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hexennacht mods. [userpic]

If everyone knew 1984 was when everything was going to happen, why was no one prepared?
Hexennacht is an alternate universe MWPP game set in 1985; a world where Gellert Grindelwald is now the Minister of Magic for all of Europe, and Muggleborn wizards live in fear of the Black Caps, Grindelwald's personal army, charged with keeping the Muggles and wizards alike in line. Hexennacht begins with the latest decree restricting magic allowed by Muggleborn wizards to the simplest forms of magic, while the purebloods are allowed to get away with murder. With the Death Eaters on the run, Voldemort in Azkaban with no hope of getting out, and the Order in hiding, along with the remains of their single ally, a former terrorist organization, is there any hope of restoring Europe to a land of tolerance?

Full information can be found in the moderator's info.

Game can be found here.

Wanted Characters: Death Eaters (Rosier, Karkaroff, Crabbe, Nott, Selwyn, et al.) Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, The Weasleys, Prewetts, Bones, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Malfalda Hopkirk, Sturgis Podmore, Severus Snape, Heathcote Barbary, Merton Graves, Orsino Thruston, Donaghan Tremlett, Gideon Crumb, and others.


Oh, you're MORMON. So. I'm going to make an RPG called "Liberty Jail" and we're going to play the part of the angry mob that murdered Joseph and Hyrum Smith.

But we won't murder him, we'll make it a torture porn comm. Yeah, and we'll be sure to reference all the children of Emma's that died and pass Joe's wives to all the mob members to do as they will, but we're going to do this to discuss religious persecution.

But I've thought it through, and I'm not trying to be offensive, I'm really, really a good person. Really. can you get it? A bit? Or do I need to make a Haun's Massacre RPG? Which... still, not equal to the persecution Jews have faced. NOT EQUAL.