Jul. 5th, 2009


Let's Dress Up!, Tales of the Abyss (Tear/Anise)

Title: Let's Dress Up!
Author/Artist: [info]catdevigri
Rating: G
Warnings: Sloppy handwriting, cuteness ^^;
Prompt: Tales of the Abyss, Tear/Anise: dressing up/make-over - ded of cute
Summary: Anise reports on her shopping trip with Tear.
A/N: Sorry this is a little late. I finished it yesterday afternoon, but did get an opportunity to post it until now.
Let's go! )

Oct. 24th, 2008


Chance Meeting - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children/Tales of the Abyss (Yazoo/Jade)

Title: Chance Meeting
Author: White Aster
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word count: 1280
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (possible crossover), Yazoo and your choice: role reversal - what would one who had been designed to use his allure as a weapon find truly desirable in another?
Summary: Post Advent Children, Yazoo finds himself in a strange place...where he just might meet his match.
Author's Note: Not quite what I had planned when I took the prompt (and not as smutty), but still! :)

Yazoo wakes, confused, from a dream of green grass and blue sky, his head pounding )

Oct. 17th, 2008


Kneel, Tales of the Abyss (Peony/Jade)

Title: Kneel
Author: White Aster
Rating: R/NC-17
Warnings: None!
Word Count: 666 (hah!)
Prompt: Peony/Jade: aristocracy - allegiance

It started at a court function. Read more... )

Oct. 16th, 2008


"Just This", Tales of the Abyss, Asch/Natalia

Title: Just This
Author: Cephy
Rating: R
Warnings: Asch spoilers, I guess?
Word count: 330
Prompt: Tales of the Abyss, Asch/Natalia: oral sex - whenever I'm alone with you / you make me feel like I am home again
A/N: This was intended to be longer and less... disconnected, I'm sorry.

Dangerous, this, because each time it happens he wants it more. )

Oct. 5th, 2008


"A Little Bit Selfish" (Tales of the Abyss, Van/Guy)

Title: A Little Bit Selfish
Author/Artist: Laylah
Rating: not worksafe for m/m sex
Word count: ~1900
Prompt: Tales of the Abyss - Van/Guy - master and servant - Tell me what I can do for you.
Summary: Pre-game. Devotion, honor, and serving one's lord.

A Little Bit Selfish )

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