Mar. 13th, 2009


Who: Tymor and Lyanora
When: Jan. 5th
Where: Along the Kingsroad
Rating: PG
Status: Incomplete

Tymor rode along with Lyanora and a small mix of Lannister and Stark retainers. So far, they hadn't had any luck in finding the girls. On the positive side, they hadn't found any remains that resembled Genna and Gwyn either. Not that any remains would look like anything but decay at this point in time, but Tymor suspected there was a good chance that the girls were alive. Or so he was hoping.

They hadn't been found anywhere near Winterfell. Their small party had joined in on the fighting, and helped to win a major battle that pushed the Greyjoys back. They stayed for nearly a month in the North, helping with the fighting, and searching nearby towns for the girls before finally heading back South. As much as Tymor knew it would be hard for his aunt to leave Ned behind, the simple fact was that if they stayed any longer, the weather would get too bad to make travelling an option.

They'd travelled south and gone to Casterly Rock next. If the girls hadn't gone to Winterfell, perhaps they had come to Casterly Rock. No luck there, either, though it was a good deal warmer than up noth.

"You know, I almost wonder if they're hiding within King's Landing itself," mused Tymor.

Dec. 22nd, 2008


Who: Tymor, OPEN
When: Day 68, late afternoon
Where: Hallways of the Red Keep
Rating: PG, maybe? PG-13 for curses relating to foolhardy Sands, perhaps. ^_~
Status: OPEN

A little fighting was good to get the blood moving, and remind oneself of being alive, rather than merely existing. It was also good for aches, pains, and bruises of assorted colors. In the end, Tymor's left eye was bruised, swollen, and a lovely blend of black, purple and blue. His right hand was swollen and bruised all over the knuckles and regrettably difficult to move around. As a swordsman, he'd trained himself to be ambidextrous. As a scholar, he was right handed.

Well, his father would be glad to see him spending less time with his books over the next few days until his hand stopped aching.

Passing his reflection, he mused that it was quite obvious that he'd been in a brawl recently. If he'd been a vainer man, he might have helped himself to some of Toria's face powder to cover up the bruising. As it was, he strolled down the halls, confident and calm, ignoring any stares that fell on his swollen eye.

Dec. 18th, 2008


playing with powderkegs

Who: Jaehaerys, anyone else who's interested in causing some chaos
When: Evening, Day 67 (just after the hunt)
Where: A certain inn not far from the Iron Gate.
Status: Open
Rating: PG-13 for violence and possible impending carnage

dragons sometimes need to let off steam... )

Dec. 1st, 2008


Who: Genna, Mathis, Lucius, etc
When: Day 65, late afternoon
Where: Kingswood, then the lovely courtyard with the fountain...
Rating: Er. PG-13. For happy kids in fountains. Towels and smelling salts probably required.
Status: Open to whoever walks in.

Rub a dub dub, three kids in a... fountain? )

Nov. 10th, 2008


Not Quite What I had in Mind...

Who: Lyanora, Tymor, ?
When: Day 62, afternoon
Where: Tymor's Chambers
Status: closed at first, openish later
Rating: PG

It was always nice to have someone to talk to... )

Oct. 23rd, 2008


Who: Genna, ?

Where: Red Keep somewhere

When: Day 54, afternoon

Rating: PG

Status: Open


Oct. 20th, 2008


A Bad Influence

Who: Tymor Lannister, Lyanora Stark
When: Day 54, Late Afternoon
Where: The Red Keep's Yard (yet again)
Rating: PGish
Status: Semi-Closed, ask before joining

She passed a lot of her time outdoors. )

Oct. 9th, 2008


Dragons Fall: The Feast

When: Day 53, evening
Where: The Great Hall, The Red Keep
Who: All the nobles, others in the castle
Rating: PG or wherever the scheming takes them...

In the yards, silk tents had sprung up and casks of ale and tables laden with food had taken the place of the training grounds for the day. It was a feast to welcome the Ambassador of Lys and the Dornish newcomers to the court- but there were those who said it had other purposes. A celebration of the demise of the last princess, perhaps, or a show of Northron power....

The Great Hall rang with laughter and yet not all was well; there were somber faces as well as merry. Many noted Lord Penrose was not yet present and whispers drifted over the courses of goose and venison that he had resigned his post as Hand.

The evening held some warmth though the winter's chill was creeping closer. But the king had summoned his court and a feast was set before them all. Dancers from the Summer Isles spun in gowns of bright silk, acrobats leapt and tumbled, fools capered and juggled and singers told tales of ancient days. No breath of winter ever touched the land of song...

let the feast begin.

Oct. 5th, 2008



Who: Sandro, Sindra, open
When: Day 52
Where: Kings Landing dockside
Rating: PG
Status: Open

Sep. 27th, 2008


Who: Tymor, OPEN
When: Mid-afternoon, day 48
Where: The Red Keep, hallways
Rating: PG?
Status: Open

Nearly three weeks had passed, and Tymor's search for secret tunnels in the Red Keep hadn't borne a great deal of fruit. It wasn't entirely without success, however, as he'd found the tunnel that led to his room. He didn't quite have it in him to venture through the narrow tunnel alone - and definitely not without telling anyone where he was going.

Knowing how someone could have entered his room undetected was at least something. He'd slept better at night ever since he'd moved a very large chest of clothes in front of the entrance/exit to the secret passageway. It didn't mean that it was impossible to get into his room, but that would make it exceptionally difficult to do so quietly.

He hadn't had any luck in finding any other passageways yet. Some of it was due to having limited access to the other rooms - and the other part of it was the fact that they were secret passageways for a reason.

Lion's Claw had been at his side anywhere that weapons were allowed. In cases where weapons weren't allowed, he'd taken care to carry a hidden dagger. Though he didn't jump, the sound of approaching footsteps did have his hand instinctively resting on the hilt of his sword.

Sep. 18th, 2008


What story shall we tell them?

Who: Polonius Haine, open
When: Day 39
Where: His chambers
Rating: PG-13
Status: Open to any who might seek out the Master of Whispers

echoes in the marble hall )

Sep. 13th, 2008


Kyra ponders a new arrangement

Who: Kyra Tyrell
When: afternoon, day 29. 
Where: a hallway near the throne room
Status: Open
Rating: R. Because Kyra's involved. 

Sep. 11th, 2008


How do you make a dragon prince very very angry?

Who: Jaehaerys Targaryen
When: Day 28. Afternoon. 
Where: Red Keep. Tyrith Lannister's quarters. 
Rated:  R for language, references and threats of extreme violence and graphic descriptions of what happens to those who cross Martell-Targaryen families. 
Status: Open to anyone who might be wanting a word with Lord Lannister... 

Sep. 10th, 2008


Episode: Dragons Fall. Tymor's Chamber.

When: Day 28. Early morning. same time as this and moments after this.
Where: Tymor Lannister's Chamber. 
Who: Tymor, servants, etc
Status: Open. 
Rating: R.

Aug. 16th, 2008


Just a touch of revenge

Who: Tymor Lannister, NPCs, anyone who wants to show up
When: Day 21, afternoon
Where: The Red Keep, courtyard
Rating: PG
Status: OPEN

There were few ways to adequately get revenge on Jeremy without resorting to juvenile pranks. Admittedly, the amusement Tymor took in his youngest sibling's struggles wasn't entirely mature, but at least he wasn't putting garter snakes into his little brother's boots while he slept. In fact, revenge was only one of several reasons that he was doing what he was doing. Jeremy needed to be disciplined. He also needed to learn to focus on something and strive to better himself at it. Really, the only part of this that was blatantly revenge was how completely amused Tymor was at his brother's frustration.

He stood and faced his little brother in the courtyard. Each brother was armed with blunted steel, and clad in leather armor. Nothing strong - just enough to protect against potentially broken bones. Jeremy had a shield in his other hand. Tymor opted to hold a book.

The eldest Lannister brother glanced at his book periodically while Jeremy relentlessly tried to strike at him. Each strike was knocked aside and defended against. Tymor had not done this when Jeremy had only begun to learn, and he would not do this as soon as Jeremy got more serious about learning the art of sword fighting. For the time being, though, he was entirely fair game.

Jeremy charged at him with a yell, and was quickly disarmed of his blade, caught under the arms, and pushed to the ground. Not quite hard enough to seriously hurt him, but a good solid push that sent him sprawling. Tymor's blade was inches away from his neck in a split second, and he flipped the page of his book with his free hand.

"A little better, little brother," said Tymor. "But you still have a long way to go. And...since you didn't manage to keep me fighting for more than two minutes, you've lost our bet. Which means that you'll not only be on your best behaviour - you'll behave so well for the next two weeks that it'll impress any Septons or Septas who see you."

Jeremy grumbled, but got to his feet and nodded.

"Oh. And your defense is much improved," Tymor said encouragingly. "But you still might as well be telling me exactly where you're going to attack. Your moves are far too obvious and careless. Try practicing a bit without an opponent for a bit. I'll watch you."

Tymor smiled at a few of the onlookers briefly. He wasn't a constant show off, but occasionally it was fun.

Aug. 9th, 2008


Who: Tymor Lannister and anyone who wants to join him outside
When: Day 20, morning
Where: Red Keep, outdoors
Rating: PG?
Status: OPEN

Tymor's personal servant had strongly hinted that he should go out and enjoy the positively lovely weather outside. He was certain that if the man had been anything but a servant, it would have come as an instruction, not a suggestion. Raynald knew his father's opinion on what constituted "overdoing it" wth books and made every attempt to steer Tymor in other directions when he thought he was reaching that point.

Of course, trying to push a proud lion into doing anything was simply asking for him to do the very thing he wasn't supposed to, out of spite.

Tymor had gone out for a walk, with Lion's Claw sheathed at his hip...but he'd also brought a very large history book. It was an old, unrevised edition, and he found it interesting that some events were painted very differently in the old and new versions. It just went to prove that history was written by the victors. Atrocities could be glazed over for the sake of making the victorious side seem "good" and the side that lost seem "bad".

He sat reading in the sun, and looked up from his reading only when he heard footsteps approaching.