towards the deck. In the cockpit, the roar of the wind and the thunder melded with the sound of the Vipers three engines as Achillies fought the storm for control of his space/air superiority fighter. Bursting through the clouds at 800 feet the Viper continued to hurtle towards the forested ground like a comet. A smile crossed Achillies lips as he watched the ground rush up at him. Pulling back hard on the stick the Viper leveled off at 100 feet off the deck and hit full throttle, trailing flame and a long vapor trail.

"Ranger 223, Achillies. I'm one minute out, coming in low and fast. Keep your heads down. " He said as he watched the HUD count off the distance to target.

"Achillies, Ranger 223. Roger that. Raptors are right behind you. Hit em hard and get out."

Checking the HUD's IFF, Achillies could see the "enemy" units. They were close to overrunning Ranger 223's position and advancing. Still too far away for guns, he switched the selector to missiles as he tried to lock onto the closest enemy contacts. Moving his thumb to the fire button he waited for the tone confirming the targets were locked. Hearing it sound Achillies pressed the fire button, sending the four simulated missiles towards their targets. He watched as the HUD confirmed the "kills".

"Achillies, Ranger 223, nice shooting. Targets are confirmed destroyed. Looks like they're pulling back enough for the Raptors to land. Thanks, we owe you one."

"Roger that Ranger 223. First rounds on you" Achillies said as he pulled back on the stick sending the speeding Viper vertical.

Jun. 7th, 2009


The Games Begin

The mission parameters had been given to the squadron’s commanding officers and it was up to them to provide the necessary details to their squadron prior to the start of the training mission down on Aerilon. Callie had been briefed on the instructions from the XO about the scenario down below and now it was time to brief the remainder of her squadron on the details before they even got seated in their cockpits.

Callie stood in the pilot’s ready room, the stench of adrenaline as always strong throughout the room. The seats were already occupied by the Death Angels squadron, fully dressed in flight suit and accompanied by a clipboard to take notes about the coming war games. She had still not gotten used to standing in front of the seats rather than sitting in them with everyone else. Times changed and she was still catching up.

Mission Parameters )


Final Checks

The clutter and buzzing was the usual sound that could be associated with the deck, the vipers and raptors tied down while the Chief’s crew worked hard to keep the ships in as close to pristine condition as possible. It was always the center point of activity, the crucial area of defense that had many a person floating around the deck in their tangerine colored overalls. Callie marched along the walkway that overlooked the hanger deck, her eyes catching the pilot’s getting their birds worked on before the big training operation down below on Aerilon. The squadrons were to provide air-to-ground support in training and the reward for excellence was a leave of liberty.

The Grapevine )


Old Arguments

The front door opened and shut with some force as footsteps stormed out onto the porch overlooking the great city. Delphi City was best seen during the day when the light shone over it but even at night, it was pleasant on the eye. Of course, those born in the city could be classed as biased. Blake was one such person. She wrapped her hands around the white coated railing of the porch and watched as the last glimmer of sun started to fade over the city, it was beautiful. It reminded her of those times when she would sit outside and watch the sun rise in the morning and set again in the night with her parents.

It was easy to get lost in the romantic sight of the sunset and she had, so much so that she hadn’t noted someone following behind her out of the house. She lowered her eyes and stared down at the ground, the dirt around the front of the porch, staring at it as she tried hard not to look over her shoulders. Her lips parted, “Do we have to do this?”

A silence remained )

Jun. 4th, 2009


Preminition Of Blood Pt.1

Present Day, Avalon: Starboard Bulkhead 03 1842 hours

Tyler walked through the large doorway into the hall outside the bulkhead bridging the Starboard Flight Pod to the rest of the massive warship. Even as the loud roar of Viper and Raptor teams launched for their training missions, and the returning of the last wing's pilots with their chatter, something seemed out of place for the Lieutenant, something....something seemed very cold, a feeling of vulnerability and weakness filled the man as he walked down the hall. Suddenly Tyler felt the urge to take a detour on his way back to the officer's quarters. Not much later he heard two men talking which quickly elevated to shouting and cursing. Tyler began running towards the engagement.

May. 21st, 2009


close air support part one

2235 hrs Low orbit over Aerilon

Achillies flew his viper in low orbit over a large storm that was pounding the training area. The storm had been raging for five hours now, but that didn't stop the training. War didn't seem to care about the weather, not even war games he thought as he checked the Dradus for any contacts. Seeing nothing his eyes drifted back to the storm.

"This is Ranger 223 to any colonial forces. We have been cut off from strike force 1. I say again, we have been cut off from strike force 1 and need air immediate support. We are under heavy enemy fire and are unable to fall back. Can anyone read me?" A voice said over the howling wind and weapons fire

"Ranger 223, this is Achilies. I read you. Give me your sit. rep. and grid coordinates." Achilies said

"Achillies, Ranger 223. We are an advanced patrol for strike force 1. Thirty minutes ago we were engaged by heavy enemy forces at grid 115813 and were cut off. We have wounded and are unable to fall back. Evac Raptors can not approach under enemy fire. We are danger close and could be over run. Can you assist?" Ranger 223 said in a tired and stressed sounding voice.

Achillies looked at the storm one last time. He didn't really want to fly through that crap for a training exercise, but his father had always told him that you play like you practice. Jamming the throttle forward, Achillies was pushed back in his seat as the Vipers three engines burst to life. Pulling back on the stick, the viper flew into the atmosphere and then the storm.

"Roger that Ranger 223. Achillies is bringing the thunder. ETA 7 minutes." Achillies said.

May. 17th, 2009


Caprican Friend

The valley under a clear and sunny day made it a very nice day for a ride out into the back country. While Jill waited for her friend to arrive to the stables, she prepared her own horse for the ride, while one of the ranch hands prepared another horse for her friend. She looked forward to seeing her friend and giving her some good news.

Jill had met Blake,or as she called her Mars, back on Caprica, where they both belong to an equestrian club and shared a passion for horses. When she was posted on Caprica she had often gone on horseback rides with the club on the weekends. Mars had boarded her horse in the next stall to her own horse, and so they often saw each other back then.

It was good to get away from things for a while, work in particular and today made for an interesting distraction from the regular routine. Time had seemed to have swallowed up months since the last time she had taken a day off let alone the last time she had managed to sneak away and see her friend. Blake strolled around the stables looking for Jill, knowing that she was late and that Jill was not one to demonstrate a great deal of patience when it came to waiting to do something fun. She had to admit, she shared that inability especially when it came to her fondness for horses. "Jill"

Yay! She arrived )

May. 16th, 2009






Colonial Forces Command has issued orders in preparation of our deployment, during Battlestar Avalon’s berthing at Aerilon Fleet Yard for re-supply and power plant refueling all air crews are to report to Fort Gallant, Aerilon for 8 days of ground training. Training will consist of small arms, ground defense, unit tactics, ground navigation, and other ground base training. Exception of VF-6 Vampires and VF-165 Death Angels, those squadrons will deploy with fighters for close air - ground support exercises.

For those who meet qualifications after those 8 days, a leave of liberty will be granted for fives days before returning to Avalon for preparations for Deployment 2103 and War Exercises. Air Group Commander and Squadron Leaders will brief subordinates to the details of ground training.

Happy Hunting

May. 12th, 2009


Combat Air Patrol

2200 Hrs. Battlestar Avalon Combat Air Patrol

The high pitched sound of the Vipers three aft mounted turbo-thrust engines rang in Achilles ears as he maneuvered the small craft. He was three hours into a four hour CAP and he had run out of things to occupy his mind. Looking at his HUD for the hundredth time he sighed loudly.

"And still nothing" He said to himself as he watched the empty dradus.

Achilles looked out the canopy at the three other Vipers in the CAP flight. It seemed from the look of it that boredom had taken hold of the other pilots as well, then something caught his attention. Close to the edge of his Vipers dradus range was a contact, then another. After watching the contacts approach for a minute, a predatory smile crossed Achilles lips as he read the registration number, Raptor 2257.

"Fish" He said to himself in a low voice

"Lead this is Viper two. I have two contacts bearing 227. Request permission to take a closer look"

"Achilles this is Eris. You are clear to check out the contacts, but I hope you never need a Raptor pick up. Those guys don't forget anything" Eris said, stifling a small laugh.

Throwing his Viper into a hard 180 degree turn and hitting full thrusters, Achilles quickly closed the distance between his Viper and the unsuspecting Raptors. Before they could react, Achilles Viper shot between them, thrusters still on full. The hulls of the three ships were less than four feet apart as he speed through and sent the Viper into a series of rolls as the Raptors regained control.

"Achilles you sick frak. You almost hits us." Fish yelled over the cursing of the other Raptor pilots.

"Lead this is two, Contact ident confirmed. Returning to formation." He said between laughs.

"Roger that Achilles, return to formation." Eris said

Achilles pulled the stick back and did a quick half loop. Then righting the Viper he waved at the Raptors as he flew passed. His wave was met with several hand gestures that were less then cordial.

"Hay Achilles, we just want to thank you for donating the liquor for a small squadron party this evening. I'll pick it up from your locker on the way to the rec room. We'd invite you, but it seems that you still have another hour on the CAP. Fish out" Fish said, his voice full of false cheer.

As he pulled back into formation he looked over at Eris, who was shaking her head "It's not like you weren't warned." She said as the rest of the CAP tried keeping their Vipers steady while laughing

2330 Hrs Battlestar Avalon Pilots rec room.

Achilles walked quickly into the room, not having bothered removing his flight harness. Seeing him, Fish stood and addressed the small group of pilots who were there.

"And here he is people, The man who not only keeps the ship safe from commercial shipping during the late night, but who also donated two bottles of Capricas finest, Achilles." Fish shouted

The room was instantly filled with the applause and jeers of the pilots who were all holding up full glasses. Achilles smiled and shook his head. "Ok, ok. Now someone point me in the direction of the donated booze" He said

May. 6th, 2009


A moment of rememberance

7 Years ago, Caprica City

"Come on Tyler you can do better than that." Tyler looked back at his brother Rick who was trying to teach him and his younger brother how to shoot a Colonial assault rifle. "Here let me show you how it's done."

Present Day, Avalon Starboard Flight Deck 1325 hours

"DoubleTap to Avalon all pre-flight checks clear green ready for launch." The Air-Controller looked at him with a faint smile and gave him the go-ahead. "Good hunting Lieutenant."

Present Day, Avalon Airspace 1355 hours

The hum of the Viper Mk.VII's three Kinetic Energy Weapons or K.E.W's led into the rattle of the firing of the 20mm training rounds used on missions such as these so as to cause minimal damage to opponents. "Good shot man," a call came out from "Fish," who had forgotten about Tyler while he went after the training drone. It was now just Tyler and the last Mk.III training drone. "Avalon, this is DoubleTap, no sign of last target. Requesting permission to land." Just then a glint from the corner of his eye caught his attention. "Disregard my last, target sighted. Re-engaging." Tyler turned on the reverse thrusters, flipped his Mk.VII 180 degrees, and Gunned the afterburner toward his target. "You're mine you Mother-Frakker." mumbled the Lieutenant to himself as he squeezed the trigger and lit up the last drone. "DoubleTap to Avalon, mission accomplished. I'm Headed home."
The whole way in Tyler couldn't get the memory of his brother out of his mind. The tired pilot leaned his head against his seat and stared at the flight deck as he released the stick for a hands off landing.

May. 4th, 2009


Transfer to Avalon

Two Days Ago
Avalon Port Hangar Deck 1530 hours:

The Sound of a serpent's hiss could be heard as the door of the Raptor opened. "Welcome aboard the Avalon Lieutenant." Tyler Reigns stepped out of the now empty Raptor. "Sir 1ST. Lieutenant Tyler Reigns reporting for duty as ordered by President Adar." Captain Luke Rhineheart looked at him for a moment, then followed up with a quick dismissal to his rack in the officers quarters.

Officers Quarters 1540 hours:

Tyler began unpacking his equipment, it was a slow process. He had remembered his station on the Akelius, where his brother Rick bought it nearly three years ago. Just then he grabbed a picture of himself and his two brothers: Rick, and Lukas standing in front of a colonial tank at Lukas' base on Caprica. It was taken two weeks before Rick was killed. The three brothers were very close, Rick was the oldest by two years, then Tyler who was 11 months older than Lukas. All of them enjoyed playing pyramid together and had planned to try for a recreational league after they had all exited the service, but that dream was turned to space scrap with Rick.

Present Day
Avalon Mess Hall 1300 hours

Despite now being on the Avalon for two days, Tyler hadn't really met anyone from his Airwing except for a very brief Acquaintance with Achilles who had taken up CAP the night before. Tyler downed the last sip from his Ambrosia and headed off for a training mission.

May. 1st, 2009


Grand Avenue

"Armistice Station? I think not. I rather slit my own throat than be assigned to that post," Jilleen shook her head and then looked back at her brother. She caught a glimpse of the city park as the limousine they were in continued down the avenue. "Anyway why would I want to sit on my ass waiting to talk to a toaster that never shows. I doubt we'll ever see a Cylon ever again."

"I would not share that view of the Cylons with Dad. As a matter of fact, don't share that with anyone in the press, they would have a field day if they knew my little sister thought that the Cylons were no longer a threat. Some might think you're soft on defense."

Future past )

Mar. 28th, 2009


Pilots quarters, Battlestar Avalon, 2330 hrs

The soft snoring of the pilots as they slept melded with the low hum Battlestar's engines as Tra walked into the small dark room that served as the pilots barracks. Tossing his flight harness into his locker, he pulled out one of the several bottles he had stashed and took a long drink.

"Frakkin late night CAPS. This gods damn sucks" He said as he took another drink and lit a cigarette.

"Achillies, would you shut the frak up? Some of us are sleeping," a voice said out of the dark.

Tra shook his head and took another drink. "Shut up Fish, or I'll shoot you and that little shuttle you call a Raptor down next time I see you out there," he said with a sarcastic smile.

"You'd have to stay sober for more than a gods damn hour to catch me, asshole, so I guess I'm safe," Fish shot back as he rolled back over and went back to sleep

Achillies took another drink, and stashed the bottle back in his locker. Turning, he made his way to the showers.

Mar. 25th, 2009


Freeman’s Valley, Aerilon

He rattled the gate on the trailer with his hand to make sure that it was closed and locked, which caused the horses inside to grumble and huff frosty breath. “Yeah, yeah, I know you don’t like it when I do that,” he said to them as he confirmed the gate was good and locked.

“Collin its fraking cold out here,” said one of the younger ranch laborers wearing a thick winter coat and a soft brimmed hat.

“It’s called early winter get use to it, Hank” he replied. It was true the highlands had received an early dusting of snow. The sooner they got themselves to the down to the valley the sooner they would be able get out of the mist and then warm up under the clear sky sun.

Collin walked over to the driver’s side of the heavy crew cab pick-up that was attached to the goose neck horse trailer. The diesel engine had been kept running overnight to prevent it from freezing while they slept in the small laborer’s cabin which they stay during the week to gather the herd of horses. He was taking the last trailer load out before big winter snow storm made the valley inaccessible in a few weeks.

He was joined by Hank who was warming up his hands next to the heater vents. “The first freeze is a bitch.”

“Yeah, tell me about it,” Collin shifted the truck into gear, and they pulled out of the round-up camp.

Mar. 24th, 2009


Already, flight school felt like a dream. Rosie had escaped with her sanity mostly intact, or at least she thought she had, but her assignment to Avalon had been surreal at best. It seemed a pretty short interval between her standing on this flight deck praying to the gods that Captain Simmons didn't bitch slap her down to galley-duty and watching open-mouthed as that weirdo West let go the biggest round of insubordination she'd heard since Day One at the Academy. It hadn't seemed like a bad idea to talk to a cute, slightly unhinged, and possibly dangerous guy.

That was before fate had laughed in her face and her assignment to Avalon had been put into her hands. Even after a week on duty aboard the battlestar, everything still felt just plain weird.

She and her ECO were running through their pre-flights now, still on-world at the Aerilon Fleet Academy (where she'd spent all too much of the past four years) with their decidedly strange cargo of the Colonies' Surgeon General, whose business on Avalon Rosie couldn't really cipher. Not that it mattered. From dreams of heroics to taxi driver in just a week. She had to admit she'd expected her excitement to last a little bit longer.

"Tower, Raptor three-one-niner requesting clearance," said her ECO into his headset. He was around eight years Rosie's senior, he'd gone to officer training school, the whole nine yards. He had experience on her that was almost embarrassing, but as long as they were in the raptor, she was the boss. That too was surreal.

"Are you comfortable, Dr. Zoticus?" Rosie asked the Surgeon General, more to fill the silence than anything else.

"Quite, thank you," he replied, fidgeting slightly in the manner of someone unused to sitting in a raptor.

"Raptor three-one-niner, you are cleared for take off," said her headset.

"Thanks," said her ECO.

"You ready to go, Doc?" Rosie called over her shoulder, even as she spun up the engines. Dr. Zoticus responded with a weak nod.

"Alrighty, Cupcake, let's hit it," said ECO with a wicked sort of grin. Rosie hoped she'd get to fly with him again, he seemed like a pretty good guy. And with that, she juiced the engines and they took off in earnest, leaving Aerilon's green and simple features shrinking quickly behind them.

Mar. 22nd, 2009


A new life

One week ago. 2100 hrs Caprica Beach

The rhythmic sound of the waves filled the cold, dark room as Tra waited. He watched wordlessly as moonlight flowed into the room and silhouetted her body as she gracefully crossed the room. She slid into bed behind him, pressing her body against his, her arm around him. He felt her lips on the back of his neck as he turned and faced her.

"I was wondering how long you would take." He whispered, afraid that speaking any louder would break the spell of the last two years and send him back to the hell his life had been before he had met her.

"I'll always come back to you." She whispered back to him, her lips brushing his as she spoke.

A slow smile crossed as he looked into her deep brown eyes. He slid his hand up to her face as he kissed her softly, feeling her occupy every one of his senses.

Two years ago 2000 hrs Caprica City

Tra stepped out of the driving rain into the nightclub and looked around. A thick haze of smoke hovered over the crowd of rough looking thugs and the kids that wanted to look tough. A live band was pumping out loud music and the people danced wildly as he made his way to the bar. Sitting down, he was quickly greeted by the bartender.

"What the hell you doin here?" The bartender shouted over the music

"Nice to see you too." Tra replied with a half grin

"You know what I mean. We all thought you were on the Battlestar Pegasus tryin to get full LT." The bartender said

"I was on the Pegasus. I even got promoted. Fracked it up though. Seems the commander of the Pegasus looks down on a pilot having few drinks and a friendly disagreement with some thugs. She busted me down to Jg, stuck me in the brig for a month. I just got out, and I am frackin thirsty. So lets get those drinks coming and we'll toast my new duty station. They're sending me to the Galactica." Tra said as he lit a cigarette and tossed the pack on the bar in front of him.

The bartender sighed loudly and shook his head."You're going to run outta battlestars and chances if you don't watch out kid" He said setting a glass on the bar next to a bottle. He shook his head and stalked off to take care of the other customers.

Tra sat for a moment and looked at the bottle. As always part of his wanted to stop drinking, get his life back, but that part was never as strong as the pain. The first three shots went down quickly as his eyes remained locked on the bar top. He felt the warmth flow down his throat, pushing the pain and depression back into the corner of his mind, chasing the memories away. He crushed out his cigarette and pulled another one out of the pack he had tossed on the bar in one quick motion. Lighting it he poured another drink. Turning to watch the crowd as he slowly drank the dark amber liquor. That's when he saw her.

She was about five one, five two. Athletically built with a beautiful cinnamon complexion, Hair the color of a dark plum, a small nose, full lips and the most arresting deep brown eyes. He watched as she moved through the people, Not seeming like part of the crowd, but like an observer. She moved with the driving music of the band, watching them even as she was being watched. After several songs she made her way across the room and sat at the bar, looking like she was waiting for something.

Tra crushed out his cigarette and walked over to the woman who was now sipping a drink. At first he said nothing. Not because he had nothing to say, but that he couldn't make anything come out. ."Mind if join you?" He managed at last.

She looked at him for a moment before she answered. Almost like she was sizing him up " Please." She said motioning to the seat next to her.

"So, whats your name?" He asked as he sat.

"Lynn. You?" She asked, her lips curling into a grin, her eyes locked to his.

"Achillies." He answered.

"You're either a pilot, or you had very cruel parents" She said, her grin now spreading into a smile.

Tra smiled sheepishly as he ran his hand through his short hair " Tra Mitchel." He said, knowing that that was it. She had him.

The present. On approach to the port-side flight deck of the Battlestar Avalon. 0200 hrs

The Viper moved soundlessly through the void towards the port side of Battlestar Avalon. Inside the cockpit Achillies smiled as he looked at a picture Lynn had given him the day he shipped out to the Avalon. She had her arms wrapped around his neck as they both smiled broadly.

"Roger that Avalon control. Achillies is ready for hands off approach" Achillies said as he took his hand off the stick, allowing the Battlestar to take control of his Viper and guide it into the landing pod. It still felt strange not controlling his Viper on landing after two years on Galactica.

The Viper landed and lowered into the pressurized hanger bay as Achillies took off his harness and got out of the cockpit of his Viper, tucking the picture into a pocket of his jock smock.

Mar. 5th, 2009


Beyond the Blue

The roar above made Jilleen immediately look upward into the blue and cloudless sky of Aerilon, just as a pair of Mark VII vipers flew overhead. The aviator inside her could not resist the temptation to sight and watch flying aircraft for at least a moment. The two vipers split apart from each other as the lead one arched into a left turn to descend onto the runway, and then to be followed by the other a few beats later.

Prepared to do it again )

Jan. 18th, 2009



Thump. His feet made contact with the sandy soil, followed by the calf of his leg, thigh, and then finally he managed to roll over onto his back. He could see through the clear visor of his helmet up at the clear blue sky. His heartbeat pounded in his chest after his narrow escape from the fire ball that was his Viper Mark VII. “I’m alive,” and then in the same breath “frak, Erin.”

He shot up back up onto his legs. His parachuted tugged him back at the shoulders, so he released a clip to deflate the chute, followed by the release of the second clip to release him completely from the chute. He turned around to search the horizon for another orange and white parachute.

There it was about 500 meters away on top of a sand dune, partially inflated by the breeze and dragging the other pilot. “Erin!” He spoke but got no reply. He undid his helmet and lifted it off his head, and then threw it to the ground as he started to run to his wingman…

Aerilon present day

Ives blinked, as he sat on the tail of the ranch’s well used pick-up truck with a can of beer in his hand, as his eyes gazed out onto the horizon. The sun began to set, like it always had in the wide valley leading out to the great lake. Ives finished off his beer, and threw the empty can into the back of the bed of the pick-up.

Dec. 18th, 2008


Port-Side Flight Deck of the Avalon, 2200 Hours

Cole whistled a soft, melancholy tune to himself as the dim lighting of the deck seemed to do little more than throw the shadows of stationary Vipers across the flight deck. He leaned lightly on the mop in his hands, absently waving it back and forth across the deck as he let his gaze drift from ship to ship. A small smile crept onto his face, marked by a touch of sadness and punctuated by a soft chuckle.

"Nice going, Hero." He muttered to himself. "From blazin' smugglers to swabbin' decks."

He let out a second sigh, this one with a touch of anger. He paused in his stroke and then grabbed the mop and tossed it across the deck where it landed next to a plastic bucket half-filled with gray water. He reached into his pants pocket and retrieved a cigarette with his teeth. He fumbled for his lighter and a few moments later, he blew a relaxing breath of smoke towards the ceiling high above. He let out a cynical laugh to himself, "Wonder if I'll ever see a jock smock again?"

He leaned against the bulkhead and crossed his arms. A moment later, his eyes closed and he let himself enjoy memories of his time behind the stick.

Dec. 15th, 2008


Father's Daughter

30 Days before the decommissioning of Galactica – Colony of Aerilon.

“Thank you so very much that was kind of you, Mister Weatherspoon,” Jilleen reached for his outreached hand with both of hers for a two-handed shake. Mr. Weatherspoon was an old friend of her father. “Mother would have been so pleased with your gift to the foundation.”

“Your mother’s commitment to the environment had given us a worthy cause in preserving Aerilon’s wild lands for future generations. I’m happy to be of service, Miss Simmons.” The gray hair gentleman in a black tuxedo placed his free hand on top hers for a gentle pat, before letting go of the handshake.

“Yes it is a worthy cause,” said Jilleen who wore a soft blue formal gown for the fundraising charity party. “You know my brother is committed as much as my mother was to the environment and that will be reflected in his policies if he is elected.” She noticed Mr. Weatherspoon gaze had drift beyond her and then she felt a hand on her shoulder.

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