Dec. 30th, 2007


World Setting


Welcome to the wonderful world of Harry Potter -- during the Marauder's Era.

All canon chars that existed during that era still exist in the game. However, some tweaking of backstory is allowed -- for example, if you want to play Salazar Slytherin, you can have him emerge from some secret chamber in the castle where he'd locked himself up instead of dying. Just run that by the mods in your applications.

For chars from other canons, simply translate the backstory of your char. Say that your character is a child of a rich family with a businessman father and a mother who killed herself when your char was young. Turn the business into something Wizard-like such as Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Sweets, and you can still keep the basic personality and story the same. Or say that your char comes from the Muggle world and is a Muggle Born if you don't want to have to integrate the backstory for the Wizarding world.

The exception to that is if your char comes from the future, or a point in a timeline where the technology and society is more advanced than Muggle society in the Marauder's era. Then we ask that you make sure that your backstory and char will be time-appropriate meaning no char that comes from a family that earned a fortune making hoverboards, or a char with bionic arm implants.


The journals are being given out as part of a project to encourage cooperation and friendships between schools. Originally, it was only a test group of Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang and Salem Witches Institute that had the journals but they started such a craze that the makers of the journals mass-produced them so they are now available to any member of the public that wants one.

In fact, they're so stylish and useful that practically everyone has one. Like laptops, in a way, but much cheaper. You can ward entries to yourself only, or to certain people, and if you want, you can mark entries as having been warded weakly enough that the ward fails and other people end up seeing it.

Obviously, the icons used in entries cannot be seen ICly. Based on that, we recommend having the bulk of your character's icons be of your character. Even though this is an HP-based game, we do not require crossover chars to have PBs. If your char comes from an anime or manga, you can use images from that instead. If your char comes from a book, you'll need either artist's illustrations or to choose a PB. If you're playing someone from the HPverse itself, we encourage you to use the movie equivalent unless you have a preference for a different PB, which is fine.

If you're having trouble with any of this, hit one of the mods up! We're always glad to help. Simply drop us a comment in this post with your question or e-mail us at born.mods at gmail dot com.