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Hello everybody; I know it's been a while since many of you have heard from me...if at all. The day after my characters were accepted. I found out that my grandmother had lung cancer. I had to travel up and assist her, driving her to medical appointments in coalition with my mother, plus coursework as the school year started. Then, we found out she had breast cancer as well. Her surgery was last week, and we think it was successful.

Subsequently, I have not been replying to any threads since then. I am currently starting to work back through tags and games. I know that I should have dropped a note in the various comms, but to be perfectly honest RP was one of the last things on my mind.

In the future, hopefully things will calm down and I can get back to my regularly scheduled RP. Until then, I'm going to be on a super-slowatus of some kind. I'm not quite sure how active I will be; it seems that since her chemo and surgeries are over, all we have left to do is wait and pray, so at least I won't be running around as much anymore (though now I have a mountain of coursework to catch up on).

Please, if I've left you hanging and don't get to your tag soon, feel free to poke me. Love you all <3

--I do plan to start them, now, so if anybody would like to do a starter with me that'd be really awesome.



Real time: September 25 - October 2
Game time: October 30 - November 13, 2011

  • Monday, October 31 - Halloween. Trick or Treating will be from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm.
  • Thurday, November 10 - Full moon. Beware of things that lurk in the woods!
  • Friday, November 11 - Veterans Day - no school.

  • [info]allmenarebeasts

    It's a little early this week, but I'm making my list.

    The people I play are here - any takers on net post, threads, or plotting?

    Would love to get my peeps into some action, drama, lover, or hate.

    Lets get busy people.

    Also if we have a few pairing, I know I do with a lot of you. Would you like for me to set up a post like this one here to help us mange them better?


    I haven't been online in a while because my boys have been keeping me social. But with my birthday coming up, I'll be around for a few days - drinking some though, mind you - but I wanna get some things going again rp wise.

    Shoot me an email so we can talk! I'll make sure to get on aim tonight once I'm home from work. :) Miss ya'll.



    Real time: September 18 - 25
    Game time: October 16 - October 30, 2011

  • None

  • [info]allmenarebeasts

    It's the time of week again!

    Here is my list, not updated yet, but if anyone would like to do anything, let me know.



    Real time: September 11 - 18
    Game time: September 25 - October 16, 2011

  • Monday, October 10, 2011 - Columbus Day (early dismissal at 12:30 pm)
  • Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - Full moon (Beware the woods/reserve that surround the town. There could be something out there.)

  • [info]musicaetlatine

    Hey guys, Chrissy here with a couple of new characters to introduce you all to.

    First up is Olivia Martin, older sister of the one and only Lydia Martin. She went away to college and majored in both music education and foreign language education (Latin), so she's going to be teaching music and is a substitute Latin teacher.

    My other new one is an AU version of the Doctor from Doctor Who. He's in his 13th regeneration and is AU from the end of season 7.

    As always, you can reach me on AIM at crazypandaiscrazy. ♥



    Real time: September 4 - 11
    Game time: September 4 - 25, 2011

  • Monday, September 5, 2011 - No school (Labor Day)
  • Tuesday, September 6, 2011 - First full day of school. All teachers and students are expected to report at 8:05 am to their first period class.
  • Friday, September 20, 2011 - Welcome Back dance.

  • [info]wontletyoudown

    Hi all, I'm Misty and I write Lillian Hale, an OC created by me and you can find her bio Here. I also write Camden Lahey, who is Isaac Lahey's older brother and Talia Hale in this game. I will also soon(hopefully)be adding Coach Finstock and Mother McCall to the list of who I write in this game. I just started college, so my free time is a little scarce at this particular moment in time. I will tag as much as I can though they may be sporadic. As my professors are evil evil people that attempt to drown you in homework.

    I look forward to writing with everyone, even if it I am a little slow in replying rest assured you will get a reply.

    ~Queenie The Owl, I mean Misty.


    Every week I put up a post to see if anyone would like to do anything.

    Here is my list, not updated yet, but if anyone would like to do anything, let me know.


    Hi all,

    I'm new here but played with a few of you before. I'm Mike. I have four characters. So far, anyway. I get enabled sometimes lol. I have a full list of IJ character journals here. My pups are always up for plot or anything. Anyway, here's my list for the moment, their info is in the app profiles [linked by their names in the Taken list, by "profile" link].

    Catherine Weaver | Terminator (SCC) | [info]cross_the_light
    Damien Thorn | The Omen | [info]antichrist_ceo
    Draco Malfoy | Harry Potter | [info]malfoy_pride
    Erik Lensherr | Marvel | [info]the_better_man

    Couple things of note; Damien was born from a jackal, so werewolf types are free to sense something oddly familiar about him, as jackals are part of the canine family in nature. So they may notice something nonhuman about him right off when he's near, lol. Well.. maybe experienced ones, the newbie wolf people might feel something odd but unsure of what it is exactly til they focus and narrow it down.

    And Weaver.. in the films and series, dogs often go nuts around terminators (which is why the Resistance uses them as lookout, always agitate and bark when a cyborg is close). So, for werewolf pups, if they want, they can have a sense of maybe she's not normal or not exactly what she appears to be. She can also shapeshift if anyone might like a plot where she poses as one of theirs.. though it requires physical contact to get that shape from them, like a handshake or something. Or if she's disguised as a floor pattern and they walk over her. She also has a video here. XD


    Hey all,

    I'm Lauren and it's awesome to be playing with all of you, some again and some for the first time. Anyway, I have a few people here:

    Elena Gilbert: She's from The Vampire Diaries and coming from around the end of season 4. Sadly, this Elena is a vampire with her emotions flipped off. She'll be a bit of a bitch, just a heads up, but maybe something will make her flip them back on again.

    Claire Bennet: She's from Heroes, the start of the second season, and the literally immortal cheerleader. She's friendly, but definitely trying to hide her abilities and seem as "normal" as possible. She'll be a junior/senior in high school.


    Jo Harvelle: She's from Supernatural and her last appearance on the show as a ghost. She'll be returning to the land of the living, so she'll be a bit shocked at first about it all. She'll be leery of most supernatural things considering her background as a hunter, but she might be open to being okay with some of them...eventually.

    Plot is love!



    Hello everyone I am Cat, and I have:

    Oliver Queen, The Good, Arrow....guy you got stuck on an island for five years and got all kinds of messed up.

    Peter Rumancek, the gypsy werewolf whose transformation is kinda gross and awesome all at once.

    and then there is this guy, Scott McCall your normal teenager who is in for the ride of his life. His world shall be turned upside down.


    Hello all~ I'm Ash and I have a few pups for the game.

    First being Derek Hale. Obviously from Teen Wolf and the grumpiest grump of all time. He's melded into the game's timeline as a canon point.

    Second is Bucky Barnes from Marvel movie universe. He's coming in from right after falling from the train away from his bffffffff Steve Rogers aka Captain America. He might be a little shaken.

    Lastly is Nathan Weller, who is an OC from the novel I'm working on. There's info in his profile in the journal, but the short version is that he's a half angel/half werewolf that has his hands in white magic and has a lot of strange things in his world.

    I have three more on the way that I'm apping in so be on the look out~

    Plot with me via email ( or aim if you have it. It's locked so just ask me and I'll give you it/add you.




    So okay, you're probably all wondering who the hell I am. I'm Chrissy aka Panda aka the mod aka...too many nicknames. I'm 29 going on 100 and have been RPing for what seems like for-freaking-ever. I used to be big in the HP fandom, but I don't really play there anymore. Anyways, here's the list of my crew:

    → The ever lovable Stiles Stilinski, Teen Wolf.
    → I WILL ALWAYS BE AN ALPHA! Peter Hale, Teen Wolf.
    → The ever adorable Isaac Lahey, Teen Wolf.
    → Fuck with me and I'll stick an arrow through your skull Hope Grimes, The Walking Dead
    → More than just a vet, Alan Deaton, Teen Wolf.
    → The jackass to end all jackasses, Jackson Whittemore, Teen Wolf.
    → If I want the curly fries, I will have the damn curly fries, Michael Stilinski, Teen Wolf.
    → The Omega that got left behind, Chloe Walker, Teen Wolf OC.
    → An adorable 12 year old, Rue, The Hunger Games
    → He'll put you in amazing outfits, Cinna, The Hunger Games
    → The mockingjay herself, Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games.
    → Mr. Suit and I are One, Tony Stark, Marvel/Iron Man/Avengers.
    → Pureblood witch directly from Hogwarts, Anna Henderson, Harry Potter OC.
    → The boy with the demon blood, Sam Winchester, Supernatural.
    → He who likes to sit in his nest, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Marvel/Avengers.
    → An angel of the Lord, Castiel, Supernatural.

    Plot, death threats, enemies, people to be friends with are all love. Poke me on AIM at crazypandaiscrazy or hit me up on Twitter at @wolfedoutpanda. LOVE! ♥


    HAI EVERYBODY (HI DR NICK!)I'm Michelle and I bring you the gift of a butt load of characters, so here goes.

    The first one is Sam Tyler, from the original UK version of Life On Mars. He's a DI (Detective Inspector) for the police, until a car accident where he ended up in a coma, and somehow wound up in 1973 under Gene Hunts rule. So he might be a bit...confused at first considering he was just getting used to being stuck in the past. He's coming in from the ep 2x05 "Overdose." I might not play him right away, however, because I'm in serious need of re-watching the entire show to brush up on his muse.

    Secondly is one of my favorites: Bugs Bunny! ([info]stuffof_legend)If you don't know who Bugs is, FOR SHAME!. Secondly he's a rabbit-turned-human, has the tendency to talk alot, and will always have a carrot somewhere on his person. He's also PB'd by Dane cook, and is coming in Post Loony Tunes but pre-Loony Tunes Show because of various reasons.

    My next pup is Cap'n America ([info]alwaysfnshfirst)AKA Steve Rogers. Most of his info is in his journal, but the short story is he was a super solider frozen in the 40's and just recently unthawed. He's also part of the Avengers, and is coming post movie.

    Fourth is one of my semi-newest: Vince Noir, from the Mighty Boosh! He's basically a dabbler in everything, lives in his best mates shop and works there for money, in between moon lighting as a part time singer-traveler-zoo keeper. He's also used to various, creepy, people mistaken him for a woman, or just being confused and hitting on him anyway so feel free to bother him!

    Second to last is my SPN Pup, and Cas's baby bro: Raguel! He's, technically, still an angel despite being from the finale. So he will just be confused by humans, technology, and basically the human world in general. He's also played by Joshua Jackson.

    Lastly, but never least, is my other rare favorite to play. Antha Mayfair ([info]hasinvsblfriend)Antha is from the Anne Rice Novel: The Mayfair Chronicles, but she's barley a blurb in the long run of things. Basically, she comes from a long, long, line of what were considered 'witches' because they could do various, special things (healing, telekinesis, teleportation, etc)Antha in particular can read minds, though being so young she can't control and will get bits and pieces from some, and loads of stuff from other(though her ability doesn't work on other telepaths or people with really strong mental blocks.).She can also see ghosts, but that power is mostly hard to use for her unless she concentrates, so it'll probably never come up. It was also hinted that she abused and neglected, so don't feel bad if she hides if your pups try to talk to her. Unless you happen to be a werewolf IN WHICH SHE WILL HUG YOU AND WANT TO HAVE TEA PARTIES. Because she's used to supernatural things, given her family is powerful, and very dangerous and fucked up.(She's also 8, in case I forgot to mention that earlier)

    [EDIT:]It's late so naturally I forgot someone. I also have Kara Stilinski, Stiles mom! ([info]hasherloyalties). She's pre-series, is a SPN/Teen wolf crossover pup. Basically, she's Mary's older sister who was never spoken of after she quite 'the life' and moved away. She's coming from 4x03 "In the Beginning" and is pb'd by Kristine Sutherland.

    That's everyone, I think. If you want to plot with any of my pups feel free to hunt me down on aim withabrokenwings is where you can find me most of the times. Usually I'm on, and even if I'm not, all the IMs go to my phone.

    Questions/comments/death threats



    Last week of summer vacation before school starts for the fall.

    Real time: August 21 - September 4
    Game time: August 28 - September 3, 2011




    Anyway, Hi! Most of you know me from other games, and the rest of you might not. In case you have not been subjected to my level of insanity, now is your chance to. I'm Lizzy or in some cases called Dalek since I am a collector of sorts. Here I bring you five characters for you to enjoy:

    The first one is in the form of an OC by the name of Raven Harrison in the Harry Potter series. She is taken right after the war so she is going to be pretty shaken up for a while. She also has little trust in others, other than her best friend, Anna and Luna so don't be surprised when you see her not instantly warming up to others. Not only that, she is also a mind reader and back in her school days, she had no control over whose mind she taps into. If you don't want Raven reading important info comment here.

    Next character is the ever lovely and forever daydreamer, Luna Lovegood. Like Raven she is taken from the War and is going to be majorly shaken up as well as overwhelmed by all the new fangled technology and what not at Beacon Hills and will have no idea what is going on at all. Though she is no stranger to the supernatural due to her being a witch, she is going to be slightly thrown off with the werewolves around but will accept it. She will talk to anyone though most people will just turn the other cheek when it comes to her since she tends to say off the wall things and what have you.

    Next character on the list is Bonnie Bennett from the Vampire Diaries. She is taken from season four just before her death so whatever happned after that she has no idea that transpired other than the other bullshit that went on earlier in the season. She is a witch and the most powerful one in her family in a few centuries and does have her insecurities over her powers. While she is no stranger to the supernatural, she is not very trusting of vampires save for her friends, Elena and Caroline, nor is she trusting of werewolves other than Tyler so do not be surprised if Bonnie does not welcome that particular bunch with open arms. She does have a heart of gold around her friends and I am excited to see what Bonnie does in this game.

    And since this is a Teen Wolf game, the game would not be perfect without the reigning queen bee of the school Lydia Martin Those who have seen the show know how she is so I really don't have to say much, other than she is a genius, but hides it rather well and adores clothes, shopping and what have you. Point in cannon for her is the first episode like everyone else,so watch her character grow. It is my first time playing her so wish me luck!

    And last but not least is Aldous Snow from Forgetting Sarah Marshall/Get him to the Greek. Like all characters Russell Brand plays, he's a bit odd, a rockstar, a party all night, sleep all day kind of guy and pretty much the life of the party pretty much. Though he is odd, he will talk to anyone if they happen to see him at the Jungle where he will be working. With the supernatural stuff going on, he is not going to understand what the hell is going on, but will try to be the comic relief I suppose.

    If you wish to plot, which like cake is LOVE, feel free to comment here, or hit me up on aim(dontfearthedalek). I am almost always online unless I am either sleeping or at work, but there is the handy social network of twitter(irishdalek) or Facebook if you need to poke me for RP. But all plot is fine with me. Love, friends, death threats etc? I am all for it. Look forward to meeting you all and playing! Let's make this game AWESOME!



    Go forth and get your OOCs in, cause...


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