March 13th, 2009

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Who: Tymor and Lyanora
When: Jan. 5th
Where: Along the Kingsroad
Rating: PG
Status: Incomplete

Tymor rode along with Lyanora and a small mix of Lannister and Stark retainers. So far, they hadn't had any luck in finding the girls. On the positive side, they hadn't found any remains that resembled Genna and Gwyn either. Not that any remains would look like anything but decay at this point in time, but Tymor suspected there was a good chance that the girls were alive. Or so he was hoping.

They hadn't been found anywhere near Winterfell. Their small party had joined in on the fighting, and helped to win a major battle that pushed the Greyjoys back. They stayed for nearly a month in the North, helping with the fighting, and searching nearby towns for the girls before finally heading back South. As much as Tymor knew it would be hard for his aunt to leave Ned behind, the simple fact was that if they stayed any longer, the weather would get too bad to make travelling an option.

They'd travelled south and gone to Casterly Rock next. If the girls hadn't gone to Winterfell, perhaps they had come to Casterly Rock. No luck there, either, though it was a good deal warmer than up noth.

"You know, I almost wonder if they're hiding within King's Landing itself," mused Tymor.