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elfflame [userpic]
Fic: Unworthy - Lucius/Tonks - R

Title: Unworthy
Author/Artist: [info]elfflame
Rating: R
Prompt (the full prompt): writing prompt #9 - "Don't be ashamed to say he hurt you "
Pairing(s): Lucius/Tonks
Word Count: 2028
Warnings (if any): pseudo-incestual (uncle/niece, but not blood-relations), semi-AU
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine, the belong to JK Rowling and others. I’m only playing with them, and expect no money. Please don’t sue.
Author/Artist's notes: I love this pairing, don’t ask me why. I just do. So I had to when I had the chance. Big thanks to [info]ceria for the betaing help.

Unworthy )

eeyore9990 [userpic]
She Winked, Harry/Tonks, R

Title: She Winked
Author/Artist: [info]eeyore9990
Rating: R?
Prompt: "I've made it obvious, done everything but sing it."
Pairing(s): Harry/Tonks, Sirius/Remus
Word Count: ~1300
Warnings (if any): First person POV, sexual situation between an adult and a minor.
Author/Artist's notes: From the moment I signed up to write, I had this fic in my head. I knew it had to be told in Harry's words, so that's what I did. Thanks to [info]kathrynthegreat for all her cheerleading and to [info]sassy_cissa for the lightning beta!
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone or anything from the Harry Potter universe.

She Winked )

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