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Konstantin Boyandin [userpic]
День света

...а точнее - международный день света, годовщина изобретения лазера в 1960-м году.подробнее )

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AKK [userpic]
BAUplan - Are you kidding me?!

current chapter word count: 2531 (6/6 pages continuous text)
scenes written today: "are you kidding me?!"
scenes completed? yes.
scenes to be written next: tracking down Subaru
character having a temper: Seishiro
character having a bad day: Sumeragi Orito
characters ordered to bear witness: Namane and Yimura
research of the day: public transport and expressway connections between Tama New Town and Kasumigaseki, family names in Tokyo

quote of the day 1:
“I do not contact a client, Orito-kun,” Seishiro reminded him.
“I don’t see how excessive information about the neighborhood and living circumstances will help with that. I—”
“Do you think you will leave this building if I explain that to you?”

quote of the day 2:
“They deleted four person days of work for an unclosed case. Let them realize what that means before we get a file consisting of ‘Suzuki in Tokyo’.” [A mirrored Dreamwidth post | read comment count unavailable comment(s) at DW | post a comment at DW | How to use OpenID ]

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Konstantin Boyandin [userpic]
Словарный запас

"Из троицы за столиком, все в чёрных деловых костюмах, двое точно уже были хороши". Так начинается "Бунт Афродиты" Лоренса Даррелла - того самого знаменитого писателя, старшего брата другого знаменитого писателя-натуралиста.подробнее )

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AKK [userpic]
BAUplan - arrival of the secretary

current chapter word count: 2027 (5/6 pages in continuous text)
scenes written today: arrival of the secretary, "are you kidding me?!"
scenes completed? Arrival is done, "are you kidding me?!" is to come
scenes to come next: "are you kidding me?!"
character having second thoughts: Yimura
character proving more capable than hoped: also Yimura
character having a temper: Seishiro
character considering decimating the less competent OMR staff: also Seishiro
research of the day: computer OSes in 2000 Japan; TRON kernel options

quote of the day 1:
“Yes, but it’s been two years since I actually used a computer.” At Namane’s surprised look, she added apologetically, “my house insists on… more traditional communication methods.” That earned her what could only be described as a snort and muttered ‘I know.’ “Is there a manual I may use?”

quote of the day 2:
“If they try to purify me, they will need a mop for themselves!” [A mirrored Dreamwidth post | read comment count unavailable comment(s) at DW | post a comment at DW | How to use OpenID ]

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~Hisokaomi~ [userpic]
Animes watched

Fumetsu no Anata e Episode 5:

Parona freed March, an old lady and orb aka fushi. They escaped the city but faced attacks. March shielded parona from an arrow and got stabbed. Fushi attacked the enemy. Parona tried to bandage March's fatal injury but in vain. Fushi meanwhile turned into oniguma and attacked the city. Parona thanked fumi for fighting for March and he turned into human. March had died in parona's arms. Spirit March saw parona wanted to kill herself and managed to stop her through fushi. Fushi in form of oniguma took parona out of the city back to home village. She gave March's letter to her parents. Fushi turned back to human form. The yanome arrived to find fushi. Fushi turned into dog and left. Parona aimed to attack the yanome leader.

Jouran The Princess of Snow and Blood 07:

Sawa and asahi went to tsuki's friend - rinko's place to start their new life. Tsuki's adopted elder brother was caught by organisation to be interrogated. While tsuki continued his hiding and research on sawa's clan, asahi went to a local school. Tsuki went to visit sawa and asahi but left before sawa woke. Asahi's teacher got close with sawa. Tsuki met sawa and warned her. He got upset and disappointed with her change. Tsuki turned demon form and killed asahi so the assassin yukimura would return. Sawa rejoined the white crow to fight tsuki.

Mars Red Episode 6:

Maeda's team members told Maeda of nakajima's vampire army unit. They questioned nakajima who told them of his vampire manufacturing project. Maeda told him that he would stop him as what nakajima's late daughter misaki told him. As nakajima left, Maeda stopped his men from going after him. Just then, the building collapsed due to earthquake. Maeda's subordinate yanagami got maeda out from the collapsed pillars and got himself combusted in the sun.

Shadows House Episode 5:

The dolls were spared when real reason of phantom was revealed. Emilico was guilty when her mistress kate told her the debut would be next day. Mia got her mistress Sarah to beat her for her to vent her anger. Master John got shaun to rest before debut. Rum worried her debut with her mistress shirley. On day of debut, all living dolls and their masters went to lord grandfather wing. Emilico who was falling behind in ranking got encouraged by her living dolls friend. The special doll Edward led all shadow masters to a garden, leaving all living dolls behind.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 4 - 5:

Takemichi went hinata's house to study and both saw fireworks at night. He accidentally held makoto's hand and returned to present time to see adult naoto. He wanted to meet present sano before going back to past again. He was shocked to see akkun part of the present gang, meaning takemichi had changed some present. They went takemichi home to find akkun hp no and called him. They visited akkun to meet sano. Akkun told takemichi that he was the one who had pushed him down the track and akkun suspected takemichi had power to go to the past. Akkun told him he was part of kisaki gang which he was terrified of and that Franken's death changed sano. Akkun jumped down the block committing suicide after asking takemichi to save everyone. Takemichi wanted to find out how draken died and knew the evil one was kisaki. He told naoto to help him check as he wanted to save everyone. Naoto told takemichi to go to past to change toman and save draken. They shook hands and takemichi was back to past to himself with half naked girl. He ran off and ran into hinata. They went to meet draken only to see the bike gang which sano was the commander. They ran into Emma who was the earlier half naked girl. Hinata beat takemichi up until Emma told her that she was only trying to get draken jealous. There was a meeting to deal with an enemy gang. The day of fight was the day when draken would die. He decided to stalk draken who was with sano. They went to visit a fellow gang member - pah's girlfriend who was hospitalised due to enemy gang- moebius' attack. As they walked off, takemichi knew why sano had changed after draken's death.

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AKK [userpic]
BAUplan - TNT completed

current chapter word count: 1608 (3/5 pages continuous text)
scenes written today: Tama New Town case, "Are you kidding me?!"
scenes completed? Tama New Town case (at least Subaru's part in it)
character being glad for cheap tea: Subaru
character about to learn more about 1970s car racing anime than he ever wanted to know: Seishiro
research for today: spiritual concepts of tea (not tea leaves or tea ceremony), tatarigami and noryo definitions

quote of the day:

"That was one of the two people not to piss off in this business." He heard Namane saying behind him.
"Who's the other one?" Subaru's secretary asked quietly.
"Your boss--" The door closed. [A mirrored Dreamwidth post | read comment count unavailable comment(s) at DW | post a comment at DW | How to use OpenID ]

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Friday Five (big liars edition)

We have reached the second Friday in May. Which, paradoxically, will be followed by the third Saturday. Which I keep forgetting; which is an issue because the third Saturday is when I host the monthly (virtual) Writers' Meeting.

I have reached the point where I am not only counting down the days until I get my second vaccine shot (and when my husband gets his), I am starting to enter into my calendar the dates when various friends will be fully vaccinated, and when we can start maybe actually visiting some of them in person.

Meanwhile, we have this week's Friday Five. This week I bring you: one story that made me tear up, one story that made me chuckle, the top five stories of the week, five stories of interest to queers and our allies, five stories about deplorable people, five stories about science, five stories about science fiction, and five videos (plus one thing I wrote and some notable obituaries).

This Week's Story That Made Me Cry:

A father kicked his son out when he came out. Two dads adopted the teen & now he’s speaking out - Families didn't want to adopt a gay teen because they thought he would "turn the other children gay." Now he wants to stop discrimination against LGBTQ parents

This Week's Story That Made Me Laugh:

Tyson blames underperforming roosters for US chicken shortage

Stories of the Week:

The Art in the Oval Office Tells a Story. Here’s How to See It

10 of the World’s Oldest Languages Still Used Today

Dry cleaners suffer as pandemic changes what we wear

Facepalm Pilot: Where Technology Meets Stupidity: An Interactive Guide to Ambiguous Grammar

Biden orders federal cyber upgrade after barrage of hacks - The far-reaching directive is an attempt to close longstanding gaps in the government’s ability to block and investigate hacks

Stories of Interest to Queers and Our Allies:

Judge blocks requirement for ‘gay sex’ offender registration

U.S. Will Protect Gay And Transgender People Against Discrimination In Health Care

‘The love of homosexuals is something good’: German Catholics to bless gay unions, defying Vatican ban

Author fights to keep her queer memoir on a Texas high school reading list — dildo and all - In The Dream House, about an abusive same-sex relationship, is one of 15 titles up for review in Leander

A Gay Man Says He Was Tormented at Liberty University. Now He's Suing

This Week in Deplorables, Haters, and Obstructors

Lawsuit from Stephen Miller group alleges racial discrimination in distribution of COVID-19 relief

Joel Greenberg set for federal court hearing Monday, expected to plead guilty

Federal Judge Rules NRA Bankruptcy Effort A Sham - Score one for New York Attorney General Letitia James! Judge Harlin Hale ruled that the bankruptcy filing was an effort to escape regulation rather than a financial decision

First active duty service member arrested over Jan. 6 riot

Mum's internet research on vaccines doesn't make her an expert, court decides

This Week in Science:

A study of Earth’s crust hints that supernovas aren’t gold mines - The stellar explosions can’t be the main source for heavy elements, new data suggest

Is Mars Ours? - Should we treat other planets like natural resources or national parks?

Voyager spacecraft detects 'persistent hum' beyond our solar system

There’s no such thing as a tree (phylogenetically)

Saturn has a fuzzy core, spread over more than half the planet’s diameter - A wave in one of the rings reveals the size and composition of the planet’s core

This Week in Science Fiction:

Cora is the Winner of the 2021 Space Cowboy Award!

15 recent sci-fi books that forever shaped the genre - About the future, shaping the future

Mark Millar is ushering in Netflix’s new superhero universe with ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’

#DisneyMustPay Task Force Updates

Doctor Who fans feel ‘demonised’ by BBC crackdown on fan fiction

In Memoriam:

Norman Lloyd Dies: ‘St. Elsewhere’ Actor Who Worked With Welles, Hitchcock & Chaplin Was 106

Things I Wrote:

Don’t Roll the Dice if You Can’t Pay the Price — or, some writing lessons from a 1960 heist film

Thinking about professional conclusion jumpers


Click on the image to be taken to the video!

Stephen Colbert: McCarthy Admits Election Wasn't Stolen, But GOP's Tent Isn't Big Enough For Liz Cheney McCarthy Admits Election Wasn't Stolen, But GOP's Tent Isn't Big Enough For Liz Cheney

Republicans Refuse to Move On from Donald Trump: A Closer Look Republicans Refuse to Move On from Donald Trump: A Closer Look

Let’s Talk About the Israel-Palestine Conflict | The Daily Show Let’s Talk About the Israel-Palestine Conflict | The Daily Show

Venom: Let There Be Carnage - Official Trailer 2021 Tom Hardy, Woody Harrelson Venom: Let There Be Carnage - Official Trailer 2021 Tom Hardy, Woody Harrelson

LOKI Trailer 3- NEW, 2021 LOKI Trailer 3- NEW, 2021

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DrGaellon [userpic]
#EidMubarak #EidMubarak2021

May 13, 2021 at 11:50AM from Instagram

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Rushlight [userpic]
PATHFINDER Audiobook Teaser

I'm so excited about the upcoming release of the audiobook for Pathfinder! I still can't get over how good it turned out. I've had the opportunity to listen to the first few chapters of the sequel, The Ouroboros Prophecy, as Dan is recording it, and that's turning out to be just as amazing!!! ♥♥♥

Here's a teaser clip from Pathfinder to whet your appetite for more:

The audiobook should be available very soon! I'm hoping ACX will finish their QA checks and release it within the next couple of weeks. *bounces excitedly*

~Hisokaomi~ [userpic]
Animes watched

Kyuukyoku Shinka shita Full Dive RPG 04 - 05:

Hiroshi yuki concentrated his life in school sports. He tripped and wet himself during an important competition, embarrassing himself in the public. The shopkeeper girl reona tried to pursue hiroshi to get onto the game again with guides from the best player kamui. Hiroshi logged in again and back to the prison room. Hiroshi was taken to captain Tesla's mansion. Tesla acquitted his crime but people continued to discriminate him. He had to find a job to buy weapons. He ended up having to find ginji in casino. They ended up fighting. After seeing their same fate of seeing ghosts of dead friend characters, they made up. Reona made ginji gave hiroshi all his money. He went to a wrong shop and lost all his money for 2 smoke bombs. He tried to retrieve his sword in his house and got attacked by alicia. The girl inquisitor went to hiroshi's aid.

Kumo Desu ga Nani ka Episode 15 - 17:

Kumoko's paraellel minds continued their tasks to mess with Mother's brain. Kumoko's main body was concerned for baby sophie's well being. Mother blasted out of labyrinth after kumoko main body. Kumoko had to teleport back to labyrinth to escape her but faced other spider archs and spider puppets attack. She defeated and ate the arch spiders to evolve. Shun and others had to plan to stop hugo who planned to attack elves village. In the labyrinth, D wanted to talk to kumoko again. D was also part of the class when explosion that resulted everyone to reincarnated happened. Shun and others consulted a labyrinth guide. The guide's father offered to guide shun and others into the labyrinth instead. Fei evolved into human form. All of them swam into the labyrinth. Kumoko was slacking at sea wondering who D was warning against. After killing a water dragon, she recalled how she used water to kill the spider puppets. Just then a parallel mind warned main body of a more dangerous opponent than Mother. Demon lord turned up and cut her instantly. Shun and others worked their way through the labyrinth. The guide told them of nightmare of labyrinth - a high rank monster spider. They took the shortest route and killed earth dragons. Just then, they faced descendents of nightmare of labyrinth which knew of the reincarnations. Fei finally took everyone out in her dragon form out of the labyrinth. They set off towards elf village. In water, kumoko tried to heal herself. She tried to work out how to survive from the demon lord. One of kumoko's parallel mind invaded demon lord's mind.

Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu Episode 4 - 6:

Sei's ability was discussed by the top in private and they confirmed only the great magus could appraise her. Later, sei was tasked to help others deliver potion. The knights told her about another summoned saint aira. After being banned from over producing potion, sei went library and ran into king siegfried who apologised to her for how prince Kyle treated her and he invited her to the royal court. She got to learn healing magic from a recommended book. She went to visit the injured knights and helped a knight regrow his lost arm as well as others. The director and hawke noticed it. The director had arranged royal magi academy for great magus yuri to appraise if sei was the real saint. Great magus found sei more powerful than him. Great magus reported to king that sei was likely the saint. The king requested an audience with sei. Hawke came to escort her to the king who wanted to grant her wish. She asked to know more magic including from forbidden section and he agreed. Prince Kyle was not happy about it. Great magus yuri was assigned as sei's magic tutor. Hawke also asked sei to join in practice with the knights. Sei also got involved in dancing and other social classes. Hawke accompanied her. A week later, Liz invited sei to tea party. Liz told sei that aira had attracted many people's attention including Kyle's.

Sentouin Hakenshimasu Episode 4 - 6:

Agent 6 was tasked with new mission to fight Heine's powerful demon elite team by the strategist who hated him. Agent 6 ended up threatening heine and earning evil points. She ended up retreating. Agent 6 and others celebrated that night. Angered by agent 6's insulting words, snow was tempted by strategist's plan to get rid of agent 6. She overheard agent 6's words of being spy and was stunned. She told agent 6 and Alice to leave. Snow got her royal guard job back along. While waiting for Alice to set up portal, agent 6 went messing around to earn evil points but ran into snow. He alerted her of demon lord attack. While setting traps to demons, agent 6 and Alice learned the chosen one had went missing. Knowing there was no hope, they wanted to run away but the princess visited them and exposed them as spies. She asked them to watch last moment of their country and ro warn other countries. Agent 6 and Alice's traps delayed the demon troops. The demon troops finally reached the kingdom. Snow, rose and Grimm tried to fight them. Agent 6 tried to get the princess to escape. Snow went to him and told him to help rose and grimm. He gave in. After gaining some evil point, agent 6 shot the demon troop. The elite four demons stormed into castle to fight agent 6, snow and Alice. Agent 6 killed all elite demons except heine who agreed on a month truce. Agent 6 planned to leave but rose and Grimm wanted to make him stay. So was snow. He decided to stay as combat agent. As he had negative evil points, he and Alice had to stay until he cleared his negative points.

Tensura Nikki Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 4 - 6:

Rimuru and others went to beach for camping. Even the tree spirit joined in the fun.

Rimuru wanted to arrange summer festival. Rimuru was made to wear kimono. The others got excited that they wanted more parties.

Soul of shizu went to visit tempest city which was holding bon festival and was shocked to see shion and others making rimuru wearing female clothes. All residents took chance of the festival to remember their clans and to be in harmony with all monster races. Shizu was happy to see rimuru's achievement.

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Konstantin Boyandin [userpic]
От противного

Я уже и забыл, насколько охотнее люди спорят, нежели соглашаются. Нападают, нежели отступают. Критикуют, нежели хвалят. Разумеется, речь о полемике - "боксу по переписке", если угодно. подробнее )

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Rushlight [userpic]
Coming Soon!

The recording for the audiobook for Pathfinder is done!!! Dan Calley did such an amazing job with the narration. I can't get over how good it is! Tense and edgy, dark and sexy, with the perfect blend of action and sensuality to bring my dark dystopian world of genetically imposed sexual bonds to life. I love how it turned out so very much. ♥♥♥

Now it's just a matter of waiting for ACX to finish their QA checks, and then it'll be ready to go!

7 hours 37 minutes (76,000 words)
Genre: M/M, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Shai discovers he is a pathfinder and is desperate to find a genetically suitable partner to prevent his extrasensory talents from running amok. Unfortunately those talents make him a target for the brutal crime lords and other violent denizens who inhabit the city of Nhil-Rhar. Shai needs to learn how to use his pathfinder senses--no matter how much they terrify him--before he's trapped in a partnership that will enslave him for the rest of his life. (warnings for noncon)

felaries65 [userpic]
"EMMA" (2020) Photo Gallery

Below are images from "EMMA", the 2020 adaptation of Jane Austen's 1815 novel. Directed by Autumn de Wilde, the movie stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Johnny Flynn: Read more... )

Konstantin Boyandin [userpic]
Нечто загадочное

Сейчас загадки загадывать трудно: Интернет знает всё. Так что у любой загадки может быть только один решивший: все прочие могут подсмотреть.к чему это? )

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ellie [userpic]
➢ muselist

thanks for getting the staff of magnus for me, i'll be taking that! )

~Hisokaomi~ [userpic]
Animes watched

86 episode 3-5:

Lena continued to call her spearhead team everyday on casual chats. She managed to get a map so she could aid them. However, a team member moved the wrong area and got killed. However, one of the spearhead members - theo got upset with her. After a few talks with her close friend and uncle, Lena called Shin one night for his and his team members' real names. She noted it down. Shin connected her to rest of his team to talk. Later, Lena realised she knew shin's late elder brother as he had saved her life 9 years ago. In a sudden battle, lena overheard something she should not be hearing from the enemy black sheep that mimic last words of dead people and this gave her nightmare. She later called shin again to verify the nature of the enemy. Shin who had almost died could hear his enemy before they came. Shin updated Lena reality of the battle field.

Jouran The Princess of Snow and Blood 05 - 06:

Sawa's brother let himself die so she could escape the burning house with her adopted sister. Elena got pregnant while sawa lost her motivation in mission and living. Her adopted sister asahi tried to get her to eat. Elena went to look for sawa one night to deal with rebels. Sawa had difficulty killing people. Being pregnant, elena was going to quit the organisation. Later, sawa found elena and her husband dead in a suicide fire incident and suspected foul play by the organisation. Asahi gave sawa a drug given by tsuki and she collapsed. She was to fake sawa aka yukimura's death to the organisation. After the people left, asahi tried to dig sawa out. Sawa meanwhile had dream of her with elena and tsuki. She woke to see asahi telling her to escape to Tokyo with her. Tsuki meanwhile was also on the run. The shogun wanted the organisation to bring in sawa for a formula. Apparently, Janome used to work for the shogun.

Yuukoku no Moriarty 2nd Season Episode 4 - 6:

There had been case of Jack the ripper who was responsible for prostitute murders. William made all of his team to be involved in a mission. In a bank, they got involved in a robbery case while collecting a package. They took their own way to settle the matter, saving hostages in the dark and push credit to a police so sherlock would not link the package to Moriarty. When they returned to meet the real Jack the ripper not related to earlier murders. He would be assisting to check the murders. William and others had knew Jack who was a butler in the mansion they stayed after the fire. They went to the area to see the locals against police interference. Lestrade the police yard asked sherlock to help. William and others would get Jack to lure the real culprits out. Others backed him up in the dark. William and others ambushed and killed the real culprits who had tried to use the murdered prostitute to cause friction between the poor and the police. At the signal of the end of mission, they retreated. A criminal Charles took interest in james William Moriarty. Sherlock checked the scene and knew Moriarty had solved the issue. Jack stayed on as Moriarty butler.

An innocent town doctor was arrested and falsely framed as Jack the ripper by top police arterton. Irene aka bonde was tasked to steal a ledger to save the accused doctor. Lestrade meanwhile got sherlock into the building. Arterton stopped lestrade, sherlock and John from finding the ledger. Irene took chance of commotion and got the ledger. Paterson who engaged irene passed the ledger to lestrade. Arterton's acts was exposed and the doctor was released. The Moriarty had planned as Paterson who replaced anderton would help with their plan.

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Всё на свете есть загадка

...и решать её не менее интересно, нежели сочинять. Всегда трудно сформулировать, чем же именно тебе нравится заниматься больше всего. А когда удаётся выразить словами, сразу же становится ясно: это ж очевидно, почему раньше не получалось сформулировать?

В "Обряде" ситуационная игра, "данетка" - дело весьма важное, без него всё могло пойти не туда и не так. подробнее )

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AKK [userpic]
BAUplan - Tatarigami secretary

current chapter word count: 1283
scenes written today: Tama New Town case, new secretary
scenes completed? you wish! The tatarigami still has to show up - secretary started because it's happening parallel to Tama New Town case (avoids boring fillers)
character whose shikigami hovers over kitchen knives: Subaru
character losing patience with OMR personnel: Seishiro
character confusing Subaru's new secretary: also Seishiro
character not bothering to wait: Seishiro again

quote of the day:
“I have Sumeragi-sama's pager number, sir,” she said quietly. “I will page him to call in.”
“Unnecessary,” Seishiro told her, grabbing his coat. “I’ll find him.” [A mirrored Dreamwidth post | read comment count unavailable comment(s) at DW | post a comment at DW | How to use OpenID ]

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~Hisokaomi~ [userpic]
Animes watched

Eden zero #03 - #05:

While registering shiki as adventurer, they ran into a b cuber lavillia who made rebecca upset and shiki suggested rebecca making video of 'mother' to make herself more popular. They went visit a scientist/ doctor. A space pirate Elise and her men went to the guild to look for shiki and got information that they were going to planet Norma. Rebecca and others crashed into the planet due to shiki's carelessness. They went to the doctor's house but found met a different person named weisz instead. In space, a couple of corpses with necklace engraved 'eden zero' was found.

In professor's house, assassin from sibir attacked weisz who left. Rebecca realised everything was 50 years ago planet norma including doctor weisz. Sibir and his men confronted shiki and rebecca for weisz whereout. Shiki and others fled and ran into weisz in his bar. They found anti machine pino in weisz's stolen case who went off to find sibir to fulfil his order. Weisz went after pino. Shiki found video of sibir torturing pino. They found pino was from rebecca's time and set off to save pino. Pino meanwhile returned to sibir. Weisz stalked along overhearing sibir's plot and saving pino. Shiki, rebecca and happy crashed in. Sibir went after the escaping weisz, pino and happy while others attacked rebecca and shiki. Shiki crashed into basement and found androids that were discarded. He tried to fix the one which resembled his old friend Michael but in vain. He returned to ground to beat sibir's subordinates before going after and beat sibir up. Pino deactivate sibir's robot that tried to kill shiki. Weisz crashed sibir's reinenforced arm. Meanwhile, Elise and her men approached planet Norma.

Fairy Tail Season 2 Episode 30 - 31:

Due to weather issue, all in fairy tail guild got requests on jobs. Natsu, Lucy and happy took on a job. Lucy couldn't summon her spirits when a giant slug attacked them. Other guild members found Lucy's job suspicious and other celestial spirit user yukino rushed to guild to warn Lucy something. Lucy got information from a spirit that spirit world was attacked. The spirit was attacked by changed virgo. All spirits under gold gate keys lost their memories of their contractors. Lucy had to fight virgo. Other changed spirits appeared and stating their contract with Lucy was voided for their perfert freedom. Natsu fought them to protect Lucy. Happy had to take natsu and Lucy away back to fairy tail guild to discuss with others. Lucy summoned the clock spirit for details and learned celestial spirit king was missing. Knowing the details, fairy tail members prepared to set off. Natsu dragged the clock along to spirit world to fight the rebellious celestial apirits. Lucy, yukino, happy and levy went to library for research. Virgo attacked them and snatched the celestial globe. Natsu crashed into virgo who escaped. The celestial spirits would live for only 12 more days if they performed ritual for perfect freedom.

One Piece Episode 972 - 973:

The ninja girl shinobu arrived to back up oden's fight against kaido and orochi. Kaido's subordinate used dirty trick by disguising as momosuke to distract Oden causing him and others to lose his battle against kaido. They were jailed as rebels. Shinobu was spared when Oden faked his ignorance of her. She learned Oden and others would be executed. On day of execution, Oden challenged orochi and kaido to release all of them if anyone of them could survive for an hour in boiling oil. Oden leaped into the boiling oil first. The rest of them wanted to go after him but Oden stopped them. Shinobu exposed orochi's motive to destroy land of wano and that Oden's naked dance had resulted because orochi had used many people as hostages.

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AKK [userpic]
BAUplan - Tama New Town

current chapter word count: 900 (hopefully more to come this weekend)
scenes written today: Tama New Town case
scenes completed? you wish!
character musing about cramped flats & mecha anime parodies: Subaru
character who ought to carry a phone: also Subaru
research for the day: Toei animation productions in the 1970s

quote of the day:
“Sakura Enterprises.”
Subaru pressed his hand over his free ear to block some of the noise. “Namane-san? This is Sumeragi Subaru. The job at Toei apartments is partially your business. Somebody just sicced a tatarigami on my client.”

Work life basically eats up my time since March - and that will likely last into Autumn, but I'm determined to squeeze in writing time at weekends - if only to keep my sanity...
...not sure what it says about my sanity that I have to write about carnivorous cherry trees to keep it. ;-) [A mirrored Dreamwidth post | read comment count unavailable comment(s) at DW | post a comment at DW | How to use OpenID ]

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AO3 and You: Meta Tags, fandoms, and All Media Types

On AO3, when a fandom has multiple different media/divisions within it, there is always a meta tag that encompasses all of the possible aspects of the fandom. Sometimes it's simply the broadest name of the fandom. Sometimes (especially if the fandom is older, or the relationships of fandoms within it are complicated) it will be "[Fandom Name] - All Media Types." Sometimes, if the canon has multiple different names, it will be "[Fandom Name] & Related Fandoms."

Meta tags are a thing the archive does as a way of grouping similar tags. So, for example, if Spock is a character tag, it will be a meta tag for every variation of "Spock"--girl!Spock, genderbent Spock, Spock Prime, and every other variation of the Spock character anyone has ever tagged on the archive will be wrangled such that Spock is the meta tag. Which means that if you click on the Spock tag you will get fics tagged with every type of Spock there ever has been whether or not the "Spock" specific tag is used. If it's just tagged "genderbent Spock" and not "Spock" the work will still show up in the Spock tag. If you click on the genderbent Spock tag, you will get only works tagged with that specific tag, but clicking on the general Spock tag will bring up canon Spock and genderbent Spock and every other Spock anyone's ever tagged.

The same is true of fandoms. If you tag something as only "Star Trek: The Next Generation" it will appear on the works page for both the TNG tag and the general Star Trek tag. If you tag something as only Batman: Under the Red Hood, it will show up on the works page for the Under the Red Hood tag and the Batman - all media types tag. It doesn't hurt anything to add the meta tag, I hasten to add, it's just not adding to the discoverability of your fic.

But from the perspective of the reader, if you like all the different media types and canon divisions, and want to read fic from them, it helps to be able to identify what the meta tag for the fandom is, so you can find all the fic. Here's how!

First, if there's an "all media types" or "& related fandoms" tag, that's easy, that's probably it. (The actual meta tag may be something else, as "all media types" used to be the default but they've changed that, but if so "all media types" will be synned to the actual meta tag, which means they are actually the same tag for all practical purposes and "all media types" will still function as the meta tag.)

But if there isn't one of those, a little tag exploration may be required.

  • Go to a work in a subfandom, and click on the fandom tag. That will take you to the works page, where it will say "1-20 of [size of fandom] Works in [Sub-Fandom Name]".
  • The name of the fandom will be a link. Click on that link, and it will take you to the page for the tag, where it lists alllllll the tags that are connected to it in SOME way or another. If there is a meta tag, there will be a special section labelled "Metatags" and any metatags that fandom belongs to will be listed there.
  • Click on the applicable meta tag, and it will take you to the tag page for that tag.
  • Up at the right-hand corner is a button marked "works" which will take you to the works page of all works tagged with that meta tag or any of its subfandoms. (If there are one or two fandoms in that meta tag you're not interested in, you can filter it out using the filter bar on the right.

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"LIVE AND LET DIE" (1973) Review


"LIVE AND LET DIE" (1973) Review

Between 1967 and 1972, EON Productions spent a chaotic five years trying to find one man to portray James Bond following Sean Connery’s decision to retire from the role. Nineteen sixty-eight found Australian model, George Lazenby in the role. But after one movie, the excellent "ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE", Lazenby decided that he did not want to continue the role. Connery came back for one last movie - "DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER", but did not bother to stick around. Read more... )

China's Tungsten Powder Market

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The ferro tungsten and tungsten carbide powder prices in China show signs of recovery, but Zgcc Cemented Carbide the demand side seems weak, whichmay affect the continuity in the price rise. This week, the marker is expected to remain quiet. 

The tungsten concentrate suppliers have strong rised mentality due to relatively tight supply in the spot market and hot money boosting trading activity. But deals are still limited considering the pressure on the terminal side. Now the price consolidates at about $12,105.9 per ton. The manufacturers in the APT market also keep firm offer at $207.7 per mtu. Smelting factories try to avoid Carbide Rods Double Holes risk of price inversion considering the high production cost. For the tungsten powder market, the raw material side supports the stabilization in the market. Most insiders are not clear about the trend in the outlook and thus hold cautious sentiment.

Prices of tungsten products on July 28, zhuzhou cemented carbide 2020

Picture of tungsten needle 

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China's Tungsten Exports Reach

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The ferro tungsten and tungsten powder prices in China remain weak adjustment despite high production cost supports suppliers’ strong rised mentality. 

Some traders are will to sell their products in order to ease pressure of capital shortage. In addition, the export of tungsten product increases slowly, but the demand still can not meet market expectation. The deteriorating global economy also weakens market confidence. Therefore, the market is caught in wait-and-see atmosphere at present.

China's tungsten exports reached 1,473 tons in September 2020, a year-on-year increase of 29.4%. Among them, the export of ferro tungsten recovered significantly, increasing by 289.73% month-on-month to 120.8 tons, a decrease of 51.3% year-on-year; the export of ammonium metatungstate was 213.1 tons, an increase of 176.1% month-on-month and an increase of 127.86% year-on-year; the export of ammonium paratungstate was 115.5 tons, an Cemented Carbide Tips increase of 170.5 %, a decrease of 42.7% year-on-year; the export of tungsten powder was 228.5 tons, an increase of 21.1% month-on-month, and an increase of 12.38% year-on-year; the export of tungsten trioxide was 84.1 tons, an increase of 4.15% month-on-month and a year-on-year decrease of 71.1%. The export of tungsten carbide and tungsten scraps continued to decline, with a month-on-month decrease of 25.9% to 233.3 tons and 93.3% to 2 tons, respectively, a year-on-year decrease of 37.2% and 93.8%. The main export countries of tungsten products are Japan, South Korea, Germany, and the Netherlands, according to customs data. 

Prices of tungsten products on October 29, 2020

Picture of tungsten trioxide 

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Cemented Tungsten Carbide

China's Xiamen Tungsten Raised

Analysis tungsten carbide bars of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

China's Xiamen Tungsten released its offers for the second half of December: APT was quoted at $224.4/mtu, up $3.3/mtu from the first half of this month. The price rise boosted market confidence and transaction prices of APT spot resources also edged higher. But actual market deals will be improved significantly considering both weakness in the supply and demand side.  

On the one hand, raw material miners are reluctant to sell with more and more factories stopping Tungsten Carbide Rods production to undergo repair. The spot resources are limited, coupled with positive talks between China and America, and increased offers from listed tungsten companies, traders have good confidence at preset. On the other hand, the terminal manufacturing demand has not improved significantly, tungsten carbide burrs blank and uncertainties in macroeconomics including foreign exchange and consumption indexes still exist. At the end of the year, there has been a certain tightening trend in capital. Buyers are cautious in stocking. There is still disagreement between market buyers and sellers, and the short-term market shows stable with quiet trading.

Prices of tungsten products on Dec. 19, 2019

Picture of tungsten carbide powder 

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